Thank you to all of our armed service members who made the ultimate sacrifice for us. We remember you and your sacrifice today. Thanks to all of our active duty and retired military as well! We appreciate you and your service! Happy Memorial Day!

  • As the race for GM Gardener heats up, we have created a fully Blessed Server Unique "The First Green Thumb Suit."
    - The winner will also have their name immortalized in LoU lore, as "The Founding Father/Mother of Gardening!"
    - May The Best Gardener Win!!!
    - FRONT =

With the fall of the Orc Warchief and his legions, the orcs have retreated back to their main camp, leaving Vesper in peace and its surrounds available for housing and expansion. Huzzah!

  • Added 30 Second Cool-down timer on newly made Garden Beds/Plants, preventing quick Destroys of Beds/Plants.
    - Added Toggle Defaults to the Gardening Scythe, allowing players to set the Default to Mow Grass or Kill Plant.
  • Bandages now have a maximum healing potential of 64 with a single bandage.
    - Several QOL Message/Effect/Sound improvements for Healing.
    - ClearAllEffects command "/ce" now handles all Effects and Sounds.
  • Treasure Map Mobs No Longer See Invisible (Unless Gazer).
  • Skill book trainers added to several towns where they were missing (should be in every town now)
    - Training dummies added to several towns that had none (near the bulletin boards and blacksmiths usually)
    - Yew now has a barmaid, barber, jeweller, chef, notary and a skills trainer. Already has a ba...
  • The recipe for the Ornate Bookshelf not being able to be memorized has been resolved
    - Another issue was resolved with the Ornate Bookshelf not appearing in the Carpentry menu
  • Lowered Bandages Durations, which are now using (7-14 second) Bandage Self and (3-5 second) Bandage Players/Pets, depending on the standard Dex and Anatomy Skill formulas.
    - For Example, 100 Dex + 100 Anatomy = 7 Second Self Heal.
    - Added QOL bandage data messages to the chat window, updated Icons...
  • Can now mark runes in dungeons and quick-travel to them
    - Reduced the rune block radius by 50% (fixes people blocking a rune from too far away)
  • Bone armor no longer grants Passive Mana Regeneration without penalty.
    - Bone armor continues to have no Dex penalty, but now has slightly Reduced Armor too.
    - This only applies to new Bone Armor drops in the world, as legacy armor will keep their values, but we expect Macer Warriors to handle tha...
  • Players take twice as long to become Hungry/Starving, assuming Players eat until Full! (8+ Hungry/15+ Starving).
    - Added Chat QOL improvements for understanding the current Hunger state when eating Food!
    - Players now warned in Chat when Hungry or Starving, and eating until Icons vanish reactivate...
  • Event Token vendor has been updated with new items and Carpenter Recipes
    - Memorizable recipes have been introduced!
  • Mobs that can Heal will now have a 3 minute cool-down timer between Heals for both Spells and Bandages.
    - Healing amounts have been approximately halved, and we are waiting to see if this is sufficient.
    - We expect these changes to improve PVE game play significantly, especially for Warrior Templa...
  • The "/split" command has been re-added that allows you to attempt to split a specified amount from the targeted stack; example usage: "/split 50"
    - Disabled the Guild and Group tooltips that get created on player corpses
  • Adjusted all monster/animal templates to match new Audio Reference templates. (Monsters that were not utilizing their sound effects, should now do so, on respawn.
    - Applied fix to fishing shirt and fishing pants (waders)
    - Removed Blessed attribute from certain craftable tailoring items.
  • Stack All Gardening works for Fish, Soils, Seeds, and Potions.
    - Garden produce will be added later for further QOL measures!
  • New characters will start being completely full now.
  • Gardening scythes are now craftable by tinkers
  • All graveyards have had their spawns altered so that you won't get completely swarmed by the undead
    - Mage broker pricing/quantities fixed
  • The chance for bandages to slip during movement has been removed
    - The chance for bandages to cure being reduced during slips has been removed
  • Quick update for Boglings, who now drop seeds depending on their difficulty.
    - The Boglings outside Britain have slowly gathered closer to a Mossy Rock formation farther away from the Guards line of sight, and Strong Boglings spawn there now.
  • Mage vendors now sell a limited supply of empty bottles for alchemy to save you getting sand in your... bags.
  • Added new effect to Bless spell, so that keeping Dispel Resistance active on a Summon has a visual indicator.
    - Tweaked the Nightsight effects to not conflict with new Bless effects.
    - Cunning, Strength, and Agility spells now remove Bless correctly, so PVP Players can remove the Dispel blocking e...
  • Shovels now have a Toggle Default option when you right click them to choose which option you want the shovel to do when you use it. This change is retroactive and all pre-existing shovels will be switched to Dig automatically. Please use the new option to change it to Garden if you would like to....
  • The Magic Broker with cheaper prices and greater quantities has arrived in Moonglow's mage shop.
    - Enchanting items can be sold to Mages and the Magic Broker.
  • (the completed) Gardening Broker with cheaper prices and greater quantities has arrived in Ocllo.
  • Garden Bag Price Reduced to 2k from 10k.
    - All Rare Seeds Removed From Garden Bag, and currently Rare Seeds cannot be purchased from NPCs.
    - Stanis O' Mathis has entered Bucs Den selling Gardening Supplies.
  • An issue has been resolved with items for sale on a player vendor not allowing account owners to use or see the options Change Price and Remove From Sale
    - An issue has been resolved with Notoriety not being confirmed or punished for splitting stacks from player corpses
    - A recipe has been added t...
  • The wagon to Minoc has been moved from Moonglow to Magincia (half way between Magincia Mines and Helm's Crossroads to the south-west of Magincia)
    - Fisherman's Wharf is now only accessible from Vesper's docks (not Cove, Papua or Ocllo), and only goes back to Vesper at this time.
    - The teleporter f...
  • Ocllo field now spawns twice as many wheat plants
    - The farmers in Ocllo's fields have put up a signpost so they could tell the wheat and cotton apart (but you can hold CTRL while in the field)

