• Gardening: Who wouldn't want to grow their own reagents? Definitely easier said than done! The race towards Green Thumb begins, and be sure to read the Wiki for the nitty-gritty deets, and watch the tutorial video for Gardening in the Wiki!
    - Camping: Discover the wonderful world of Camping with exciting Campfire Regeneration Rates, Buffed Stat Bonuses from Tents, and Classic Instant Logout features when Resting. Be sure to read the Wiki and watch the tutorial video for Camping in the Wiki!
    - Hunger: Players will now be expected to eat something, occasionally, or take a -10 Stats Debuff until they are well fed. It will take approximately 10 in-game hours for a player to start feeling hungry again. Gardening produce is the most effective food at taking care of your hunger pains.
    - Drugs: Old Toby enters our world as a Common plant, but it will be the gateway drug to many more rare drug plants and eventually an expanded Drug Tolerance system, so partake in moderation! You can find the Smoking Pipe for Old Toby a high price from Walter O' Mathis, the Royal Gardener at Lord British's Castle, or simply ask a GM Fletcher to make you one for a lot less.
    - Gardening Wiki = https://legendsofultima.gamepedia.com/Gardening
    - Camping wiki = https://legendsofultima.gamepedia.com/Camping
  • Riverside vendors are now neutral. So both blue and red players can bank and shop
    - Smoking pipe has been added as a fletching craftable
  • All NPC mages once again sell moss, at the original price but at a much lower quantity.
    - All NPC mages and alchemists now have lower amounts of regs.
    - Gardening well has been moved from furnishings to tools in the carpentry menu.

The Moonglow Mage is once again selling Moss.
This is overpriced moss in limited quantities for those that need it before the gardening patch comes out.

  • An issue has been resolved with Lumberjacking not receiving the appropriate harvest bonuses from both GM Lumberjacking and GM Forestry secondary skill level
    - An issue has been resolved with Gargoyle Pickaxe & Uncle Tuk's Hatchet dropping as legacy items -- newly created ones will be correct, this is not retroactive
    - Gargoyle Pickaxe and Uncle Tuk's Hatchet will both grant you 3 or 4 pieces per swing as the baseline; this stacks with normal harvesting bonuses; they also have a limited number of charges to use, consuming 1 charge per swing
    - Gorgan's Pickaxe has been replaced in the loot tables by the Gargoyle Pickaxe
    - Secondary skills Surveying and Forestry have had their Mining/Lumberjacking skill-level prerequisites reduced from 80 to 30
  • An issue has been resolved with using/double-clicking any object in your backpack causing players to become revealed if hidden -- you will only be revealed when performing certain actions as intended like looting, casting, going into combat, etc
    - An issue has been resolved with criminals being unable to use public teleporters in the world while In-Combat -- this was only meant to occur with player-created moongates via the Gate Travel spell

With the re-opening of Ruin adventurers will be faced with new and unique challenges to overcome. While the majority of the changes effect level 2 of the dungeon an update to dungeon chests (server wide) has been made. (Dungeon chest loot will be available on re-spawn)

- Dungeon chests levels 1-5 loot tables have been updated.
- Dungeon chests and dungeon coffins now have chances for new rare items.
- New item: Cursed runebook.
- New lock picking tool has been added: Skeleton key. This item will allow anyone, regardless of skill-level, to open(one time use) a locked chest/coffin/door.
- New locked doors have been added to Ruin. These doors are very difficult to lock pick.
- New dungeon coffin system implemented. With these new coffins lucky players will find new loot inside.. Or unlucky players may find monsters, traps or nothing at all. You will find locked and un-locked versions of these coffins in Ruin.
- Additional passageways between level 1 and level 2 have been added.
- New tamable creature: Shadow Wyrm.
- New world spawn rares added to Ruin.

  • Tailors can now craft Tiny Bags.
  • An issue has been resolved with containers that were released from a house plot having the "locked" attribute stuck on them
  • Enchanting books are now blessed retroactively and durability will no longer apply to them
    - Inscription crafting will no longer consume mana when failing; mana consumption has been moved to the end of the crafting sequence
    - Player vendors now support account-wide ownership -- any pre-existing vendors will need to be interacted (double click) with one time following this patch to receive the update, after which all of your characters on that account will be able to manage it
    - An issue has been resolved preventing players from marking items as For Sale that are placed on a table or on the ground of a house plot
    - Double clicking/using a lockpick no longer reveals you instantly
    - An issue has been resolved with containers that are locked down on a plot when they are already locked losing their "locked" attribute upon releasing the container rendering Paragon Chests un-pickable
  • GM crafters rejoice! Non-Equipment items crafted at GM will now properly display Maker's Marks.
    - Note: All Equipment items will continue to get Maker's Marks applied at their respective GM crafting level with Exceptional or Slayer quality.
    - Stone Manor: South-facing house sign has been moved to opposite side of door to counter an issue with being unable to click on the door due to the sign blocking it
    - An issue has been solved with all North/West placed houses having backwards signs
    - A problem was resolved with the dyetub not being created when crafted or purchased from a vendor
    - "Pick Lock" option has been added to locked-pickable containers right click menu
  • Tailors can now craft cloaks (Min. Tailoring skill of 41 required)
    - Crafted cloaks can be dyed using dye tubs for a variety of colors.
  • House plots will now refresh automatically for friends or above when interacting with objects that are on the plot like the house sign, mailbox, containers, workstations, etc.
    - Player vendors no longer auto-face shoppers, and a new option for merchant owners to have the vendors "Face Me"
    - The player speech mumble no longer logs to the chat-box when taming animals

An issue has been resolved with pack animals losing all of their items after dying.

Minoc has been rebuilt in it's old spot near the Mines (or quarry west of Moonglow). Elementals have poured forth from the mines and destroyed the town and slaughtered it's residents. Even the small village cemetery has become restless. Come get some revenge for our lost fellow Britannians and check out the new Minoc which has been sorely missing.

New recipes have been added!
- Robe and Dress Deeds have been added to Tailoring recipes which will turn any chest piece into a robe, affecting only the item's appearance.
- Bola and Bola Ball have been added which can be tossed at players to dismount them and can be crafted by Tinkerers.
- Saddle and Armored Saddle has been added to Tailoring Recipes; the Armored Saddle has a slight resistance to bola dismounts and also provides some armor/defense to your mount

Recently we put out a fix that would solve an issue with durability not being reduced on Blessed Instruments. Following that update, 2 or more new issues surfaced, specifically with causing durability to be degraded on Forges, Fire Beetles, as well as other items that should not lose durability. This issue has been resolved, sorry for any losses you might have incurred due to this. Thanks for your patience and understanding as usual.

An issue has been resolved with some Guild Tags not being displayed sometimes when they are 2-characters long. The issue was related to wrapping the tag in brackets symbols, as the client interprets valid tags as a transparency-color-code. To resolve, we have changed the symbols from brackets to hyphens.

An issue with the paperdoll not appearing on the character-creation screen has been resolved.

An issue was identified and quickly resolved causing problems during pet transfer or death. Everything is working as expected again. Thanks for your patience.