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26th Aug 2023 patchnote

The following upcoming changes are available for testing on our Test Center server:

Jousting Skill, Betting & Leaderboard:

  • Added Jousting as a Secondary Skill which will have a chance to gain with each round & players' skill will influence the outcome of the round
  • You can now enter a Bet Amount when choosing a Jousting partner (the initiator will choose)
  • Bets will be settled automatically at the end of the round where losers pay the winner if they still have the gold available; rounds will be unable to start unless both parties have the gold to bet with
  • Leaderboard added to keep count of wins & losses and total bets won/lost
  • Note: There are 2 jousting arenas and the leaderboard placed at Vesper Crossroads, shown on the universal moongate as (Housing: Minoc/Jousting)

22nd Aug 2023 patchnote

The following upcoming changes are available for testing on our Test Center server:

Player Mail:

  • introducing the new Player Mail system
  • mailboxes placed in houses or rentals can be registered with a name & the mailbox will be assigned a unique 5 digit Address, which is attached to your account
  • registered mailboxes are limited to 1 per account
  • there's no limit to the number of registered mailboxes a house or rental property may have
  • mailboxes may be moved with a house, but demolishing a house requires mailboxes to be first be released
  • sending mail can be done by double clicking on your registered mailbox & searching for your recipient; from there you can compose a message with a Subject, Body & optional Attachments, and then a physical letter will be scribed & mailed to your recipient's mailbox
  • sending mail costs 100gp plus 300gp per attached item, up to 3 items per mail
  • sending mail with attached items allows you to use a Cash On Delivery option, requiring the recipient to pay for the items in order to retrieve them
  • un-claimed attachments will be automatically returned to sender after 7 days if they are not claimed; and any items that have been returned-to-sender will automatically decay after 21 days if the sender does not retrieve them
  • the registry has the following Privacy settings:
    • Public: Visible address on mailbox & public registry. Others can send mail
    • Unlisted: Address hidden on mailbox & public registry. Others can send mail if they know your address, senders have to type in your exact address in order to mail you. You can view your unique address from the Mailbox Menu
    • Private: Address hidden on mailbox & public registry. Others CANNOT send you mail, but you can still send mail
  • players are able to block senders at any time from the Registry list or when reading a letter sent from someone, this ensures that the sender cannot send you any mail at all; Note: blocks do not persist when un-registering your address

Player Vendor Buy Orders:

  • introducing Vendor Buy Orders for player vendors
  • these can be purchased from Banker vendors
  • How to use: Place this on your vendor and mark it as Not For Sale to begin using it. From there, you can target an item that you wish to buy from other players, and then players can sell you items by double clicking the Buy Order, up to a limit of your choosing. Funds will be used from your vendor's balance

2. What/how to test:


Place a house & a Mailbox (can get placement tool & mailbox deed from Test Center - Housing vendor) 1) send mail to a mailbox in another region 2) send mail to a mailbox in the same region 3) try sending mail without attachment 4) try sending mail with attachment(s) without Cash on Delivery 5) try sending mail with attachment(s) & Cash On Delivery 6) make sure you can claim items for mail without a Cash on Delivery 7) make sure you can claim items for mail WITH Cash on Delivery and paying for it 8) try returning mail to sender (mail sent to you needs to have attachments) 9) try registering multiple mailboxes on one account 10) change your registration to Unlisted and try to send mail to that box from another account by typing in the Address of your Unlisted mailbox 11) change your registration to Private and try to send mail to that box, it should be impossible 12) try Blocking a sender and then try to send/receive mail from them (try from both sides)

Buy Orders:

1) place a vendor & place a Vendor Buy order on them (can get vendor & buy order from Banker vendor) 2) set the Buy Order to Not For Sale and then double click it to set it up 3) target an item, like a resource or object you can easily test with, and finish setting up the Buy Order by choosing a price per item you wish to pay 4) deposit some gold to your vendor to make sure they have funds to buy items 5) try changing the Limit on the buy order to make sure that works well