  • Bless Spell now prevents Dispel on Magery Summoned Creatures.
    - This was a player recommended enhancement, as so many caster creatures cast Dispel often.
    - If Players keep their Bless Buffs cycled nicely on their Mage Summons, then the Dispel spell is completely nullified in battle, but if the Ble...
  • Rare Seeds were placed inside Garden Bags on the Garden Vendors by mistake.
    - These will be removed by end of day today, so stock up before they are gone!
    - As a reminder, Rare Seeds drops from stronger magical creatures, off Fishing mobs, and inside Treasure Chests.
    - We will continue to monitor...
  • Create Food spell now provides very minimal hunger restoration compared to very effective garden produce.
    - Grow rates from Seedling to Full Grown Plant are now 6 hours, down from 24 hours at launch (subject to change).
    - Plants atop their Garden Beds now give you the ability to Examine Plant (thi...
  • An issue has been resolved preventing players from dragging a button from the skill window to the hot bar
    - An issue has been resolved with corpses being teleported off of plots automatically

All cities and parts of the world have been getting some specialisation recently and more is to come.
- The sewers in Britain has been dramatically reduced in size and spawns.
- The sewers now connects to a teleporter near the mage shop in Papua, allowing either end to be equally accessible.
- Ocllo...

  • Plants should now scale correctly, but won't take effect until new plants are created.
    - Seed Salvage should now properly fire when the plant is consumed.
    - Shovel range for Dig/Thunters should be restored.
    - Grow rates have been reduced to half a day, instead of a full day, as an experiment (Subj...
  • Gardening: Who wouldn't want to grow their own reagents? Definitely easier said than done! The race towards Green Thumb begins, and be sure to read the Wiki for the nitty-gritty deets, and watch the tutorial video for Gardening in the Wiki!
    - Camping: Discover the wonderful world of Camping with...
  • Riverside vendors are now neutral. So both blue and red players can bank and shop
    - Smoking pipe has been added as a fletching craftable
  • All NPC mages once again sell moss, at the original price but at a much lower quantity.
    - All NPC mages and alchemists now have lower amounts of regs.
    - Gardening well has been moved from furnishings to tools in the carpentry menu.

The Moonglow Mage is once again selling Moss.
This is overpriced moss in limited quantities for those that need it before the gardening patch comes out.

  • An issue has been resolved with Lumberjacking not receiving the appropriate harvest bonuses from both GM Lumberjacking and GM Forestry secondary skill level
    - An issue has been resolved with Gargoyle Pickaxe & Uncle Tuk's Hatchet dropping as legacy items -- newly created ones will be correct, thi...
  • An issue has been resolved with using/double-clicking any object in your backpack causing players to become revealed if hidden -- you will only be revealed when performing certain actions as intended like looting, casting, going into combat, etc
    - An issue has been resolved with criminals being un...

With the re-opening of Ruin adventurers will be faced with new and unique challenges to overcome. While the majority of the changes effect level 2 of the dungeon an update to dungeon chests (server wide) has been made. (Dungeon chest loot will be available on re-spawn)

- Dungeon chests levels 1-5...

