a Legends of Aria community server inspired by UO

Community Driven

Developed by a passionate team of volunteers, inspired by the legendary Ultima Online. Our project, fueled by player support, aims to recreate the magic of classic gaming.

Frequent Updates & Events

Experience fresh content with frequent updates. Seasonal events, new quests, and continuous improvements keep the world of Britannia evolving and exciting.

Immersive World

Step into the legendary realm of Britannia, a world rich in history. Experience a modern twist on classic adventure, where nostalgia and innovation intertwine at every corner.

Customizable Characters

Tailor your character with a wide range of skills and attributes. Whether a brave warrior, a cunning rogue, a masterful mage, or an animal tamer, your character's journey is uniquely yours.

Dynamic Player Economy

Engage in a player-driven economy. Craft, trade, and barter with fellow adventurers. Your entrepreneurial skills can shape the economic landscape of Britannia.

PvP and PvE Battles

Test your mettle in thrilling player vs. player and player vs. environment battles. Join in epic confrontations, strategic guild wars, and cooperative dungeon raids.

Player Housing

Build and customize your own home in Britannia. From a humble abode to a grand fortress, your residence can be a sanctuary, a social hub, or a strategic asset.

High Seas Adventure

Set sail on Britannia's vast oceans on a sailboat or battleship. Navigate treacherous waters, engage in upcoming naval warfare, and partake in sea activities. Adventure awaits on the high seas!

Recent News


All the Percheron Horse spawns are now all regional and randomized. They will appear in different locations each time.

Horse and Cart System Updates

New Percheron regional spawners have been added. Existing Percheron spawners have been updated to spawn randomly over a longer period of time. Extremely heavy treasure, when found, will decay after 7 days but can now be locked down in houses. A treasure polymorph scroll has been added to tur...


The extremely large treasure found for the new Horse and Cart system will now decay after 7 days. You can keep the treasure inside your cart until you’re ready to hand it in. An issue affecting normal pack horses from going through portals has now been fixed.

PK Balance

We we will soon begin work on another PK balancing patch. In our ongoing efforts to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players, this update aims to address any imbalances and refine the PK dynamics. As always, our goal is to find the right equilibrium, recognizing that the pendulum of...

World Chat

We're working on deploying World Chat back to the game! Previously world chat was disabled due to occasional server crashes caused by the feature, so we've worked on improvements to stability and performance and resolved the root causes of any crashes. Please make sure you're up-to date with the...

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