From another account: 1) go to the vendor and double click the Buy Order 2) target the matching object in your backpack to try to sell it to the vendor 3) if the vendor has enough gold then you will receive gold and your items will be moved to the vendor

After your vendor has bought some items, go back to the owner account: 1) go back to your vendor 2) right click the Buy Order to choose "Claim Items" to gather the items that the vendor has bought

The state of the Test Center:

  • Test Center is online and available with the following regions: Minoc, Britain, Shame
  • a universal moongate has been added to the towns & dungeon for quick travel
  • there are no existing houses placed & you should be able to place one
  • added a few Rental Properties around Britain & Minoc for testing
  • please discuss in Discord #test-center-chat and report bugs in-game as usual or in Discord

21st Aug 2023 patchnote

  • Shards of Britannia Homestead Haven Lottery Has Begun!
  • The Fishing Lottery boxes have had new items added.
  • Limited Time Alert: Rare Hue Masks now at the Shame Dungeon Token Vendors!
  • The Noble Coin Vendor is back with a range of fresh items.

16th Aug 2023 patchnote

We've reset the mining caves due to an issue where they did not clear their "currently in-use" state after players exited. We will continue to monitor for further issues

16th Aug 2023 patchnote

~~ The Yew Crypts & Britain Sewers regions are currently undergoing maintenance and their entrances have been temporarily disabled. Expected downtime is less than 2 hours ~~

The Yew Crypts & Britain Sewers regions are now open again

16th Aug 2023 patchnote

Some or all undead pets may have skills that exceed the normal skill-cap of 700.0 due to those pets gaining Spirit Speak and Forensic Eval which will prevent players from training their pets beyond a certain limit once they reach the cap. To work around this issue, we've updated the Skill Cap for Undead pets to 900 to account for the additional 2 skills being trained on them. Note: This may be subject to change in the future.

6th Aug 2023 patchnote

We've deployed a few more hotfixes to try to improve some things.


  • fixed edge cases with Guards attacking innocent players/pets erroneously
  • fixed Guards continuing to follow targets after they have died
  • when players & pets resurrect going forward, the resurrector will have their current-target cleared to avoid accidentally attacking the being they are resurrecting & ultimately getting guard-whacked

Mining Caves:

  • fixed issue with Mining Caves ejecting players too early
  • fixed issue with pets/objects not being transported out of the cave when you leave
  • added forges & lighting to the caves with a Mining Cave Tip sign; the sign explains that if you become over-encumbered in the cave, simply put excess resources on the ground and when you leave, the items will be transported to the entrance with you

5th Aug 2023 patchnote

PK Balance Pass

  • Guards will now attack murderers on-sight, regardless of if they have recently committed a crime or not, with a chase & kill behavior rather than instant-kill, allowing a chance for the murderer to escape (instant killing from Guards still only applies to crimes recently committed)
  • Townsfolk NPCs in Guarded areas will now react to murderers, regardless of if they have recently committed a crime or not, and cry for help (Guards will only actually react to crimes recently committed in this case though)
  • the Repent option will be disabled after August 15th
  • increased murder count time from 24hr to 72hr
  • increased time limit for players to report a murder from 24hr to 72hr
  • increased current-dungeon lockout for murderers post-death from 15m to 2hr (matches all-dungeon lockout time)
  • increased current-region Hostile Actions prevention for murderers post-death from 15m to 2hr (matches region-lockout time)
  • murder counts will now be tracked across your accounts, and for each 10 kills you have across all accounts linked to you, your post-death murder restrictions will have an additional 1hr added
  • consolidated short & long murder counts & all existing long counts will be converted to a single 'murder counts' value
  • cost to resurrect for murderers is determined by: all counts are worth 100gp per, plus any counts over 5 are worth 450gp per
  • removed Upon resurrection, if a player's short term murder counts are more than 5 they will be reduced to 5. causing the cost to resurrect for murderers to no longer decrease immediately after resurrecting, the price will remain the same based on the level of murder counts
  • added preventions for entering Britain Trading Post (West Britain Bank roof-top) for all murderers or criminals
  • player corpses will no longer turn to skeleton when the player resurrects within the same region, providing for the full corpse-to-bones duration to occur before the corpse head can no longer be cut off
  • aggressive beings will now give priority to murderer & criminal players; this will be mostly noticeable for beings that are not already in-combat

