• Mage NPCs will now buy any spell scrolls and miasmas that you may come across for a very small sum - small enough that you'll almost certainly make more money selling them to another player.

It has been brought to our attention that people are selling Pet Deeds with pets that have 200/200/200 stats. Please know that this is an exploit people have been abusing by casting Bless onto their pets and then deeding the pet. Do not buy these deeds as the pets will be auto-corrected soon back to the standard stats. Pet caching has also been disabled due to this.

  • You can now add items to sale that are locked down (useful for locking down items, moving them into place, and then adding to sale)
    - Adds the ability to remove an item for sale that is in vendor's inventory by dragging it directly to backpack or elsewhere
    - Adds "vendor sell" speech command support to player vendors
    - Fixes inability to drop items into For Sale containers not inside the vendor's inventory
    - You can now use the house deco functions to move for sale objects on plot
    - I've recorded a video walk-through of how to use player vendors as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmM94sMqGQs
  • Vendors will now buy back anything they sell, with a 20% restocking fee (that's 80% of the purchase price). Whatever you're selling must be able to actually be redeeded!
    - It turns out houses sell for an enormous amount of very heavy gold pieces, so in order for you to not be stranded huffing and puffing after a sale, sales to a vendor over 15K will now go straight to your bank box.

Some of these have been in for a little while.
- Travel Markers were mistakenly removed a while ago and have now been readded, and this time all mage NPCs have one for every town.
- Full spellbooks and runebooks are no longer available from event token vendors and Vela in Wind; this was forcing scribes to raise their begging skill.
- The portal to the shipwreck in East Valusia from Buccaneer's Den has been closed, matey! If ye wants to get onto the ship, ye will have to climb aboard the plank, ye scurvy dog!

  • Town containers have been turned back on with performance optimizations, and will begin spawning items inside for thieves to steal again
    - Attempting to steal an empty container inside a thief box will now steal the container instead of saying "that has nothing of value to steal"
    - Items should NOT be lootable from these containers, and if you find one that you are able to loot without Stealing, please let us know -- in cases where people were getting items stuck in their backpacks due to looting stealable items, those items should now auto-fix and not be stuck any further
  • Global Potion Cooldown Reduced from 2 to 1 second.
    - Explosion Potion Cooldown Reduced from 30 to 15 seconds.
    - Cure Potion Cooldown Reduced from 15 to 7 seconds.
    - Refresh Potion Cooldown Reduced from 30 to 15 seconds.
    - Heal Potion Cooldown Unchanged at 10 seconds.
    - Dropped Item Decay is now 5 minutes instead of 1.
  • Mobs not decaying from treasure chest spawns has been resolved
    - Training dummy can be used to gain skill again -- this works up to skill levels 30
    - Temporarily disabled skill title auto-selection to prevent players from having titles swapped erroneously while gaining skills
    - Potential fix for random UI missing elements
  • An issue with Guards attacking players a long time after the player's criminal timer ended should be resolved
    - An issue with Tracking ranges being too low has been resolved; target acquisition range is now scaled based on the Tracker's skill level
    - House blueprints have become heavier than usual, perhaps it's the new heavy-duty paper the Architects are using

Next time you log in or change regions, you may notice an updated dungeon asset download. Please be patient and allow this to download - it shouldn't take longer than 30 seconds or so.

This concludes our Week-long Power Hour event!
- Default skill gain rates have been returned to 1x
- In-house gains have been reduced to 0.5x (Gardening still uses the Default Gain Rate)
- In-dungeon gains have been increased to 1.25x
- SOON TO COME: Following some further internal testing, we will be adding a Daily Power-Hour option for all players to enjoy at their leisure. Players will be able to trigger the Power Hour every 22 hours and receive approx 1.5x rates (final rates to be determined)

  • We are temporarily disabling the town containers from spawning items while we continue to isolate the issue with players getting items stuck in their inventory from these boxes
    - We have included an auto-fix for any items currently stuck in players' backpacks that will fix the items the next time you log in or switch server-regions
  • This adjustment is due to rapid population growth, as we simultaneously work on performance issues.

Due to the destruction of their snowy homeland, White Wyrms have a temporary home just north of Misty Caverns.

  • Items dropped onto the ground by players should now decay after 1 minute
  • Reduced Health and Armor of The Lich King, Ancient Rotting Corpse, and Ancient Hydra.
    - Reduced Gazer spawn count slightly and spread Gazers out more.
    - Sentinels now won't path all the way to entrances, so players can have a brief respite.
    - Wraiths no longer see invisible, but Gazers always will.

In preparation for the upcoming PVE/PVP tamer pet changes:
Treasure map Nightmares, Dire Bear/Wolf, Chimera, Dragon and Greater dragons are no longer tamable. (note: this ONLY applies to the creatures spawned from treasure maps)

Test Center is still available for testing upcoming changes.

After the next server reboot, we will be running some detailed information capture procedures in order to try and pinpoint the cause of the lag over time and other current performance issues.

These procedures will be very intensive on in-game experience and may cause you to lag out or even kick you off the server entirely. We ask for your patience, as it is critical this information is gathered while the server is under load with a player population active. We will give you advance warning when this is going to occur.

The first of these will be run at 4am UTC/12am EST tomorrow (approx. 5 hours from the writing of this message.)

  • We have created the Magincia Faction Stone, and for the time being we have moved Faction Wars to Magincia.
    - Order/Chaos/Balance Factions fight over control of Towns. By standing near these Control Point Stones as Faction Teams (2+), Faction Players will be called upon to defend the Stone from Capture. Faction Leaders spawn near each stone.
    - Screenshot: https://imgur.com/vK1LT0F
  • Britain: The first skill trainer has gained an appreciation for the arts and moved near Britain's stage
    - Britain: A second skill trainer has arrived and can be found near the bulletin board in Britain, in line with most other cities
    - Upper Plains: Ogres in Giant Steppes are now found closer to the bonfires and are less spread out.
    - Magincia: There are now less elementals in Magincia mine, and enraged elementals will show to a much lesser degree near the entrance.
    - World: A lot more healers have been added to the world. This has actually been happening a lot for the past month or 2 because you can only run around as a ghost without knowing where a healer is in the middle of the wilderness for so long.