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17th Mar 2024 knownissue

UPDATE: This has been resolved on our end, but it may require you to update a file if you still have issues. If you still have an issue installing the game, please replace the file titled SoB_Launcher.exe with a freshly downloaded copy from here: to resolve. Please reach out in Discord if you have any remaining issues

We are aware of issues surrounding players not being able to install the game right now and we are working on it diligently. Sorry for the interruption! We will post another note just as soon as we can confirm its resolution. Please check back soon

14th Mar 2024 knownissue

Recently we released the new Summoners Leather crafting recipes, and subsequently a bug occurred causing these items to also drop as loot from monsters, which was not intended. We have corrected the issue and also deployed a measure to destroy any of these items that were obtain as loot rather than being crafted. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience and we hope you still enjoy the new additions!

5th Mar 2024 knownissue

We're aware that some or all of the Weapon Caches, as part of a quest, are currently unfilled. We are working on automating this process as currently the caches are manually filled by a member of the team in order to provide custom and hand-selected items. We are going to work on developing tools to automate this while retaining the level of customization that doing it by hand provides. Keep an eye on these chests, we will also update this post when we have more news about this for you. Thanks for your patience!

26th Feb 2024 knownissue

We are currently aware of and working on resolving bugs from the recent patch:

  • issues with players not being able to loot their own corpse in the weekly dungeon in some cases (known workaround is to wait until it turns to bones to loot it)
  • issues with characters turning grey for looting someone else's half-decayed corpse in some cases
  • issue with the Camouflage potion duration not matching when using the potion versus it's crafting description
  • potential issues with Hireling Mercenaries becoming aggressive in some cases

Lord Seymour's Quest:

  • we're aware of some people having issues with not being able to complete Lord Seymour's Quest to obtain the Lord's Boon hearthstone
  • a common cause is not having the required items on you anymore, please make sure you keep the quest items on you when trying to turn it in
  • if you already have the items on you, a workaround may involve taking them out of your backpack and putting them back in
  • we're still gathering details from those affected by this to learn more
  • the items required for the Quest are:
    • 30 Black Pearl
    • 30 Empty Bottle
    • 10 Undead Crystal
    • 30 Garlic
    • 30 Mandrake

We're considering, due to the recent changes:

  • a time period for which characters that still qualify for Young status can re-acquire Young status
  • a time period for which characters can reset their Karma to 0, helpful for those who inadvertently received negative Karma from prior flaws or bugs in the system

Thanks for your patience while we work on things!

23rd Feb 2024 knownissue

UPDATE: Lord Seymour has been spotted back in the courtyard of Castle Britannia as part of the new Quest for the Lord's Boon from the recent patch outlined here:


  • You can hunt for the Undead Crystals in all of the graveyards and they have a chance to drop on all of the monsters
  • Wraiths can be found at all of the graveyards


  • The Lord's Boon cast time has been corrected from 6s to 2s as expected; 6s was the default cast time for the Legends of Aria hearthstone, and as we advertised Lord's Boon to be a 'Recall' it now matches the Recall spell cast time

28th Jan 2024 knownissue

Occasionally, you might sail into a spot that is invalid or off-limits and cause your character and any other beings aboard the vessel to be ejected and possibly moved to land. Due to which, it may require you to use the Shipwright NPC to retrieve your boat out of the invalid position. If that happens, please try to send us the coordinates of the boat in it's invalid position if you can, so we know where to look. We apologize for the inconvenience when this happens, and will work to improve it and avoid these interruptions.

14th Jan 2024 knownissue

We're aware that some newly placed crafting stations are not receiving their Container attributes as expected and working on a resolution

12th Jan 2024 knownissue

We're aware of an issue causing houses not to decay. We're looking into it and hope to have a fix in the coming days. We will do our best to avoid refreshing all houses in order to avoid inconveniencing players watching the houses any further. The goal is, once we have identified the root cause and come up with a solution, we will start the current stage timers over again, meaning IDOCs would be continue to be IDOC until they collapse after 1-3 days as expected normally. More details will follow when we know more

UPDATE: We have identified the issue and deployed a fix. After the daily restart at Jan 13, 9am UTC, any houses that might be IDOC currently will have their times reset but will remain as IDOC, and then they will collapse within the normal IDOC timeframe after that. We have also extended the decay time for objects that fall to the ground from a collapsed house. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!