Murderer Bounties & Leaderboard

  • added a PVP Leaderboard that shows Bounties, Vigilante Kills & Murders
  • innocent players that attack a murderer before they die, that are from a different IP/Machine, will qualify to turn in the head of a murderer; the corpse & head will list the names of all players that qualify to turn it in, if any
  • added Bounty Hunter vendor to turn murderer heads into for gold award, currently 100% of resurrection fee (subject to change)

Tracking - Hunting Mode

  • added 'Hostile Players' & 'Innocent Players' target types to Tracking
  • added new Hunting Mode option to Tracking
  • to use, open the Tracking menu, tick 'Activate Hunting Mode' and then fill in the radio button next to a Target Type (example: Hostile Players); you will begin automatically trying to acquire a target periodically and will begin tracking the first & closest target that is found
  • Hunting Mode can be deactivated in the Tracking menu
  • Hunting Mode requires at least 30.0 Tracking skill points to use


  • Miners with at least 1 skill point higher than the required skill level to harvest metals above Iron will have a slightly higher chance to harvest them when finding veins

Dungeon Mining

  • will provide 15% higher chance to find metal veins above Iron & 15% higher chance to successfully harvest metals above Iron
  • will provide a chance at finding Rich Veins, normally can only be found by using a Prospector's Tool, these veins yield at least double the resources of a normal vein
  • will have a chance to spawn Ore Elementals while mining

Mining Caves

  • mining outside of a dungeon will provide a chance at uncovering Mining Cave entrances
  • only the player that uncovers the cave can enter it (including pets)
  • there is a 5 minute time limit to enter the cave, but after you enter you have 20 minutes to clear it out
  • you can leave a cave at any time by right clicking oneself and choosing "Leave Mining Cave" but each cave will either have a Ladder to climb out from or a Cave-style exit to walk through
  • should you die, or leave early for any reason, any objects, corpses, and pets will all be teleported to the cave entrance where you started to be recovered
  • caves provide the same Dungeon Mining bonuses as detailed above & can also spawn Ore Elementals


  • will add a 'Vigilante' NPC to go after Reds/Criminals, similar to the Assassin

4th Aug 2023 patchnote

Preview Video:

Jousting (work in progress):

  • Jousting arenas have been added South of the Vesper Graveyard at what we're calling Vesper Crossroads
  • in the near future we will add a leaderboard and betting mechanics
  • the outcome of the game is purely random at this time, we may add onto the system such as factoring the character's equipment or mount
  • to use:
    • double click the 'Jousting' sign at one of the three arenas
    • no equipment is needed, except for a mount (any kind of mount will do)
    • target your opponent to request a jousting session
    • after both parties agree they will be teleported into the designated arena and after a few seconds they will be able to move, at this time both parties should run towards each other
    • once both parties reach one other the characters will automatically swing and attempt to hit their opponent, sometimes knocking them off their mount

Note: If you encounter any issues please report them using the in-game /bug command; if you get stuck for any reason please use the /stuck command or quick-travel. We will keep working on it as time permits! :)

28th Jul 2023 patchnote

Holiday Decorations:

  • It's Christmas in July! You can now place your Holiday-only decorations at ANY TIME! No more waiting until November/December to decorate festively. Merry Xmas!

