Bola Revert

  • The most recent Bola changes have been reverted.
  • This reduces the success chance to hit the target from 100% back to 66%.
  • This also increases the cooldowns from 6s back to 10s.

Plot Deco Changes

  • Can no longer decorate locked down objects rotating or moving them outside of the plot bounds.
  • Items that are detected out of the bounds will be automatically moved back inside the plot.
  • There is now a reasonable min/max limit on lowering/raising objects on a plot.
  • NOTE: An autofix has occurred that checked all objects on plots to be out of bounds and has automatically moved offending items inwards towards the plot so not to be extending out of bounds; because of this, some of your decorations or fence pieces may need to be re-positioned.
  • GARDENING NOTE: Plants from gardening now require users to be at least friend to use/harvest the plants due to the deco autofix.

Ban List

  • Targets that are banned are now prevented from re-entering the plot automatically.
  • New tab in the Plot Menu has been added to manage Bans.

Smelting, Milling, Scissors

  • Salvaging has been redesigned from scratch to be more like UO.
  • You should be able to salvage anything that can be crafted.
  • To Smelt something simply double click a forge -OR- use the E ability on a Pickaxe.
  • To Mill/Chop something use the E ability on a Hatchet.
  • To cut cloth objects, use a pair of scissors.
  • You can now salvage items that are on the ground, in your pack animal, or in your inventory, as long as you have access to pick it up.
  • You can now salvage items bought from a town vendor, but will receive a greatly reduced amount of resources from them, and no chance to gain skill.
  • You can now automatically attempt to salvage objects inside of a container, just target a container or yourself to choose backpack.
  • Wooden & Wood Kite shields have been moved to Carpentry recipes and now use wood to craft and are salvageable.


  • Repairing of equipment will now be done via the crafting menu.
  • Applicable crafting stations now have a "Repair" button in their menu.

Disguise Kits

  • Thief Disguise Kit & Orc Body Kits have been optimized and should work much more reliably.
  • Orc Body Kit is now blessed.
  • Orc Body Kit will no longer become locked down on use.


  • Skinning has been redesigned from scratch to be more like UO.
  • All bladed weapons and the skinning knife can be used to:
    • cut corpses to instantly create the meat/hides inside the corpse.
    • cut whole fish, on the ground or in our inventory, into fish fillets.
  • Bladed weapons have "Toggle Default" option to set the default double-click action:
    • Use: double click and target something to skin.
    • Equip: double click to equip the weapon.
  • Right-clicking a corpse, choosing harvest will check your inventory recursively for a blade to use to skin it.

Treasure Hunting

  • Players will now be required to kill all monsters spawned from a treasure chest before being able to loot from the chest.

Lockpicking success rates have been tweaked.

  • An issue was resolved with Archery continuing to shoot while players are moving
    - An issue was resolved allowing players to rapidly shoot bows by quickly unequipping and reequipping bows

    (This was meant to be posted sooner, but did not get published erroneously.)

The temporary 10% bonus to skills has now been concluded and the gain chance will be restored to normal soon.

  • An issue has been resolved preventing players from removing clothing from their own vendors
    - An issue has been resolved with the clothing bless deed not working with 2019 Halloween handouts
  • An issue with Pet Brokers being moved on or off of house plot when decorating and moving/rotating items onto the same position as the vendor has been resolved

An issue with players being unable to open the Plot Menu when the plot has a Guild assigned and the character is in a different guild than is assigned to the Plot has been resolved.

  • Gardening gains have been slightly increased.

Phase 1 of pet balancing is now live. These changes are to bring pets closer to UO and balance DPS discrepancies. We will see fine tuning as we identify more issues. Happy hunting!

(Some changes may not take effect until reboot or respawn/resummon of creature)
- Frenzied Shadow Wyrm (rare)
- Pet follow and combat speed reduced
- Additional Brood Mother spawn location
- Additional Dread War Horse spawn location
5 Slot pets
Greater Dragons: Highest health of all pets, high dps.
- 5 Control slots required
- Health increased from 415-654 to 900-1500
- Low end damage roll increased by 10
- Attack speed increased
- Resist skill base increased

Cu Sidhe: Self healing mount with high survivability and mid-high DPS.
- 5 Control slots required
- Health increased from 417-654 to 655-900
- Low end damage roll increased by 6
- Attack speed decreased
- Armor decreased from 25-35 to 11-20
Brood Mother: Highest DPS of all pets, lowest survivability of the 4 slot pets, but immune to poison
- 4 Control slots required
- Low end damage roll increased by 10
- Attack speed decreased
- Health decreased from 417-654 to 209-315
- Only pet to retain poison immunity