12th Jan 2024 knownissue

We're aware that people are having issues with organizer bags not functioning or with containers not offering the "Set Container Type" option when expected.

UPDATE: We've identified this issue to be related to bags being put into Secured containers in a house losing their "Organizer" properties and the "Set Container Type" option. We have deployed a hotfix to resolve the issue. If you continue to have issues with Organizer Bags, please allow for a full server reboot and try again. If, after a full server reboot, the issue persists, please write a bug report in-game and provide as many details as possible on how to reproduce it. Thanks!

5th Jan 2024 knownissue

We're receiving reports that players are seeing graphical glitches or display issues with the in-game mini-map; it's not intended for there to be any changes to the mini-map at this time, so we will be investigating the cause and working on a fix ASAP. If a workaround is found, we will post again with more information

EDIT: If you are having this issue, please try switching regions to resolve it (eg travel from Britain to Minoc.) We'll continue to investigate in the meantime.

30th Dec 2023 knownissue

We're aware of a widespread issue causing players to be unable to quick travel to Covetous Level 1, seeing "You cannot travel into that area." We are looking into the issue and hope to have it resolved quickly, thanks for your patience

30th Nov 2023 knownissue

We are investigating an issue with faction coin chests, to be fair to all we are temporarily disabling these items during this time.

5th Nov 2023 knownissue

We're aware of some issues with Season Challenges not resetting or refreshing and we're working to resolve them as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience

21st Oct 2023 knownissue

We're aware of unexpected results with weapon damage and are looking into it

19th Sep 2023 knownissue

We inadvertently added a sparkle effect to the existing Wizard Hat. We understand some of you might have grown fond of the shimmer, but it's intended for a new Wizard Hat coming soon. The original hat will be restored to its classic look, but stay tuned for the sparkling version in the near future. Thanks for your understanding!

7th Sep 2023 knownissue

Please release & re-place any pre-existing mailboxes if you have any trouble with registering them

6th Sep 2023 knownissue

There's a known issue with accounts that were recently transferred not having the Deposit Balance transfer along with it, we will be correcting this as quickly as possible for the affected accounts and will post an update once it's been corrected.

UPDATE: This issue has been corrected now and the Deposit Balances should be updated for all affected accounts, sorry for the issue!

16th Aug 2023 knownissue

~~ We've received multiple reports of an issue with players experiencing delays with being able to perform actions immediately after region-transfers in some cases. We're investigating and working to resolve it as quickly as possible ~~

UPDATE: This is now marked as resolved

11th Aug 2023 knownissue

If you still encounter an issue where your pet(s) did not leave a Mining Cave with you then Stablemasters will retrieve any pets from inside mining caves for free until we resolve the root cause.

27th Jun 2023 knownissue

Recently we've received multiple reports of players complaining about receiving multiple murder counts after killing players while the murderer is in a group with other murderers. This is not a bug, this is the intended mechanic as outlined on our Notoriety wiki here,Murder,-Committing%20a%20murder Multiple murderers participating in a murder will receive counts equal to the total number of participants with a maximum of 5 counts each instead of 1. Blue participants will only receive one count.

We hope this helps clear up some confusion around the multiple murder counts.

6th Jun 2023 knownissue

  • We're aware of and working to resolve the following recently reported issues:
  • lag (always working on performance)
  • issues with Macro: Repeat option
  • Outfitter not working in some/all cases
  • Grey Screen or, "Invisible" below character, not disappearing after being revealed from Loading Cloak consistently
  • Resurrection Ankh behavior
  • skeletal steeds showing incorrect stats/skills upon immediate resurrecting but then later they self-correct showing the correct values
  • Resource/Gear Chest sorting or other behavior
  • pack animals stop following when double clicking them
  • crafting while tools that have limited uses (stoneworking mallet, granite pickaxe, blowpipe, etc.) will pick a random valid tool in your backpack to consume the charge from rather than the tool being used
  • possible edge cases with Notoriety systems (criminal/murder)
  • possible edge cases with house banning or ejection

Note: There may be some items not mentioned here that were reported or that we're working on

16th May 2023 knownissue

The issue causing delays with one-time donations has been resolved, thanks again for your patience through the delays

30th Apr 2023 knownissue

We're aware of some unexpected behavior with draggable UI elements. Yesterday the team deployed a small patch to the SoB Launcher to try to resolve the long-standing issue with draggable UI elements not saving their positions until you log-out completely. The change deployed makes the client save draggable UI element positions periodically, every 30 seconds currently. Since there's reports of unexpected behavior, we're looking into the reports and will improve things as needed.