Monsters/aggressive beings:

  • monsters & aggressive beings will now give priority to murderers/criminals in terms of aggro; this will be mostly noticeable for creatures not currently being attacked

Bestiary update:

  • added Bestiary tracking for kills completed via Provocation

Cleaning Up Britannia:

  • to start, we are adding a 'Holiday' Cleaning Up Britannia event, and we may add a 'General' cleanup event in the future for non-holiday items
  • can trash or throw-out prior-years holiday items in the 'Holiday' Cleaning up Britannia trash bin in exchange for Points to be spent at the Cleaning Up Britannia vendor
  • only items 6 months or older will be accepted
  • items that were transferred from Celador to Britannia are worth 4 points each & any Holiday items (6 months or older) are worth 2 points each & some items may have a higher value
  • any qualifying stackable items, like prior years' holiday currency, are worth a fraction of a point per item
  • future holidays will give players options to convert a part of their CUB points to the current year's holiday currency or they can be spent immediately for items on the CUB vendor, see below
  • currently planned for sale on the vendor:
    • portable CUB trash bag for 1 point
    • 25k gold check for 25 points
    • Name Change Deed for 50 points
    • Pet Bonding Deed for 100 points
    • Clothing Bless Deeds (slotted) for 200 points
    • Ethereal Horse Statue (500 charges) for 250 points
    • Universal CBD for 450 points

Note: the vendor(s) will NOT be available immediately, we will instead do a soft-launch where you can turn items in and then in the near future [2-4 weeks] we will add the vendor, allowing some time to collect feedback & time for the team to review/revise/add missing inclusions, etc.

Notice: These details are subject to change

27th Jul 2023 patchnote

We've added a simple Bestiary option to characters when right-clicking a player character, that will open a menu listing all of the monsters the character has been recorded killing. For now it's just for fun, but we may add on to this in the future.


  • consolidated Bestiary entries by monster/being name to eliminate duplicate entries (for example multiple entries of "ogre lord")
  • added Bestiary tracking for pet kills, now when you kill a monster/being with your pets the kills will be tracked in your Bestiary (not retroactive)

27th Jul 2023 patchnote

Updated to Character Reflections regarding Undead status:

  • added Undead status to character reflections
    • Undead status will now appear in each reflection's description
    • when you save a new reflection it will save your current Undead state with the reflection
    • pre-existing reflections prior to this patch will be Undead = Nay
  • added ability for characters that are currently Undead to add the Undead flag to already-saved reflections (cannot be undone)
    • look for the skull icon button on the left of the reflections list

23rd Jul 2023 patchnote

The Item Insurance patch has been deployed to the live server and the details are outlined here:

17th Jul 2023 patchnote

State of the Test Center:

  • currently ONLINE & available for everyone to connect to it at
  • only Minoc & Shame regions are online
  • /editequip command enabled for quickly modifying equipment items
  • added testing vendors to Minoc Bank
  • added crafting benches to Minoc Bank

NOTICE: These changes are currently only available on the Test Center for testing purposes & are subject to change at any time

Dungeon Mining:

  • can now mine inside of dungeons for a 10% (now 25%) higher chance to receive metals above Iron
  • 🆕mining in Dungeons provides a 10% bonus to the chance of finding a Rich Vein which yields more metal than usual

Item Insurance:

  • right click a qualifying item in your backpack to Insure it (no stackables, no containers, no blessed/cursed)
  • cost based on item factors starting at as low as 150gp and as high as 30k+ for some items, depending on the item's properties
  • gold is consumed immediately, one-time
  • upon death the item stays with you
  • if you die to a player, they get 50% of the insurance fee in gold coins added to their backpack
  • optional Auto-Renew (this can be toggled in character settings): upon resurrecting you are charged for all of the insured items in your backpack again, unless you cannot afford it all, then any remaining items become uninsured
  • 🆕players are limited initially to 3 insured items per characters with the option to upgrade to a max of 8 slots currently (subject to change)
  • 🆕upgrading the insured items limit for your characer will cost 20k to start, doubling with each upgrade
  • 🆕players are prevented from moving insured items outside of their backpack/paperdoll

Cleaning Up Britannia - Holiday Items:

  • can trash or throw-out prior-years holiday items in the Cleaning up Britannia trash bin in exchange for Points to be spent at the Cleaning Up Britannia vendor
  • only items 6 months or older will be accepted
  • items that were transferred from Celador to Britannia are worth 4 points each & any Holiday items (6 months or older) are worth 2 points each & some items may have a higher value
  • any qualifying stackable items, like prior years' holiday currency, are worth a fraction of a point per item
  • future holidays will give players options to convert a part of their CUB points to the current year's holiday currency or they can be spent immediately for items on the CUB vendor, see below
  • currently for sale on the vendor:
    • portable CUB trash bag for 1 point
    • 25k gold check for 25 points
    • Name Change Deed for 50 points
    • Pet Bonding Deed for 100 points
    • Clothing Bless Deeds (slotted) for 200 points
    • Ethereal Horse Statue (500 charges) for 250 points
    • Universal CBD for 450 points
  • 🆕we will also be adding a generic Cleaning Up Britannia trash system to offer points in exchange for other non-Holiday related items like common treasures

NOTICE: These changes are currently only available on the Test Center for testing purposes & are subject to change at any time

Please keep an eye on #test-patch-notes for the most up-to-date info

15th Jul 2023 patchnote

Unwavering Stance, Unyielding Might

  • Attention all valiant tanks of Britannia! Prepare to fortify your defenses and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. We're thrilled to announce Phase 2 of the Tank Build overhaul, packed with incredible improvements that will revolutionize your tanking experience.
  • Prepare to ascend to new heights of tanking prowess as we unveil the latest enhancements to empower your playstyle. Experience the thrill of unyielding protection with the newly unending Unwavering Stance ability, ensuring that no foe can escape your attention. Say farewell to sluggish movements and taunts as the penalties have been reduced, enabling you to assert your dominance on the battlefield.

Camping: A Group Endeavor!

  • Gather your comrades around the campfire, for we have exciting news to share. Camping has undergone a remarkable improvement, providing benefits not just to the campfire creator but to all nearby group members as well. Basic campfires now extend their bonuses to every member of the group, forging stronger bonds of camaraderie. And for those who seek the utmost security, secured campfires will grant additional bonuses when shared among group members.

Join the Vanguard of Tank Builds Today! With these incredible enhancements, the Tank Build in Shards of Britannia has reached new heights. Embrace the power of Runic Shields, utilize Unwavering Stance, and lead your group to victory. As tanks, you are the embodiment of resilience and strength, ensuring the survival of your allies in the face of overwhelming odds.

Remember, these changes are just the beginning! We are committed to continually improving your gaming experience in Shards of Britannia. Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates as we expand the boundaries of adventure and deliver thrilling content. Sharpen your blades, rally your companions, and let the legends of your tanking prowess resound throughout Britannia!

1st Jul 2023 patchnote

We've [again] fixed the issue causing the 'add target' not to repeat properly when selecting small BODs to combine with larges, or when adding single items to small BODs.

1st Jul 2023 patchnote

A hotfix has been deployed for an issue with the Character Reflections window not opening in some cases

28th Jun 2023 patchnote

Tired of typing username and password for every account?

Now you can save accounts directly into the launcher and switch between them.

Make sure you close completely the launcher and reopen it to download the update.

27th Jun 2023 patchnote

Recent hotfixes, additions, changes & fixes:

  • Added a new 'Toggle Hotbar Labels' option on the updated Mini-map Hotbar Options button (dropdown arrow)
  • Added Taxidermy Kit for sale on Carpenters and Tinkers
  • Added ability to 'minimize' the Macro Playing window. Now when you click the X to close it, it will minimize to a Progress Bar that appears under your character, you can click the X next to the progress bar to stop the macro from playing
  • Prevented adding Fabled & Special Fishing Nets to the House Resource Chest
  • Prevented use of Soulstones while you have any Character Reflections stored
  • Prevented Stealing for 2 minutes after being resurrected
  • Fixed issue with the Donation Resurrection Ankh not being usable for characters on a Patron-linked account
  • Fixed issue with player characters that are banned from a house not being ejected from the house when they enter as a ghost in some cases
  • Fixed issue with being able to remove from a stack of items inside a buried Treasure Chest to avoid triggering the spawn
  • Fixed issue with the Repeat option not working in Macros
  • Fixed issue with attempting to teleport to a ship from it's key causing a cooldown to apply even if you are not able to teleport right away, now it will only apply once you've teleported
  • Fixed issue with summoned Blade Spirits & Energy Vortex not aggroing 100% of the time
  • Fixed issue with sandals that were obtained originally as Black that are also dyable; the sandals have had the Dyable flag removed and their color restored, it is not intended for any Sandals to be Dyable at this time
  • Fixed issue with the Golden Fishing Rod being salvageable, this also fixed an issue with the rods being repairable—tools in general, like fishing rods, are not intended to be repaired at this time
  • Fixed an issue with house Mannequins when using the Select Location option and hitting escape causing the mannequin to be moved to 0x0
  • Fixed the Friends button on the Button Bar not doing anything