Wyrms: High DPS, moderate survival. Good all around pet
- 4 Control slots required
- Low end damage roll increased by 6

Dire Bear: Slightly above your average bear..
- 4 Control slots required
- No changes from current build

Vorpal Bunny: Nimble, stealthy, squishy
- 4 Control slots required
- Armor reduced from 25-30 to 11-15
- Health reduced from 417-654 to 316-360
- Attack speed increased
- Stealth
- Angry
- Will chase you down and kill you
3 Control slot pets
Dread Warhorse: Mountable, highest DPS of the 3 slot pets, pairable with lower slot pets, extremely rare.
- 3 Control slots required
- Similar in power to a dragon, with a higher attack speed
- Treasure map spawns are now a frailer version of their world spawn counter parts

Dragons: Mid range dps, highest survivability of the 3 slot pets
- 3 Control slots required
- Health increased from 316-360 to 417-654
- Armor increased from 11-20 to 25-30
- Low end damage roll increased by 6
2 Control slot pets
Nightmares: Great mount, high magic damage, moderate melee
- 2 Control slots required
- Health increased from 85-140 to 209-315
- Melee Skills raised from 60-80 to 90-100
- Magic casting skill base increased
- Resist skill base increased

The "Lost Room" changes(bring your lock picks):
- Shadow Wyrm spawn time decreased.
- Shadow Wyrm now guards a lost treasure.
- Introducing multiple new rares to lost treasure.
- Added new tamable creature (chance to spawn).

Gargoyle Vanguard and Hydras changes:
- Overall damage has been decreased moderately.
- No longer immune to barding skills.
- Armor reduced to allow for more viable melee builds.
- Gold drops reduced slightly to compensate for difficulty.
- Aggro radius reduced.

As a QoL adjustment and in preparations of upcoming Faction changes the following hot-fixes are in place:
- Group sizes limits increased from 5 to 20.
- Faction stone capture range has been doubled.

Please continue to provide feedback on the range of the faction stone as it relates to game play.

As part of our attempts to improve performance, we are temporarily altering the behaviour of overland mob artificial intelligence. The result of this is that you may see mobs teleport themselves back to their spawn points if they are pulled too far away from them.

We appreciate this may cause some disruption, however this move is vital to understanding next steps in our attempts to alleviate the lag and performance issues that we are occasionally experiencing. Please do provide feedback as we evaluate this change, and also keep in mind that this change is not necessarily permanent.

  • Enchanting mats have been rebalanced again and now should be working as described in previous patch note
    - Major paragon chest loot overhaul has been completed and loot from those chests should feel much better in terms of risk vs reward
  • An issue with Gardening not being excluded from skill debuffs has been resolved
    - The skill gain debug message will now round to the nearest hundredths place (ex: 27.43% versus 27%)
    - An issue with Tinkering Golems being treated as a Mage Summon preventing it from bonding with it's owner has been resolved
    - The Pet Brokers had a meeting with the townspeople and in an effort to increase Pet Broker business, they have agreed to slash the price to sell pets from 10,000gp to 4,999gp with a slightly higher consignment fee from 5% to 10%
    - The /invite command has been re-enabled (was mistakenly disabled) to add friends to group by name; ex: /invite Name

Several changes have been made to enchanting material drop rates:

- They will no longer drop in the sewers
- On normal overland or dungeon mobs, the drop rate has been reduced slightly
- In treasure chests and champ spawns, mini bosses etc (higher end content) the drop rate remains the same

This is part of a move to address an overall economy issue, which will continue as we move towards the new map. If you notice anything that doesn't match the highlighted criteria above, please do let us know.

If you have an issue where you suspect someone is breaking the rules, or they are using hate speech, please send an email to [email protected] and if you have a screenshot to submit please attach it. Thank you!

The server is back online now. Thanks for your patience!

It appears that during one of the patches in the last 12 hours it caused vendors to give things out for free due to them thinking they were on the Test Center. Due to this, we're forced to rollback to an earlier save point. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. We're awaiting the completion of the rollback at this time and will post another update once we're able. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

The server is offline and while we investigate some issues thanks for your patience, sorry for the downtime.