House Refresh Improvements

  • when you login to the game, if you own any houses, the houses will immediately be sent a refresh signal and your character will receive a confirmation message to let you know it's been refreshed
  • house refresh confirmation messages will now show the house's name, location, region and the time it was refreshed, to make it easier to keep track of house refresh times in cases where you might be away for a while
  • improved refreshing house through interacting with items in the house like lockdowns, containers, doors, and the house sign; previously there was a cooldown between these interactions to prevent spamming "the house has been refreshed" to players, instead now it will perform the refresh and only avoid the system message spam
  • reminder: if you need to be away from the game for longer than 3-4 weeks, please contact us for Vacation Hold on your houses, where we can hold them for up to 90 days of leave

Vendor Deeds:

  • added gender selection when using vendor deeds
  • added confirmation prompt when attempting to place vendor to educate users about Vendor Fees

In-game Map:

  • the in-game map now defaults to Draggable for QOL
  • Cora the Sorceress has had some new abilities added and updated loot tables.
  • Peculiar tentacle plants have established their presence within Britannia. If you possess exploding barrels, you may attempt to destroy them, as they often harbor loot from adventures they've intercepted.
  • The Demonic Minotaur's loot table has been fixed, and the pressure traps at its location no longer instantly kill players.

The Ethereal Wings Lottery is live! Visit Merlin Skyfeather near Britain Bank to enter. The cost is 10 raffle tokens, which can be found as loot on Paragon monsters. The lottery will be drawn on 22/5/2024.

  • All Necromancer pet animations have now been fixed.

We're pleased to announce the start of Season 3 in Shards of Britannia. As we step into another season, we want to thank you for your continuous support which has been instrumental in the gradual growth of our server.

🏆 Season 3 Begins: As Season 3 rolls out, we invite you to explore the updates at your own pace. A set of challenges awaits, offering chances for both new and seasoned adventurers to demonstrate their prowess and earn rewards.

🎁 Updated Rewards: This season, we're adding a selection of exclusive items meant to reward your dedication and achievements in the game.

📅 End Date: July 4th, 2024 @ 9am UTC

We're excited for you to experience the challenges of our seasonal content, even as we continue to build and improve Shards of Britannia. Your involvement and feedback are what drive the continuous development of our community and game.

Thank you for being a part of Shards of Britannia. Here's to another season of adventure.

See you in-game! ⚔️🛡️

  • Runic sewing kits can now create runic bone armor
  • Crafted fish oil will no longer be created in pouches.
  • Fixed an issue with crafted golden fishing rods having a base durability of 1.
  • Updated the weapons in the Deceit weapon caches to no longer use durability prefixes when generated.

Holiday items are currently restricted from being inserted into the House Resource/Gear Chests due to unique properties that holiday items can have, such as the tooltip, color, or other attributes that may not be retained properly when inserting and removing them from these chests. In the future we will try to improve the system so it can handle unique items more readily. Thanks for your understanding & apologies for the inconvenience

We've deployed a hotfix to resolve issues with individual Season Challenges showing as "( Complete )" when they are actually at "0 / N" progress.

A patch has been released for the Shards of Britannia Launcher. If you have trouble connecting please make sure to close the game and launcher completely and then re-open the SoB Launcher. The launcher should download the update automatically. This update should improve issues people have been having recently with not being able to stay connected.

  • The weapon caches inside Dungeon Deceit will now be automatically refilled every 24 hours.
  • Faction players can no longer use Camouflage Potions.

-The Riddle Vendor in Britain Castle now sells a new jester mount for 60 riddle tokens. Chuckles the jester has hidden special riddles in all the towns of Britannia! Double-click on inanimate objects to try to find them and earn riddle tokens.

  • We have fixed an issue with the weight of fish oil. You should now be able to hold large amounts of it in your pack when crafting.
  • Tinkerers can now craft golden fishing rods using fish oil and regular fishing rods.

Alchemists can now craft fish oil. This oil can currently be used in the recipe to craft exploding barrels, and more uses will be added soon.

A hotfix has been deployed to resolve an issue with Covetous being treated as a No Mounts Allowed area by mistake; this was only intended for the Event Dungeons, which is a copy of Covetous currently.

  • Summoner's Dark Guardians have received a minor damage buff.

  • Tailors are now able to craft summoner's armor using veil shards. Each piece will grant a 16.66% increase in summon lifespan when worn.

  • Mounts are no longer permitted in the faction dungeon.

  • The Ancient Wrym will now start dropping exploding barrel recipes. These barrels can be utilized across the world for various purposes, such as accessing bosses and special locations.