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13th Apr 2024 announcement pinned

UPDATE 4/4/24: The Easter Event hath been extended from Apr 8th to Apr 15th

(Reminder) Annual Pigment & Enamels (Donation Dyetubs): Ivory - Available from March 25th to April 9th

The Easter Egg hunt has commenced! Easter Egg Nests will be scattered throughout the overworld for you to find. Double click the eggs to try opening them for fun surprises and goodies! Monsters also have a chance to spawn as Easter Paragon which can also drop Easter carrots and goodies.

Collect Fabled Carrots to spend at the Easter Vendor who can be found on the Britain Bank Roof. They will also buy some of the items you may get from the eggs in exchange for more Fabled Carrots.

The Carrot & Egg Hunt will be live until April 15th & the Easter vendor will be available until April 30th

Happy Easter!

13th Apr 2024 announcement pinned

The Spring Bazaar is kicking off at Castle Britannia in West Britain! Stop by just North/NW of the West Britain Bank and rent your vendor spot today. The vendors will be available until May 20th. If you have a vendor rented after the deadline passes, the vendor's gold, equipment & backpack contents will be packed up into your account vault for later retrieval. Happy trading!

📌 Season 3

13th Apr 2024 patchnote pinned

We're pleased to announce the start of Season 3 in Shards of Britannia. As we step into another season, we want to thank you for your continuous support which has been instrumental in the gradual growth of our server.

🏆 Season 3 Begins: As Season 3 rolls out, we invite you to explore the updates at your own pace. A set of challenges awaits, offering chances for both new and seasoned adventurers to demonstrate their prowess and earn rewards.

🎁 Updated Rewards: This season, we're adding a selection of exclusive items meant to reward your dedication and achievements in the game.

📅 End Date: July 4th, 2024 @ 9am UTC

We're excited for you to experience the challenges of our seasonal content, even as we continue to build and improve Shards of Britannia. Your involvement and feedback are what drive the continuous development of our community and game.

Thank you for being a part of Shards of Britannia. Here's to another season of adventure.

See you in-game! ⚔️🛡️

20th Apr 2024 announcement

Due to a critical bug, the blade spirits spell has been temporarily disabled until the bug can be resolved. We'll advise when it is available again.

20th Apr 2024 announcement

One of our community members advised us that Microsoft Defender is flagging our setup application as containing a trojan.
For the moment, we have removed this installation option and submitted the file to Microsoft for analysis as we believe the file is fine and that this is a 'false positive' in the latest MS Defender definitions.

This is supported by scans on such sites as Virustotal and Jotti, which you can use yourself if you have any concerns. We'll return that installation method as an option once Microsoft sorts things out for us.

11th Apr 2024 patchnote

  • Runic sewing kits can now create runic bone armor

8th Apr 2024 patchnote

  • Crafted fish oil will no longer be created in pouches.
  • Fixed an issue with crafted golden fishing rods having a base durability of 1.
  • Updated the weapons in the Deceit weapon caches to no longer use durability prefixes when generated.

5th Apr 2024 patchnote

Holiday items are currently restricted from being inserted into the House Resource/Gear Chests due to unique properties that holiday items can have, such as the tooltip, color, or other attributes that may not be retained properly when inserting and removing them from these chests. In the future we will try to improve the system so it can handle unique items more readily. Thanks for your understanding & apologies for the inconvenience

5th Apr 2024 patchnote

We've deployed a hotfix to resolve issues with individual Season Challenges showing as "( Complete )" when they are actually at "0 / N" progress.

4th Apr 2024 announcement

If you encounter an issue in the game or something appears off or incorrect, or if you have an idea for improvement, please make sure to let the developers know by submitting a Bug Report or Suggestion from in-game using the /bug or /suggestion commands

Submitting feedback in-game ensures that the team sees it and also provides some helpful information automatically to the team to help identify and troubleshoot issues

If you run into an emergency and need help, we have a few ways to get into touch with us outlined here:

Please do not direct message staff, we do not accept DMs and will not respond to them

2nd Apr 2024 announcement

This is just a reminder that Season 2 is coming to an end and Season 3 will commence very soon. We're going over final touches as we speak! Thanks to everyone that has participated in Season 2, we hope you've enjoyed the challenges. More news to follow very soon.

29th Mar 2024 patchnote

A patch has been released for the Shards of Britannia Launcher. If you have trouble connecting please make sure to close the game and launcher completely and then re-open the SoB Launcher. The launcher should download the update automatically. This update should improve issues people have been having recently with not being able to stay connected.

28th Mar 2024 patchnote

  • The weapon caches inside Dungeon Deceit will now be automatically refilled every 24 hours.

28th Mar 2024 patchnote

  • Faction players can no longer use Camouflage Potions.

28th Mar 2024 patchnote

-The Riddle Vendor in Britain Castle now sells a new jester mount for 60 riddle tokens. Chuckles the jester has hidden special riddles in all the towns of Britannia! Double-click on inanimate objects to try to find them and earn riddle tokens.

28th Mar 2024 patchnote

  • We have fixed an issue with the weight of fish oil. You should now be able to hold large amounts of it in your pack when crafting.

26th Mar 2024 patchnote

  • Tinkerers can now craft golden fishing rods using fish oil and regular fishing rods.