Note: Some or all of these changes may require a server reboot to take effect.

26th Jun 2023 patchnote

Important Bulk Order updates:

  • Completed Bulk Order Deeds now have a numeric Point value in addition to it's Gold value
  • Instead of receiving a random, sometimes junky reward, when turning in BODs, now you will receive Bulk Order Points to spend in the new Bulk Order Reward menu
  • You can now talk to Tailor & Blacksmith vendors to invoke the Bulk Order Reward menu at any time
  • Bulk Order Points are saved to your character and points are separated by skill and do not combine
  • The point & gold values for all BODs and Reward items have been re-balanced to be more in line with the new point system & our current economy

Additional BOD changes:

  • Added 'Auto-collect' option to BOD Books to have BODs try to go to designated books when obtaining them from shopkeepers (right click book to use)
  • Added Sandals to Tailoring BOD reward list
  • Added random reward color to the Aprons, Kilts & Sandals
  • Added missing Tier 5 random reward color clothing options (previously could only get clothes with color up to T4)
  • Added missing Tier 5 random reward color single use clothing dye bottle (previously could only get dyes with color up to T4)
  • Added new Heraldry Banners to Tailoring BOD reward list
  • Added Blacksmith & Tailoring Kilts to rewards lists
  • Skill Bonus equipment: If you wear multiple items that have a skill bonus, of the same skill, the highest bonus will be applied and that item used for consuming charges if applicable, instead of stacking the bonuses (for example, if you have a +15 Apron equipped and you put on a +20 Kilt, then only the +20 Kilt will apply and charges would only be consumed from the Kilt)
  • Added 25 charges to Miner's Apron/Kilt and a small chance for charges to be consumed while Mining when the Miner's Apron/Kilt is worn (retroactive)
  • Removed plain cloak from the Tailoring BOD reward list
  • Removed Bedroll from the Tailoring BOD recipes list (affects new BODs only)

Other fixes & additions:

  • Added Fame reward to completing Escort quests
  • Added support for Mining with shovels
  • Corrected invalid shovel tooltip from saying they can be used for Gardening and Sand Digging
  • Fixed issue with fabric color not being retained with crafting with colored cloth
  • Fixed issue with normal crafted Aprons not being blessable
  • Fixed Fame not being obtained from killing monsters
  • Fixed issue with toggling backpack sometimes opening the Preview Item backpack instead
  • Fixed issue with descriptor of Fame reward erroneously taking the player's current fame into account causing confusion with the resulting message
  • Fixed issue with Prospector's Tool not having a descriptive tooltip
  • Fixed issue with 'Clothing Bless Deed: Legs' not being able to bless aprons, kilts & sandals

26th Jun 2023 patchnote

  • Unique Housing Decorations Vendor Unveiled at East Britain Pavilion: Attention, noble adventurers! A new vendor has set up shop at the prestigious East Britain Pavilion, offering an exquisite range of housing decorations. These unique items are exclusively available for purchase using noble coins, a rare form of currency. While noble coins can be obtained from chests found in Orc camps, they are indeed a rare find. Players are encouraged to embark on daring quests and conquer challenging encounters to amass these valuable coins. Bring a touch of elegance and grandeur to your virtual abode with these remarkable housing decorations! Be sure to check in regularly for new items.

