Urgent: Legends of Aria is leaving Steam

Notice from July 2022

Legends of Aria recently announced that the game is being removed from Steam, but it remains listed at this time during a grace period to allow existing users time to move to standalone accounts.

New players should avoid Steam and use the normal standalone version of the game.

Existing Steam users please see the announcement posted in the LOA Discord for details on how to migrate your account from Steam to a standalone account.

Please note that Shards of Britannia staff has no control over the Steam migration process, please direct all concerns or questions to Legends of Aria staff.

  • We are temporarily disabling the town containers from spawning items while we continue to isolate the issue with players getting items stuck in their inventory from these boxes
    - We have included an auto-fix for any items currently stuck in players' backpacks that will fix the items the next time you log in or switch server-regions
  • This adjustment is due to rapid population growth, as we simultaneously work on performance issues.

Due to the destruction of their snowy homeland, White Wyrms have a temporary home just north of Misty Caverns.

  • Items dropped onto the ground by players should now decay after 1 minute
  • Reduced Health and Armor of The Lich King, Ancient Rotting Corpse, and Ancient Hydra.
    - Reduced Gazer spawn count slightly and spread Gazers out more.
    - Sentinels now won't path all the way to entrances, so players can have a brief respite.
    - Wraiths no longer see invisible, but Gazers always will.

In preparation for the upcoming PVE/PVP tamer pet changes:
Treasure map Nightmares, Dire Bear/Wolf, Chimera, Dragon and Greater dragons are no longer tamable. (note: this ONLY applies to the creatures spawned from treasure maps)

Test Center is still available for testing upcoming changes.

After the next server reboot, we will be running some detailed information capture procedures in order to try and pinpoint the cause of the lag over time and other current performance issues.

These procedures will be very intensive on in-game experience and may cause you to lag out or even kick you off the server entirely. We ask for your patience, as it is critical this information is gathered while the server is under load with a player population active. We will give you advance warning when this is going to occur.

The first of these will be run at 4am UTC/12am EST tomorrow (approx. 5 hours from the writing of this message.)

  • We have created the Magincia Faction Stone, and for the time being we have moved Faction Wars to Magincia.
    - Order/Chaos/Balance Factions fight over control of Towns. By standing near these Control Point Stones as Faction Teams (2+), Faction Players will be called upon to defend the Stone from Capture. Faction Leaders spawn near each stone.
    - Screenshot: https://imgur.com/vK1LT0F
  • Britain: The first skill trainer has gained an appreciation for the arts and moved near Britain's stage
    - Britain: A second skill trainer has arrived and can be found near the bulletin board in Britain, in line with most other cities
    - Upper Plains: Ogres in Giant Steppes are now found closer to the bonfires and are less spread out.
    - Magincia: There are now less elementals in Magincia mine, and enraged elementals will show to a much lesser degree near the entrance.
    - World: A lot more healers have been added to the world. This has actually been happening a lot for the past month or 2 because you can only run around as a ghost without knowing where a healer is in the middle of the wilderness for so long.

Changes to horses have been made, brought in line with UO.
- Horses now cost 550gp at the stable master (down from 2500gp)
- Horses now have a minimum 29.1 Animal Taming skill to tame (up from 1)
- Also, horses now have more of a chance to spawn alongside other animals in the world

Ruin level 1 boss, Xozhar The Corrupted can no longer be abused by kiting it to the Wandering Healer at the entrance. Please report instances of this bug abuse in the future.

  • Increased durability of drum and lute, bamboo flute respectively
    - Weather is temporarily disabled
    - Unlock spell now works correctly against thief containers and treasure chests
    - You should no longer be able to "Loot All" from a thief container
    - Known Issue: Occasionally, stolen items from town containers get stuck in the backpack, we're working to resolve

Sorry everyone, we've disabled mounting on all of the bears. :( It wasn't intended to make all bears mounts after the Steam launch when they were added. Don't worry though, we're going to add them to the world in
a meaningful way so that they matter! Bears lives matter! Thanks for your understanding.

  • Alchemists now buy and sell regular potions.
  • The red moongate in Britain has vanished, and access to the new dungeons is now available using wagons near the Britain, Moonglow, Nujel'm, Magincia and Vesper graveyards, or directly via Wind's entrance in Misty Caverns just outside Riverside. Young players cannot use the graveyard wagons but can still enter via Misty Caverns.
    - Added torches in Misty Caverns between the crystal to Wind and the tunnel exit to Riverside.
    - Added a second healer to Wind's north-eastern area.

Guards have been removed from the sewers - the sewers are only accessible by Young Players now, so guards are not required any longer.

  • Fixed an issue where a young player was not able to target themselves with offensive spells
    - Fixed an issue where a young player was not able to heal their own pets
  • Pets will now come with you under all scenarios where you use a charge from your runebook

It's time! Phase 1 of the new player experience includes:

- Reopening the sewers, with a sewer token system and a sewer vendor with suitable items for young players
- Sewers will be accessible by young players only
- All young players will receive a 'guidebook' in their initial player loot that guides them towards our discord, wiki and the sewers as a starting dungeon
- Young players are now safe from other players, they can't be attacked with weapons, spells or pets
- Young players can still have beneficial spells cast on them by other players
- Young players cannot heal other players unless they are also young. This includes both magery and bandages
- We now have a mechanic to limit young player access to events as required
- Note that if you attempt to attack a young player, while you won't be able to land any damage, you WILL be flagged criminal. Naughty you!

Phase 2 is still to come. It will include the promised quest system, once we are able to move to the latest CS build after steam release. It will also include a dedicated tutorial area where young players will start. More on that soon!

- On an unrelated note, we are now serving custom assets (like Covetous and the other dungeons) on a global CDN. What this means for you is downloads of new files as they are updated should be much faster.

  • Seeds drops off Magical Creatures and Boglings have been reduced.
    - Mana Regeneration has been slightly reduced to balance Mages.
    - Covetous Bosses LVL3+ are being actively balanced to guarantee achievable Group Content.