Play Shards of Britannia

Shards of Britannia is free to play and it is easy to create an account and start playing. Follow the instructions below to get started. See you in Britannia!

Steam Users: Steam is no longer supported. If you are new or coming back to the game after a break, please create a new account following the links below.

Create or Manage Account

Create New Account Manage Existing Account

Installing the game

Since this is a new application, your browser may state that it is 'not commonly downloaded', please choose the option to 'keep' the file

Download the latest installer

Setup instructions

Click on one of the following scenarios for details on installing the game:

  1. Download the installer (link above)
  2. Run the installer, and either accept the default installation folder, or select a folder you'd like to use. We suggest not using a folder inside "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" to avoid any complications with file permissions.
  3. The installer will download the entire game client and get it ready for you to play. This download is ~6GB so will take some time
  4. The installer will offer to start the launcher immediately on completion
  5. On the first run, the launcher will update any required files. This will take some time depending on your internet connection
  6. Go to Running the Game below
  1. Download the installer (link above)
  2. If you want to continue to be able to log into the main Legends of Aria game or other community servers, make a copy of your installer folder BEFORE running our installer. The Shards of Britannia client will NOT work with other Legends of Aria community servers.
  3. When selecting a folder, use the folder that the game client is currently installed in. Select the base folder, i.e. the one that contains "Legends of Aria.exe". If you don't know where you installed it, right click the "Legends of Aria" shortcut and select "Properties" to find it.
  4. On the next screen, choose 'I already have the Legends of Aria client installed...' from the dropdown list.
  5. When starting the launcher, it will download a few additional files and also perform a full file check. This will take some time and may appear to stall on files 245-249 - this is normal, please be patient. On subsequent launches, the verification will be skipped unless you untick the box. Note, if you updated to the latest Legends of Aria client via Citadel Studios' launcher, the download will be significantly larger and take longer, due to additional files needing to be replaced.
  6. Go to Running the Game below

If you have any issues with the installer program, you can directly download SoB_Launcher.exe and put it in the same folder as your "Legends of Aria.exe" then manually run SoB_Launcher.exe to start the game.

Running the game

Always start the game using the launcher

Our installer will create a shortcut for you, or you can double click SoB_Launcher.exe in the game folder. If you do not do this, the client will hang on startup and you will not be able to play

  1. Open the SoB Launcher from the shortcut or SoB Launcher.exe
  2. Select the server you want to log int. The live server will be selected by default (highlighted in brown), or you can select Test Center if needed
  3. Wait for the continue button to appear after the various checks and click continue
  4. The launcher will then download any additional files that might be needed, and then the continue button will change to 'Launch'
  5. Click Launch to enter the game

Logging in to Shards of Britannia

After first loading the game client you will be greeted with the login screen

  1. Enter your email address/account ID and password to log in
  2. After connecting you will be able to create a character or select one of your existing characters
  3. Complete character creation -or- selection your character then click Enter World
  4. If this is your first time logging in, the game will download the custom artwork files at this time, it may take a few minutes, please wait
  5. After the custom assets load, you should arrive in Britannia! Welcome home!

Multiboxing: The Shards of Britannia launcher stays running in the background. To run additional copies of the client/log in to additional accounts, right click "SoB Launcher" in your system tray and click "Launch" again. The system tray is the section of small icons near your clock, typically on the right hand side of your taskbar

Having issues?

Tips for common issues:

  • please avoid using third party apps that may interact with the game, they may cause problems and may even be against the rules
  • please check your Anti-Virus or Firewall to make sure it is not blocking our launcher
  • double check that the SoB launcher and game client is running with Administrator privileges
  • if the launcher is stuck on verifying files and there is no tickbox to stop it check the launcher.config file for the line skip_game_files_check=true, make sure it is set to true

If you still have any issues installing or playing the game please contact us for assistance