  • Exciting Updates to Fishing Loot: For avid anglers and aspiring fishermen, new loot has been added! Cast your virtual fishing lines into the picturesque waters and prepare to reel in a bountiful haul. The updated fishing loot promises an enhanced variety of valuable treasures, rare items, and even potential surprises. Cast your lines strategically, hone your fishing skills, and uncover the secrets that lie beneath the surface of Britannia's lakes and rivers.

  • Little Rock Vendor's Inventory Gets an Upgrade: Good news for those who frequent the Little Rock Vendor! This beloved merchant, known for their diverse assortment of wares, has received a substantial inventory update. Prepare to be dazzled by a few new selections of items!

26th Jun 2023 patchnote

  • All-New Dungeon Stealing System for Thieves Calling all cunning thieves! Prepare to put your skills to the test with the introduction of an exciting dungeon stealing system. Brace yourself as rare treasures will now randomly spawn throughout various dungeons, enticing thieves to sneak in and attempt to steal them. Take on the challenge and prove your mastery in the shadows of Britannia!

  • Enhancements to Lumberjack Skill and Heavy Weapons The lumberjacks of Britannia are in for a treat with improved skill gain mechanics. As you swing your trusty axes, the Lumberjack skill will now progress at an accelerated pace. Furthermore, both the Large Battle Axe and Two-handed Axe will be classified as heavy weapons, granting lumberjacks a unique advantage. At the pinnacle of their craft, Grandmaster lumberjacks will enjoy increased damage. Embrace the call of the forests and excel as a true lumberjack!

  • Tanking Overhaul Phase 1: Superior Shields with Magical Enhancements Blacksmiths, the time has come to wield even greater power on the battlefield! With the Tanking Overhaul, you can now utilize Runic hammers to forge shields of superior quality, surpassing any previous creations. But that's not all – the material or metal type used in the shield's construction will directly impact the nature and strength of the magical properties imbued within. Explore different materials and unleash shields with unique and powerful magical effects, tailoring your tanking style to match your playstyle.

The introduction of Phase 1 of the Tanking Overhaul ushers in a new era of tanking gameplay in Shards of Britannia. Blacksmiths will play a crucial role in fortifying their allies and standing as the last line of defense against formidable foes. With the ability to craft shields with material-based magical properties, tanks will possess an unmatched level of protection and versatility in battle.

Stay tuned for further updates and surprises as we continue to expand the realm of Britannia and bring you even more exciting content. Sharpen your blades, gather your guild, and venture forth into the immersive world of Shards of Britannia!

11th Jun 2023 patchnote

Undead pets and Necromancer taming are now live. Get to work and explore to figure out how to awaken them.

  • Known issue: If you have any problem with existing Nightmare pets, open a support ticket.

4th Jun 2023 patchnote

We have implemented AI enhancements to specific bosses, aiming to provide a greater challenge. This process is ongoing, and we continuously refine and adjust these modifications. Your feedback is highly valued and significantly influences our decision-making.

Moreover, there are new magical loot items available from various MOBs. These items can either enhance or counter specific abilities or spells used by our new AI. Brave warriors, go forth and seek them out!

22nd May 2023 patchnote

Fixed an issue with Level 5 Treasure Maps not being diggable

16th May 2023 patchnote

We've fixed an issue with the Necromancer Death Ward spell not being interrupted properly when being killed by Town Guards, it is not an intended mechanic to avoid town-guard-punishment

15th May 2023 patchnote

  • Introduced more challenging MOBs into Deviously Drawn T-Maps.
  • Added new loot within Deviously Drawn T-Maps.
  • Enhanced the drop rate of dungeon tokens in Shame.

11th May 2023 patchnote

  • New loot has been added to dungeon fishing
  • Blood & Acid Elementals in Shame now have a higher chance to drop dungeon tokens

10th May 2023 patchnote

You can now set any item to Not For Sale on your player vendors

9th May 2023 patchnote

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to dig fishing hole with Ice Pick
  • Fixed an issue with Level 5 Treasure Maps not being diggable
  • Fixed an issue with Pigment Dyes not dying leather armor