We've identified the root cause and have deployed a fix for the issue causing players in Minoc or other regions to have issues with the Launcher Connectivity, effective immediately. You should now be able to login fully again. Sorry again for the interruption!

The dungeon token vendor in Shame is now offering two special masks for sale. These exclusive masks are available for purchase for a limited time only. Don't miss out on the chance to get yours by the end of September!

The upcoming faction event has been rescheduled to the following week. Please see our official Discord for all the details.

  • Ore elementals now have an increased chance to spawn in the daily dungeon and a decreased chance to spawn in the safe weekly dungeon.

  • Most of the mounts in the game now have sounds added for walking and running, although a few are still not working at the moment.

We are thrilled to announce that Season 4 will kick off on the 20th of July, coinciding with our anniversary celebration! This season promises to bring new challenges, exciting content, and fantastic rewards.

Stay tuned for more details as we approach the launch date. Thank you for your continued support, and we can't wait to embark on this new journey with you!

Mark your calendars for July 20th and join us in celebrating our anniversary with the start of an incredible new season!


  • Haunt:

    • This spell has been fixed.. hopefully for good.
  • Blood Siphon:

    • It is now a channeling spell with a 1 minute cooldown.
    • When casted, on impact will inflict the full spell damage as before, then it will start channeling.
    • Every 2 seconds, the spell checks the distance between the caster and the target.
    • If the target is within 6 meters, the spell siphons health from the target, converting it to the caster's health.
    • The amount siphoned is inversely proportional to the distance (closer targets result in more health drained).
    • The spell ends if the target dies, moves out of range, or the duration expires.

    -- A necromancer in the heat of battle can cast Blood Siphon on a weakened enemy, ensuring their own survival by draining the life force of their foe. This spell can turn the tide of combat, especially in prolonged engagements where maintaining health is critical.

  • Animate Dead:

    • It now takes the shape of the dead target, if no targets are available it guarantees one skeleton.
    • The caster can animate up to a maximum of 5 dead creatures or skeletons at a time.
    • The summons will follow you by default and you can command them to attack.
    • Each animated creature or skeleton will last for 60 seconds before disintegrating unless killed.
    • The spell searches for valid corpses within a 15-unit radius of the target location.
    • The spell filters out corpses that have already been raised by another necromancer.
    • Each animated dead creature will now shield the caster from one hit (if they are alive and the caster gets hit) and then be dispelled, providing both offensive and defensive support.

    -- A necromancer surrounded by enemies can use Animate Dead to summon an army of skeletons or reanimated creatures from the nearby battlefield. These temporary allies can distract and weaken opponents, shield the caster from harm, and follow the caster's commands, giving the caster a strategic advantage.

  • Mitigate Poison:

    • This spell will now cure poison, and cure has been removed from Noxious Decay.


  • Updates:
    • The amount of Grave Dust that can be dug up has been increased.
    • While digging you have a chance to cast Cocoon spell on yourself at no cost (This should apply to non-Undead too), this gives you a one-hit protection and a stat bless on break.
    • Caged Souls have been added to the loot table, these are cages that hold 10 souls and can be sold/traded to undead players or claimed by undead players.

Please report any bug that you might encounter using the /bug command in game.

  • The test center is now open for anyone who would like to log in and help test some new PVE stealing updates for thieves. Shame dungeon is open, and you can attempt to steal from all mobs from levels 1 to 3. Each higher level provides better loot. If you find any black goods, you can turn them in to the thief guildmaster. Any feedback on bugs, drop rates, etc., is most welcome.
  • A new farmer found near the cotton fields in Skara Brae will trade a Percheron mount for 10 magic valorite cotton. This rare cotton plant sometimes spawns in regular cotton fields, but when harvested, it becomes extremely volatile and heavy. You will need to use a horse and cart to take the cotton to Wizard Luke before it decays after 60 minutes.

Valorite cotton is a rare and mystical plant that grows in cotton fields all over Britannia. The cotton harvested from these plants is imbued with the essence of valorite, a precious magical mineral known for its strength and magical conductivity. Valorite cotton is said to have originated from the tears of a valorous dragon that sacrificed itself to protect the land. Fields of valorite cotton are therefore considered sacred, and harvesting the cotton is seen as both an honor and a responsibility.

Though many magical uses for valorite cotton exist, most are shrouded in mystery and remain to be rediscovered by modern wizards and scholars. The full potential of this extraordinary material is still waiting to be unlocked.

  • Get your faction toons ready to battle it out in a best-of-three pillar event in one month's time! There will be prizes for all members of the winning faction and for the player with the most overall kills. Prizes will be announced soon! Check events in our official Discord!

🌟 We'd Love to Hear From You! 🌟

Let us know how and when you discovered the Legends of Ultima or Shards of Britannia project. Your feedback will help us enhance our marketing strategies. Thank you for being a part of our community! 😊

UPDATE: due to the number of users having issues connecting their Discord accounts, we have moved this over to a multiple-choice Ballot Box placed in front of West Britain Bank in-game.

Original post:

🔗 How Did You Find Us? https://forum.shardsofbritannia.com/d/20-how-did-you-find-us

The web map is now live!

You can bring it up by using the command "/webmap". You can also key bind it by going to "Settings > Keyboard" and map the "Use Custom Action 5" to the key of your choice.

Keep in mind the web map is still in early stage, so please report any issue you might encounter.

The Horse & Cart Lottery is now live! Visit Cartwright outside Britain Bank for your chance to win amazing prizes. Three lucky winners will be drawn, so don't miss out! The cost is 10 raffle tokens, which can be found as loot on Paragon monsters. The lottery will be drawn on 07/14/2024.

  • Blacksmiths can now craft another new type of horse and cart decoration kit.
  • Murderers can now claim a reward from Golom for the Staff of Destruction, which can be stolen from players in the new cart quest.
  • New decorations and masks have been added to the treasure chest for the horse and cart quests.
  • The animation for the Ripper mount has now been fixed.
  • We have added some new assets to the game and fixed some animation issues with some mobiles. When you next log in, be prepared for our custom assets to re-download. Thank you!

-A new horse and cart quest is now available. Visit Sable just south of Minoc to get started. This exciting quest requires a team of at least two players (3-4 recommended), each with a unique IP address, to activate an encounter during the quest. Be sure to complete the quest within the three-hour time limit.

  • Ore elemental spawn rates have been halved within caves.

  • Luke the wizard has now moved into Dungeon Despise, level 3.

  • Only murderers with 20 counts or more can enter Dungeon Shame with an encumbered cart.

  • Blacksmiths can now craft Cart Decoration Kits. These are very costly items that can change the appearance of your carts. We plan to add a number of different varieties. Some of the items required for these kits will need to be found and then stolen by thieves.

Runic crafting for fletching and carpentry has been added:

  • Fletching and carpentry bulk order deeds can now be collected from the respective NPC's
  • To store and use the auto-collect feature for fletching and carpentry bulk order deeds you will need to craft new bulk order books.

Ore Elementals that spawn while mining have been reworked. They now vary greatly in difficulty and drop significantly more ore when defeated.

  • Heavy treasure drop rates for mining and lumberjacking have been increased.
  • The magic chests found in the Britain, Yew, Minoc, and Moonglow banks are now automated. These chests will respawn every 24 hours.