Original Snowball Notes: https://shardsofbritannia.com/news/snowball-fights

Snowball fight updates:

  • Snowball fights now spawn Elves, that can throw snowballs, when there are less than 6 player participants
  • Players can be knocked out by the NPCs that will count against their Death stats
  • Players can knock out the NPCs in the snowball fight to gain kills
  • The amount of elves to spawn will be determined by the amount of players less than 6 (for example: if there's 2 players then 4 elves will spawn, if there's 4 players then 2 elves will spawn, if there's 10 players then no elves will spawn)
  • Snowball Fights still require at least 2 players to complete; games will be interrupted if there are not enough participants at any point during the game, with no winner declared
  • Giant Rolling Snowballs will now provide a chance to create a Snowball in players' backpack when running them over
  • Health Regen has been turned off for mobiles inside the Snowball Fight Arena (healing via Temporary Health Potions is the only allowed source for healing)
  • Spirit Speak has been disabled inside of the Snowball Fight Arena
  • Added overhead combat speech for Misses & Dodges when throwing snowballs for better clarity to nearby observers
  • Improved giant rolling snowball Smash animation timing
  • REMINDER: Don't forget to use the Snowball Cannons when you know your target is half-life! This will be sure to take them out and home-in on targets in the projected path (aim carefully)

Halloween Costumes have been re-enabled indefinitely by popular demand, and we've also fixed an issue where if you tried to use a costume out-of-season it would cause your character to get stuck as Polymorphed

  • Faction coin chests have been re-enabled
  • Cloaks of invisibility have been reintroduced to the faction coin vendor.
  • Billy Bob, the pig farmer, offers a quest for any brave warriors willing to help. You can find him in Yew.

Patch notes for the PvP changes and bug fixes implemented:

  • Season's refresh adjustment.
  • Hearthlight Torch buff persistence while zoning.
  • Bug fix: Tents crafted correctly in groups.
  • Bug fix: weapon equipped while holding a spell.
  • Ranged weapons require weapon delay to fire after equip.
  • Bug Fix: Faction death occasionally resulting in MurderCount.

Work in Progress / Experimental Changes:

  • Faction Events Team buff: This feature is still in development and requires further refinement. More information on this in soon.

Please keep sharing your thoughts, and thanks for being part of Shards of Britannia!

Turkey Cannons have been added as a for-sale object on the Thanksgiving Vendors, these can be used in conjunction with the Turkey Ammo that will drop on Turkeys (plain turkey, enraged turkey, and turkey boss)

Mr. Gobbles, the turkey boss, has been witnessed complaining about the recent Thanksgiving activities and may show up in town to express his ingratitude, he may be hostile watch out!

UPDATE: Mr Gobbles the Turkey Boss has been spotted outside of Britain in Paws. Bring your turkey cannons and turkey ammo, this will be the best way to damage him. Good luck!

We're deploying the following minor hotfixes:

  • fixed issue with vendor prompts not appearing in some cases
  • fixed issue with pet broker not working in some cases
  • increased Thanksgiving Quest timeout duration from 8hr to 72hr (was intended to be set to 72hr originally, sorry!)
  • Greetings, valiant adventurers!

It is with great excitement that we announce the arrival of the long-awaited 4-year veteran rewards, now available for all esteemed veterans! Engage in the festivities by using /vetreward in-game to explore these exclusive offerings: behold 3 stunning new ethereal mounts and the mesmerizing shadow dragon dye.

Camping Update (Tanking Phase 2.5):

  • GM camping skill creates campsites a little faster.
  • New buff 'Rested', replaced the previous camping tent buff, maintains the same level of stat bonus, but persists when zoning if camping skill is over 75.
  • Introducing new craftable 'Hearthlight Torch': Grants campsite regeneration effects for the wielder while on the move. Requires minimum 80.0 Camping skill.

Tactics Update:

  • New ability: 'Shield Bash' stuns enemies for 6 seconds (3 seconds in PvP), costs 15 stamina, generates small amount of threat. Higher intelligence improves resist to stun. Cooldown 20 seconds.

This update is just the beginning! Expect more updates soon! Your feedback is being heard. Faction event issues and critical bug fixes are in the pipeline.

See you in-game, Shroud

  • Fixed an issue with the Season's Window that now correctly toggles (with ] key) and loads while changing zones.
  • Resolved an obscure issue where Season Challenges occasionally provided incorrect refresh times.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. See you in-game, Shroud

  • We are currently aware of an issue with the invisibility cloaks and are working on fixing it.
  • A couple of new items have been added to the faction coin vendor.
  • The probability of fishing up rare loot in dungeons has been increased.
  • Faction coin vendors have now been introduced at each faction base, offering a variety of items. This is just the beginning of what's to come. Players are encouraged to explore these new additions and stay tuned for a range of exciting goodies planned for the future. Enjoy your adventures!

  • Loot in faction event dungeon chests has been increased.

  • Spawn rates in the faction dungeon have been increased.

Fixed an issue with the House Resource/Gear Chest "Manage Friends" option not appearing to the owner of the chest in some cases

We're excited to share some recent updates that enhance your gameplay experience:

  1. Season Challenges Refresh Fix: Season challenges should now refresh correctly, eliminating issues with incorrect statuses.
  2. BuffIcons Persistence: BuffIcons will now persist as expected during combat and when added or removed.
  3. Combat State Correction: Blue players attacking Red characters will now correctly enter the "In-Combat" state, ensuring a fair fight.

These changes aim to improve your adventure, and more enhancements are on the horizon. Your continued support is appreciated!

See you in-game, Shroud

  • Treasure chests within the faction dungeon now have a chance to yield faction coins and other rewards.
  • Quick travel spells are now disabled within the Faction Dungeon.
  • The new faction dungeon, has officially opened its portals in Buccaneers Den. Adventurers can battle faction MOBs to gather faction coins, soon to be valuable currency for an upcoming faction vendor. Player feedback on this latest update is highly encouraged.