Play Shards of Britannia

To play Shards of Britannia, you must first own a copy of Legends of Aria and a Citizens Pass. While the game is free to play, it requires the Citizens Pass in order to play any community servers. If you do not already own an account, follow the links below to create an account.

Note for Steam Users The game is available to play on Steam, but it can be difficult to manage your account in some cases, and using multiple accounts with Steam is not supported. For this reason, we do not recommend players use Steam to download the game. However, if you have already started playing the game on Steam, you will still be able to play on our server. To play multiple accounts you would need to create a separate account using the links below and download the game directly in order to play both.

Page Sections

Creating an account & purchasing Citizens Pass


Sign In Page for Citizen Pass

  • If you do not already have an account:

Create Account

  • If you have an account but need to buy a citizens pass, click the link below and scroll down to Already have an account?

Buy Citizens Pass

LOA Shop Notice

When viewing the LOA Shop, please know that only the Citizen Pass works with community servers. Other DLC or content or account mods work only on the official LOA servers

Downloading and playing the game


LOA Dashboard Download Page

Legends of Aria Launcher

  • To download the game, visit the LOA Dashboard
  • After logging in on the LOA Dashboard, there is a widget labeled Download Legends of Aria, shown in the picture below
  • Click Download Now to download the game launcher.
  • Run the downloaded file and it will install the LOA launcher
  • Once the installation has completed, run the Legends of Aria launcher and it will begin updating your client files to the latest
  • After some time, the files for your client should be updated and the launcher should say "Client version is up to date. Press Launch button!", you may now click Launch
  • Go to Logging in to Shards of Britannia
  • Tip: Untick "Verify Integrity" in the patcher after you've successfully launched the game and confirmed you can play. This will skip the lengthy scan that occurs every time you open the launcher. Turn it back on if you have crashes or errors playing the game.

Having an issue with LOA launcher?

Please see this article for some troubleshooting steps: Legends of Aria Launcher Troubleshooting

Standalone Client

If you have issues with the launcher, or it updates too frequently, you can try the standalone client.

  • From the LOA Dashboard choose the text link, "Problems running the launcher? Click here", below the Legacy Download button. That will download the standalone client in a ZIP archive.
  • Unzip the Legends of Aria client ZIP to a folder somewhere, example: C:\Program Files\Legends of Aria
  • After unzipping the folder, create a shortcut to your desktop, if desired, for the Legends of Aria.exe file
  • Run the shortcut, if you created one for, or open the file directly Legends of Aria.exe to open the game and go to Logging in to Shards of Britannia

Logging in to Shards of Britannia


Server Selection Screen

  • After first loading the game client you will be greeted with the login screen where you will need to enter your email address and password, or for Steam users simply click Login
  • Once logged into your account, click on the Community Servers tab where you will see all of the community servers listed
  • From the Community Servers list you can select Shards of Britannia or Shards of Britannia Test Center and then click Enter World
  • After connecting you will be able to create a character or select one of your existing characters