  • Tailors can now craft Tiny Bags.
  • An issue has been resolved with containers that were released from a house plot having the "locked" attribute stuck on them
  • Enchanting books are now blessed retroactively and durability will no longer apply to them
    - Inscription crafting will no longer consume mana when failing; mana consumption has been moved to the end of the crafting sequence
    - Player vendors now support account-wide ownership -- any pre-existing...
  • GM crafters rejoice! Non-Equipment items crafted at GM will now properly display Maker's Marks.
    - Note: All Equipment items will continue to get Maker's Marks applied at their respective GM crafting level with Exceptional or Slayer quality.
    - Stone Manor: South-facing house sign has been moved t...
  • Tailors can now craft cloaks (Min. Tailoring skill of 41 required)
    - Crafted cloaks can be dyed using dye tubs for a variety of colors.
  • House plots will now refresh automatically for friends or above when interacting with objects that are on the plot like the house sign, mailbox, containers, workstations, etc.
    - Player vendors no longer auto-face shoppers, and a new option for merchant owners to have the vendors "Face Me"
    - The...

An issue has been resolved with pack animals losing all of their items after dying.

Minoc has been rebuilt in it's old spot near the Mines (or quarry west of Moonglow). Elementals have poured forth from the mines and destroyed the town and slaughtered it's residents. Even the small village cemetery has become restless. Come get some revenge for our lost fellow Britannians and check...

New recipes have been added!
- Robe and Dress Deeds have been added to Tailoring recipes which will turn any chest piece into a robe, affecting only the item's appearance.
- Bola and Bola Ball have been added which can be tossed at players to dismount them and can be crafted by Tinkerers.
- Saddle...

Recently we put out a fix that would solve an issue with durability not being reduced on Blessed Instruments. Following that update, 2 or more new issues surfaced, specifically with causing durability to be degraded on Forges, Fire Beetles, as well as other items that should not lose durability. Thi...

An issue has been resolved with some Guild Tags not being displayed sometimes when they are 2-characters long. The issue was related to wrapping the tag in brackets symbols, as the client interprets valid tags as a transparency-color-code. To resolve, we have changed the symbols from brackets to hyp...

An issue with the paperdoll not appearing on the character-creation screen has been resolved.

An issue was identified and quickly resolved causing problems during pet transfer or death. Everything is working as expected again. Thanks for your patience.

The dungeon: Ruin is temporarily closed for balance and modifications. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Ahead of the upcoming gardening changes we have made some changes to the ingredients that NPC vendors sell.
Until the gardening patch goes live cooks may find it difficult to obtain ingredients.
This is temporary until the gardening patch goes live and will benefit both gardeners and cooks.

  • Paragon chest loot has been fixed and they will now drop correct amounts of gold pieces
    - Wooden storage chests can no longer be equipped
    - Pets that become tamed while under the effects of Peacemaking will no longer remain frozen until relog
    - Playing an instrument will now show musical note visu...
  • An issue with mob corpses sometimes not disappearing, especially pets, has been resolved
    - An issue has been resolved with stacked items being purchased from a vendor not receiving their defined hue, causing problems with stacking due to hue mis-match
    - Polymorph optimizations: Issues with Polymor...

Various Fixes
- An issue with attempting to dig sand with a shovel not doing anything has been resolved
- An issue has been resolved with runes being blocked from dead mobs
- Fixed some various errors that were occurring with Bandages and Poisoning that may solve unforeseen issues associated with th...

We're streamlining our announcements, patch notes, known issues, and town crier news into a new system that will allow everyone to see them in Discord, in-game, on our webpage, and on the Wiki. This is in an effort to make sure we're always providing up-to-date information in all outlets.

Changes c...

  • Auto-doors for house doors is working again. All new house doors will automatically have the feature, pre-existing doors just need to be used once to receive the update.
    - An issue has been resolved with the Combat Timer being triggered on players when attacking a target that is exempt from notori...
  • Added: Enchanting mats. - all levels
    - Added: Major ingredient chances.
    - Added: New rare Cartography items.
    - Added: New Treasure hunter only rares and other new drops.
    - Changed: Gems & Reagent stacks are now more bountiful.
    - Changed: Gold count averages increased in most chests.
    - Changed: Ite...

The NPC vendors have been in discussions regarding the current price they pay for raw materials.
They have decided that in approximately 24 hours they will begin paying 50% less for all raw materials.

  • Fixed issue with skill gains from using bandages

:spellbook: Mana Drain and Mana Vampire Changes
- Mana Drain has a 3 second Cool-Down, and does percentage-based mana drains of 20% of target's current mana pool with maximum drains capped at 20, for both players and mobs.
- This spell does not return mana back to the caster, and as a Circle 3 spell...

  • An issue has been identified and resolved with houses not collapsing at the end of their IDOC stage. Any house that was supposed to collapse and didn't has been corrected and the plot should no longer exit. If you see any mailboxes with a tooltip of For Sale please let us know.

    - Another issue has...

:nauseated_face: Poisoning Changes

- Poison will not tick on apply, PvP and PvE.
- GM Magery and GM Poisoning will now be a guaranteed Greater Poison and 30% to apply Deadly Poison when close to target. about 3 paces which is about a bit more than melee range.
- New damage and tick times:
Lesser : 4...