25th Mar 2024 patchnote

Alchemists can now craft fish oil. This oil can currently be used in the recipe to craft exploding barrels, and more uses will be added soon.

24th Mar 2024 announcement

A few players are still being affected by login issues when attempting to connect to the game, or attempting to log in additional accounts. We are continuing to work on this issue and hope to have a solution soon.

21st Mar 2024 announcement

We are seeing a healthy number of players connected and playing again since a small change was pushed yesterday. If you are still having issues, please try rebooting your PC and connecting again.

If after the update and rebooting you are still experiencing issues, please log an emergency support ticket or use the contact form on our website and we will be in touch when we can.

19th Mar 2024 knownissue

We're aware of a widespread issue with people being logged out of the game with the error "there was a problem connecting to SoB launcher." Please do not start Support Tickets for this issue. Instead, we will post a note when the issue is resolved and if there is anything you need to do on your end. For now, please continue to be patient while we work on the issue, thanks.

17th Mar 2024 knownissue

UPDATE: This has been resolved on our end, but it may require you to update a file if you still have issues. If you still have an issue installing the game, please replace the file titled SoB_Launcher.exe with a freshly downloaded copy from here: to resolve. Please reach out in Discord if you have any remaining issues

We are aware of issues surrounding players not being able to install the game right now and we are working on it diligently. Sorry for the interruption! We will post another note just as soon as we can confirm its resolution. Please check back soon

15th Mar 2024 patchnote

A hotfix has been deployed to resolve an issue with Covetous being treated as a No Mounts Allowed area by mistake; this was only intended for the Event Dungeons, which is a copy of Covetous currently.

14th Mar 2024 knownissue

Recently we released the new Summoners Leather crafting recipes, and subsequently a bug occurred causing these items to also drop as loot from monsters, which was not intended. We have corrected the issue and also deployed a measure to destroy any of these items that were obtain as loot rather than being crafted. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience and we hope you still enjoy the new additions!

13th Mar 2024 patchnote

  • Summoner's Dark Guardians have received a minor damage buff.

  • Tailors are now able to craft summoner's armor using veil shards. Each piece will grant a 16.66% increase in summon lifespan when worn.

  • Mounts are no longer permitted in the faction dungeon.

  • The Ancient Wrym will now start dropping exploding barrel recipes. These barrels can be utilized across the world for various purposes, such as accessing bosses and special locations.

11th Mar 2024 patchnote

The issues with the minimap should be now fixed. Unfortunately this will cause the need to re-download a big file.. Apologies in advance.

7th Mar 2024 patchnote

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of the SoB lottery! In first place is Barby, second place is Deviant, and third is Warfin. Congratulations to all the winners! Join us at the official award ceremony this weekend. Winners are not required to be there if they cannot make it (See Discord for date/time.) We will also have a special raffle at the door.

5th Mar 2024 knownissue

We're aware that some or all of the Weapon Caches, as part of a quest, are currently unfilled. We are working on automating this process as currently the caches are manually filled by a member of the team in order to provide custom and hand-selected items. We are going to work on developing tools to automate this while retaining the level of customization that doing it by hand provides. Keep an eye on these chests, we will also update this post when we have more news about this for you. Thanks for your patience!

5th Mar 2024 patchnote

UPDATE (March 5th): We've deployed another set of fixes for issues with quests not completing or not recognizing the required items. If you still have the objectives complete and the items for the quest, please try to complete the quest once more. If you previously tried to complete the quest and it took your items but refused to complete or completed but did not give you the reward item, please reach out via Discord Support Ticket and we will work with you individually. If you already have a Discord Ticket we will be in touch

UPDATE (March 3rd): We're aware that some people are still having issues with completing quests, we will continue to work on solutions for these issues, thanks so much for your patience

ORIGINAL (March 1st): A hotfix has been deployed to fix issues with Quests becoming stuck on the final stage. If you have a quest that is stuck on the final "turn in" stage, please try to complete it again and this time it should work. We'll continue to monitor for further issues with Quests

29th Feb 2024 patchnote

  • Come join us outside Britain Bank as we present the winners with their prizes! There will be a special raffle at the door, so make sure you bring 5 raffle tokens to enter! Check our official Discord for details on the time and date.

28th Feb 2024 patchnote

  • The Celtic Idol dye tub will now work on these statues. Easter Island Head, Zephyr & Kho statues and the Gargoyle candle.

28th Feb 2024 patchnote

  • Improved tracking of Quest Items which should in turn improve issues with not being able to complete a quest in some cases
  • Fixed issue with Camouflage potion durations not matching the potion's strength when using them
  • Fixed issues with Tracking not working in some cases
  • Fixed issues with not being able to loot one's own corpse inside the Weekly Dungeon or turning grey for looting a half-decayed player/pet corpse
  • Fixed issue with Lord's Boon hearthstone spellcast becoming interrupted in some cases when performing some actions
  • Fixed issue with Res-Kill Protection (Temporary PVP Protection) not being applied upon resurrecting

Temporary Karma & Young status options:

  • Lord Seymour now offers an option to Reinstate Young Player Status for characters who are still eligible
  • Lord Seymour now offers an option to Reset Karma which will reset negative karma back to zero
  • These options will be available until May 1st

28th Feb 2024 patchnote

A new Celtic Idol dye tub is now available on the Enamel Dye Tub Donation Vendor.