Hint: If you are impacted by weather in-game, you can use Night Sight to counter it

Patch Note:

  • Resolved an issue where houses were not decaying in some instances.


  • We have implemented an additional fix for the issue of House Decay not functioning correctly. Consequently, all houses have been refreshed.
  • We made this decision because if we had only fixed the issue, all houses that were in the In Danger of Collapsing (IDOC) state would have immediately fallen. We wanted to ensure fairness, so we decided to refresh all houses instead.
  • It's important to note that the decay feature had not been working as intended for several months. Therefore, you haven't missed out on any decayed houses, and those that were in the IDOC state will still likely decay over time.

Starting now, when applying dyes or dye-tubs to furniture obtained through a deed, the deed will preserve the color and hue of the furniture upon release.

We're aware of unexpected results with weapon damage and are looking into it

Halloween items that normally can only be blessed with Halloween bless deeds can now also be blessed using Clothing Bless Deeds that are available on the donation vendor

UPDATE: The deadline for the Halloween Deco Contest has passed and entries will no longer be accepted. The staff will be ranking and deciding the top 3 entries and the winners will be announced this weekend. Winners will receive a bag of Halloween Candy & a special customized Halloween gift! Stay tuned for the results and thanks to those who have participated

It's time for another Halloween House Decoration Contest!

Entries will be accepted starting immediately and the drawing will take place on Nov 8th, as Halloween activities come to an end.

Prizes will be announced at a later date (soon)

Please submit your entries in https://discord.com/channels/369023244038045697/1164918861167083550

The server is coming back online now and will be available shortly. Thanks for your patience.

We will be performing extended maintenance on our server cluster at this time and as a result, the game may remain offline for up to 4 hours. Please keep an eye on #news in Discord for a notification as to when the game will be available again.

Thank you for your patience.

We've made an update to our Rules page within the Communication Rules section. We've added a new section called 'Accusations of Favoritism or Nepotism.' We kindly request that you review the updated rules page to ensure your behavior aligns with our community standards. Thank you for your cooperation! https://shardsofbritannia.com/rules

👺We've fixed an issue with the Halloween Demon Skull Masks not being dyeable as intended. They can now be dyed using Pigment dyes. This includes this year's masks and last year's. 👺

🎃 Halloween Special 🎃
For a limited time, enjoy a 13% discount on Halloween merchandise in honor of Friday the 13th!

🍬 New Features 🍬

  1. Trick or Treat with the Begging Skill:

    • Dress in your Halloween best and approach town vendors to gather sweets. Remember, each vendor has a fixed amount of candy. Get yours before it's gone! 🧛‍♂️👻 (Activate the Begging skill on vendors while in costume. Each vendor provides candy once, with a daily limit for each household.)
    • Update: We've corrected the daily cap for trick-or-treating candy, it was previously on the low testing value, sorry about that!
  2. OUIJA Board Interactivity:

    • OUIJA boards have come alive! Engage with them at home to communicate with the other side. This Halloween season, you might even bring forth a spirit. But watch out - they have a sweet tooth!

🎪 Halloween Bazaar 🎪

  • The Halloween Bazaar is now open atop the Yew Bank. Find direct Moongates next to Halloween Vendor tents and in Public Moongate destinations. Vendor deeds are available on the roof for player rental until Nov 29th. Dive into festive trading!

Dear Valued Players,

In our journey through the world of Shards of Britannia, it's easy to get caught up in the details. Constructive criticism is important, but let's also celebrate what keeps us returning.

Let's take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated developers who have generously contributed countless hours over the years to enhance our gaming experience. Now is the perfect time to share your appreciation for an aspect of the server you enjoy or offer a simple "thank you" if you prefer.

We're all part of this incredible community, and our developers are no exception. They're real people, just like you. Let's not forget this.

This thread is dedicated to sharing positive messages about Shards of Britannia, highlighting what you enjoy or love about the server. It's not the space for passive-aggressive comments or other criticism. Only positive messages are welcome.

Silent or less talkative players, we also encourage you to share your thoughts. It's important to hear from all voices in our community, both the vocal and the quietly content.

Reading feedback on this server can sometimes feel like an insurance agent after a crash — rarely get a call or a comment with good news. Let's take time in this particular thread to reverse that notion and show the better side that all players are capable of.

Thank you for being a part of our passionate community. Here's to many more adventures in Britannia! Thread: https://discord.com/channels/369023244038045697/1161558030811414549

  • The power of Infected Gazers has been slightly reduced.

  • Flying Broom Mounts have been added to the Halloween vendor

  • Fixed bug with Pet mounts resetting their Stamina/Mana when mounted
  • Fixed Bastion bug clashing with Necromancer buffs
  • Fixed bug with Necro Cocoon blocking damage after it was already received
  • Necro Cocoon spell cast and block now have been unified to 1 minute cooldown
  • Reduced skill requirements for crafting Pet Food
  • Pets will now lose stamina upon receiving melee hits

  • Pets will now use mana upon casting spells

  • Pets will now use Meditation passive mana regeneration

  • Pet Food has been added to cooking

  • Pet Food will provide stamina regeneration for pets

We've added a new Friends option to the House Resource & Gear Chests to give families more flexibility and options for sharing access to the chests. Adding a Friend to the chest allows the friend to use the chest from any character on their account. The Personal chests have a limit of 4 friends, and Guild chests have a limit of 10 friends. Use the "Manage Friends" option on the chest to add or remove friends.

NOTE: If you are having issues with the menu not updating when performing actions with the chest, please log out and back in as we've deployed a fix for this

  • Fixed issue with newly added house addons not being placeable in houses
  • Improved house decoration limitations to allow placing items without collision near doorways, like Wreaths and Door Mats, etc
  • Fixed bug with cure on Noxious Decay

  • Necromancers can now travel anywhere.

  • They cannot travel only if they hold zero souls.


  • undead trap
  • remove trap
  • telekinesis


  • soul drain
  • wrath

The following fixes & improvements have been deployed for the Halloween Dungeon:

  • fixed issue with Gravedigging not working with the gravestones
  • fixed issue with jack-o-lanterns not respawning
  • slight increase to chances of candy drops
  • added overhead Time Left countdown display to the Halloween Champ spawn encounter to show how much time is left before the spawn expires; we may work on adding this to other encounters if this works well