An issue with the paperdoll not appearing on the character-creation screen has been resolved.

An issue was identified and quickly resolved causing problems during pet transfer or death. Everything is working as expected again. Thanks for your patience.

The dungeon: Ruin is temporarily closed for balance and modifications. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Ahead of the upcoming gardening changes we have made some changes to the ingredients that NPC vendors sell.
Until the gardening patch goes live cooks may find it difficult to obtain ingredients.
This is temporary until the gardening patch goes live and will benefit both gardeners and cooks.

  • Paragon chest loot has been fixed and they will now drop correct amounts of gold pieces
    - Wooden storage chests can no longer be equipped
    - Pets that become tamed while under the effects of Peacemaking will no longer remain frozen until relog
    - Playing an instrument will now show musical note visual effects on both the bard and the bard's target
  • An issue with mob corpses sometimes not disappearing, especially pets, has been resolved
    - An issue has been resolved with stacked items being purchased from a vendor not receiving their defined hue, causing problems with stacking due to hue mis-match
    - Polymorph optimizations: Issues with Polymorph spell not returning characters to their original appearance should be resolved

Various Fixes
- An issue with attempting to dig sand with a shovel not doing anything has been resolved
- An issue has been resolved with runes being blocked from dead mobs
- Fixed some various errors that were occurring with Bandages and Poisoning that may solve unforeseen issues associated with them

Player Contact Info Registration
- Players can now register their Email Address and/or Discord Username for use with sending GM Pages; this will allow us to reply back to you outside of game and reduce wait times or page-abandonment
- Type /register to bring up the Contact Info Update menu at any time

We're streamlining our announcements, patch notes, known issues, and town crier news into a new system that will allow everyone to see them in Discord, in-game, on our webpage, and on the Wiki. This is in an effort to make sure we're always providing up-to-date information in all outlets.

Changes coming with this:
- You can view the news webpage at (mobile-friendly, save to homescreen to make an app shortcut)
- The in-game MOTD window has been replaced with the LOU News Feed that will popup on login unless you chose it not to; you can also use /news to open it, or double click a Town Crier
- Town Criers now have their own stream of news and they will only announce recent news, ignoring news that is too old. If no news is available, they will wait until fresh news comes in.

  • Auto-doors for house doors is working again. All new house doors will automatically have the feature, pre-existing doors just need to be used once to receive the update.
    - An issue has been resolved with the Combat Timer being triggered on players when attacking a target that is exempt from notoriety repercussions (group/guildmates).
    - An issue has been resolved with Bandages not storing the Last Bandage Target when you target someone with a bandage.
    - An issue has been resolved with House Signs not being updated for Decay and Transfers.
    - An issue has been resolved with Ethereal Mounts having 0 stamina when mounted
    - An issue has been resolved with pets sometimes becoming incapable of being mounted by double click or right-click
  • Added: Enchanting mats. - all levels
    - Added: Major ingredient chances.
    - Added: New rare Cartography items.
    - Added: New Treasure hunter only rares and other new drops.
    - Changed: Gems & Reagent stacks are now more bountiful.
    - Changed: Gold count averages increased in most chests.
    - Changed: Item count chances increased in each chest.
    - Changed: Buffed loot chance on all non rare items.

The NPC vendors have been in discussions regarding the current price they pay for raw materials.
They have decided that in approximately 24 hours they will begin paying 50% less for all raw materials.

  • Fixed issue with skill gains from using bandages

:spellbook: Mana Drain and Mana Vampire Changes
- Mana Drain has a 3 second Cool-Down, and does percentage-based mana drains of 20% of target's current mana pool with maximum drains capped at 20, for both players and mobs.
- This spell does not return mana back to the caster, and as a Circle 3 spell, can be resisted a great deal at GM resist.

- Mana Vampire has a 5 second Cool-Down, and does percentage-based mana vampires of 50% of target's current mana pool with maximum drains capped at 50, for both players and mobs.
- This spell does return mana back to the caster, and as a Circle 7 spell, can fizzle, but can also get through GM resist checks a fair amount.
- Vamp can now be used strategically in PVE and PVP to return mana above the 40 spell cost, with maximum of 50 potential, but is a gamble due to potential resist.

  • An issue has been identified and resolved with houses not collapsing at the end of their IDOC stage. Any house that was supposed to collapse and didn't has been corrected and the plot should no longer exit. If you see any mailboxes with a tooltip of For Sale please let us know.

    - Another issue has been resolved where decorations on a plot not being redeeded; items that originated in a deed will now be re-deeded when a house collapses.

:nauseated_face: Poisoning Changes

- Poison will not tick on apply, PvP and PvE.
- GM Magery and GM Poisoning will now be a guaranteed Greater Poison and 30% to apply Deadly Poison when close to target. about 3 paces which is about a bit more than melee range.
- New damage and tick times:
Lesser : 4-7% of current health every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.
Standard: 5-10% of current health every 3 seconds for 30 seconds.
Greater: 7-15% of current health every 4 seconds for 40 seconds.
Deadly: 15-30% of current health every 5 seconds for 60 seconds.
Lethal: 16-33% of current health every 5 seconds for 80 seconds.

:syringe: Bandages
- Bandages will now take between 10 and 14 seconds when healing yourself, and 5 to 7 seconds when healing another target, based on the user's Dex. This is almost double the current times.
- Healing amount is also almost doubled.
- A single target can now be bandaged by multiple people. The effect, being a cure or a heal, is decided when the bandage finishes applying. Cure always having priority.
- Those 3 changes makes those timings and values much more in line to UO of various eras and freeshards, including T2A.

:runner: Stamina
- Stamina loss from damage only if the damage is over 25.