18th Apr 2023 knownissue

We're aware of an issue with Magic Trap not persisting on containers across server transitions.

To clarify, when you cast Magic Trap onto a container and then go into a dungeon or another town, the trap goes away but the container stays red like it's trapped & that is not intended.

We will work to improve this as time permits. The best known workaround currently is to trap or re-trap your containers when you arrive in a new area. Static Crystals do not exhibit the same behavior, so they may be a desired alternative to the Magic Trap spell until this issue is resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience but thank you for your patience while we work to address your feedback.

12th Mar 2023 knownissue

We're aware that many users are experiencing intermittent game client freezes and we're working to resolve it as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience through the rough patches!

2nd Mar 2023 knownissue

We're still working on identifying the exact cause of the recent lag that occurs sometimes. It's been narrowed down recently to an issue with pets, we've done several optimizations and fixes but there still seems to be a problem. We're working on narrowing it down even further, as it seems to be related to one or more of the following details:

  • might be related to Bake Kitsunes specifically
  • might be related to commanding pets to Guard and those pets engaging in combat
  • might be related to pets being in combat in general, over a period of time
  • might be related to healing pets or pets healing themselves

A temporary workaround has been identified where you can stable the pets to reset their AI and the lag seems to go away.

We will continue to investigate and narrow this down if you notice any specific patterns please let us know and thanks very much for your patience.

19th Feb 2023 knownissue

We're working on tracking some trending issues with the SoB Launcher and will update this post to include any additions or changes:

  • Clicking the Back button from Character Selection will go to a blank screen for several seconds until seeing "Login Server Disconnected," after which clicking OKAY will take you back to the login screen
  • Sometimes after logging out or closing the game, and then attempting to log in again later, or even on your first time using the SoB Launcher, it may go to a blank screen for several seconds until seeing "Login Server Disconnected," after which clicking OKAY will take you back to the login screen
  • Double-clicking the SoB Launcher in the system tray restores the window but the window appears in the background or minimized forcing you to click the taskbar to re-focus the window again
  • Launching the game client directly from EXE with the SOB Launcher running may cause issues, make sure to run the executables as administrator if needed

19th Dec 2022 knownissue

We're correcting an issue with the One-way House Teleporters having an incorrect tooltip description saying it can be used to play "two-way teleporters" when it's only a One-way deed. The deeds will be updated to say "One-way" in the name as well as in the tooltip description to make it very clear. Until they have been corrected, please be aware of this if you are looking at buying a teleporter deed from players.

28th Nov 2022 knownissue

We're aware that some people have dropped kegs onto their House Resource Chests and have lost the potions inside the kegs.

It's not intended to be able to add kegs to the House Resource Chest, instead, please pour potions into bottles before adding them.

Unfortunately, this was not something that came up during the testing phase, but it will be fixed in an upcoming patch to prevent dropping kegs onto the chest.

20th Nov 2022 knownissue

Issues Claiming Tokens

  • Some people have reported issues with claiming donation tokens after receiving the confirmation/receipt email. It has been found that copy/pasting the command to the game adds a space at the end of the command which interferes with the system. We've sent out a fix for this to be resolved after the daily restart, but if you encounter this please make sure to remove any trailing spaces or line breaks when using the /claimdonation command.

Patron Registration Issues

  • Some people have reported issues with the last account listed on their Patron Registration not being registered in-game immediately. Please let us know if you encounter this. A reported workaround has been found by adding a comma at the end of your accounts list in the Patron Registration, this may resolve it for you until we've solved the root cause. Edit your registration here:

Authorization Holds

  • Some people have run into longer than usual processing times for payments when using payment methods like PayPal or ACH/Bank Transfer. If you encounter this, there would be a delay before you receive the confirmation email and can claim tokens in-game. Usually, when this happens, PayPal or your bank is doing a fraud check and requires 24 hours (commonly) to 5 business days (rarely) to complete.

Requesting Help

  • If you encounter an issue and need assistance or have a question specific to your donation or Patron status, please submit a Support Ticket in Discord or send us an email to [email protected] for prompt assistance