Shards of Britannia Rules

By playing on Shards of Britannia or participating in a communications outlet designated for Shards of Britannia, you are agreeing to the rules as they are stated on this page.

There may be some scenarios not covered by these rules yet and because of that the rules are subject to change at any time. You are responsible for keeping yourself informed of the rules at all times.

We aim for a thriving inclusive community without toxicity and it is by that standard the rules will be enforced.

These rules apply both to in-game chat and to the official forums, chat rooms and wikis.

Toxic Behavior

People that verbally abuse other players or staff, whether in-game or out-of-game, is not tolerated. Freedom of speech does not mean you can say anything you want without reprecussion. If you behave in a way that is abusive to the team or other players, you may be asked by staff to correct the behavior. Subsequent or repeated toxic behavior is subject to removal of our community, including Discord and/or in-game accounts without further warning. Respect is earned, and if you respect the team we will respect you back.

Communication Rules

Please note, the rules below apply to both in-game and our Discord server, unless otherwise stated within the context of a single rule.

  • Please do not discuss real-world politics, we are a gaming community, let's keep real world issues in the real world
  • Hate speech or speech that is otherwise harassing, homophobic, threatening, sexist, racist or about real life illegal activities is not tolerated
  • Doxxing, or spreading real-life information on any player or staff member is not tolerated
  • Advertising, promoting or soliciting any form of service or product is not allowed with the exception of in-game Shards of Britannia services and items such as player vendors, including advertising other games or servers
  • Impersonating Shards of Britannia or Legends of Aria staff either in-game, whether in-game or elsewhere, is not tolerated
  • Please try to avoid engaging in PVP related shit-talking discussions in public chat; we don't want to see name-calling and argumentative shout-outs every time someone gets killed by another player; keep it in-game or somewhere private

Legends of Aria Terms and Conditions

Account Liability, Guilt by Association

  • You are personally responsible for all actions that happen on your account(s) even if someone else is using it
  • Being associated with other players that are caught doing something against the rules may be subject to have your account reviewed as well. If you are friends with someone that you know is abusing something or that may have the potential to be benefitted from, the best thing to do is make sure issues are reported and encourage everyone to play fair for the welfare of the project

Bug Abuse, Exploiting

  • Blatant abuse of bugs or knowingly abusing bugs or circumstances that give you an advantage that normally wouldn't exist is strictly prohibited and considered toxic behavior

Third Party Software Tools

  • The use of third party software tools that inject into the client, modify the client, access information from the client that would not normally be accessible, are strictly prohibited
  • The use of macroing utilities like AutoHotKey, JitBits Macro Recorder, LoU Helper or similar applications is allowed

Unattended Macroing, Resource Harvesting/Gathering

  • Unattended gameplay is disallowed for the following cases:
    • resource harvesting/gathering
    • PVE, killing monsters & gathering gold
  • Macroing for skill-gain or crafting items is allowed
  • While resource harvesting/gathering, staff may appear next to you in-game to check if you're away or not. You need to be available at all times to have a conversation with a Counselor or Game Master if they appear next to you while harvesting or you may be subject to jailing

Multiboxing, PvP & IP Restrictions, Spy-camming

  • Using multiple accounts simultaneously, also known as multiboxing is disallowed for:
    • resource harvesting/gathering (you should only be actively harvesting on one account at a time)
    • PVP combat or other PVP actions including but not limited to Stealing
  • Attempting to circumvent IP address restrictions is strictly forbidden
  • Camping characters at dungeon entrances for the purposes of watching out for other players is not allowed, otherwise known as Spy-Camming

Trade, RMT

  • Selling, buying, trading of in-game goods or services anywhere for real world goods or services is prohibited. No real money transactions. This includes digital currency.
  • Selling, buying, trading of in-game goods or services anywhere outside of the server or the game is prohibited. No cross-server/game transactions.

Character Names, Discord Name

  • Names that are sexually explicit, homophobic, racist, discriminatory or political are not tolerated, either in-game or in Discord
  • Inappropriate character names are subject to forced renaming; in the event of a forced renaming, you would be asked to pick a new name

Player Incidents/Bans/Jails

  • Staff will not discuss player incidents or actions taken against accounts in chat, in-game, or otherwise
  • Questions or comments about player incidents or actions taken against accounts in public channels will be subject to moderation/removal
  • Jail sentences are served with in-game time only, so any jailed characters need to be logged in to serve their time
  • If you wish to discuss a matter involving the rules please Contact Us