🎃🦇👻 Attention, zombies and witches! 🎃🦇👻

We are excited to spook-tacularly announce that our "ghoul" is to get Halloween festivities started by Oct 1st! 🌙🕷️🕸️(subject to monster availability)

We're stirring up some wickedly good fun, including candy "haunts" 👀🍬 and other bone-chilling activities! 💀🎉 Now, while we're trying to brew up some fresh enchantments, at first, it may be a cauldron of similar items as last year. 🧙‍♀️🔮

As everyone knows, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, so we will keep working on it throughout the season, conjuring up new surprises and eerie delights! 🎃🌕🦉

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates, and let's make this Halloween a scream! 🎃👻🌟

🦇 Bats wishes and cobweb kisses! 🕸️🦇

  • Undead pets skill cap has been fixed, they can now reach 900.
  • New page about Undead Creatures has been published in wiki.

Greetings, Adventurers,

We're excited to announce a recent update that brings enhancements to your gear chests:

(1) Runic Shields' Magical Attributes: Your gear chest now preserves the magical attributes of Runic Shields! No more worry about losing those precious enchantments.

(2) Exceptional Quality and Maker's Marks: We've also made sure that GM exceptional quality and Maker's Marks are now safeguarded within your gear chests.

As always, your feedback is important to us. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, don't hesitate to share them through in-game /suggestion or bug reports.

Happy adventuring!

The Bounty Hunter NPC & PVP Leaderboard have moved slightly SW into the small Guard Shack by West Britain Bank. The Cleaning Up Britannia vendor has taken up shelter inside the bank. The Rock Collector vendor has pitched a tent behind the Guard shack & the Fisherman has launched a boat in the moat!

We inadvertently added a sparkle effect to the existing Wizard Hat. We understand some of you might have grown fond of the shimmer, but it's intended for a new Wizard Hat coming soon. The original hat will be restored to its classic look, but stay tuned for the sparkling version in the near future. Thanks for your understanding!

Whispers amidst the waves: In tribute to the late, great Jimmy Buffet, a melodious pirate now sails the deep seas. Honor his legacy and set out on a quest!

For those cherishing every note: An NPC, Jimmy the Pirate, celebrates Buffet's spirit. He waits in the vast oceans, bearing a special gift for those who find him, one per account. As you embark on this homage, kindly give him ample space to journey; Jimmy changes his course every few hours, honoring the free spirit of his namesake.

Annual Pigment & Enamels (Donation Dyetubs)

We're excited to share our annual dyes lineup:

  • Garnet Dyetubs: Available every year from December 25th to January 9th, aligning with Christmas and New Year celebrations.
  • Azurite Dyetubs: Available from February 11th to February 26th.
  • Ivory Dyetubs: Available from March 25th to April 9th, typically covering the Easter holiday.
  • Red Obsidian Dyetubs: Available from June 1st to June 15th, marking the start of summer.
  • Tourmaline Dyetubs: Available from August 11th to August 26th.
  • Serpentine Dyetubs: Available from October 20th to November 5th, embracing the Halloween season.

We apologize for the delay in releasing the remaining hues this year. Our intention was to roll them out in a timely manner, but unforeseen real-life commitments took precedence. We're committed to ensuring that the original plans are honored, and as such, the next available enamel/pigment tubs will be the Serpentine Dyetubs from October 20th to November 5th.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Rumors swirl: a salty pirate sings in deep waters. Seek the melody!

From now you will not be able to equip a ranged weapon if you have any spell loaded.

Rumors swirl: a salty pirate sings in deep waters. Seek the melody!

We've added safeguards to prevent innocent players from evading a PK and then committing suicide in order to give the offender Murder Counts even if they did not actually kill the victim. Please note: you immediately qualify to receive murder counts if you do ANY damage to an innocent player, however should they escape and intentionally die, the likelihood of the murderer being able to receive Murder Counts for that death are much lower or negated completely. If you are an innocent player and you intentionally evade a PK but then are still able to and proceed with giving them a murder count, this is now considered inappropriate and abuse of mechanics. Please don't abuse the game mechanics, it may result in punishment!

This is a reminder that the August Bazaar will be ending Sept 15th, any remaining vendors will have their goods packed up that day. We are already planning the Autumn Bazaar to begin at the start of October, see you there!

We are excited to introduce the new Faction Coin System. This system allows members of opposing factions to engage in PVP combat and earn Faction Coins. Before you jump into the action, please familiarize yourself with the rules governing this system:

  1. Eligibility for Earning Faction Coins:

    • You can only earn Faction Coins by defeating members of opposing factions in combat (Coins will not be received while participating in Pillar events).
    • If you kill the same player within a 30-minute period, you will not receive additional coins.
  2. Bonus Coins in Towns:

    • Engaging in combat with a faction member within a town will grant you double the amount of Faction Coins.

Exploitation Warning: Any attempt to exploit or abuse the system to gain coins unfairly will not be tolerated. Exploitative actions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizing fake battles to farm coins.
  • Using alternate accounts or collaborating with opposing faction members to gain an unfair advantage.

Consequences for Exploitation: Players found exploiting the Faction Coin System will face severe consequences, which may include:

  • Temporary jailing of your character.
  • Permanent banning of your account.

Using Faction Coins:

  • Faction Coins can be exchanged for rare and unique in-game items.
  • Participate in faction-based lotteries, where you can use your Faction Coins to enter for a chance to win valuable prizes, including rare items.

Starting from September 24th, dragon skull and zombie masks will no longer be available for purchase from vendors.

If you encounter an issue in the game or something appears off or incorrect, please make sure to let the developers know by submitting a Bug Report or Suggestion from in-game using the /bug or /suggestion commands

Submitting feedback in-game ensures that the team sees it and also provides some helpful information automatically to the team to help identify and troubleshoot issues

If you run into an emergency and need help, we have a few ways to get into touch with us outlined here: https://shardsofbritannia.com/about/contact

Please do not direct message staff, we do not accept DMs and will not respond to them

We've improved Player Buy Orders compatibility with commodity deeds, now you can simply set the target resource (example ore, boards) as your Buying item, and players can sell you the raw resources themselves or a filled commodity deed of the resources. If you have already setup any Buy Orders, please re-establish them by removing them from the sale and then re-adding it to the sale and double clicking it to target the resource you wish to buy.

Hint: If you are impacted by weather in-game, you can use Night Sight to counter it.

We've fixed an issue causing the testing time-limits to still apply to sent mail by error, causing some attachments to be destroyed prematurely.

Don't worry, we have a record of these transactions and soon we will recover the items and have them sent back to the original owner for recovery.

Meanwhile, the root cause of this has been resolved and you can send mail safely again.

Many crates within Dungeon Deceit that were previously inaccessible due to being locked down or out of sight have now been fixed.

Please release & re-place any pre-existing mailboxes if you have any trouble with registering them