• Haunt:

    • This spell has been fixed.. hopefully for good.
  • Blood Siphon:

    • It is now a channeling spell with a 1 minute cooldown.
    • When casted, on impact will inflict the full spell damage as before, then it will start channeling.
    • Every 2 seconds, the spell checks the distance between the caster and the target.
    • If the target is within 6 meters, the spell siphons health from the target, converting it to the caster's health.
    • The amount siphoned is inversely proportional to the distance (closer targets result in more health drained).
    • The spell ends if the target dies, moves out of range, or the duration expires.

    -- A necromancer in the heat of battle can cast Blood Siphon on a weakened enemy, ensuring their own survival by draining the life force of their foe. This spell can turn the tide of combat, especially in prolonged engagements where maintaining health is critical.

  • Animate Dead:

    • It now takes the shape of the dead target, if no targets are available it guarantees one skeleton.
    • The caster can animate up to a maximum of 5 dead creatures or skeletons at a time.
    • The summons will follow you by default and you can command them to attack.
    • Each animated creature or skeleton will last for 60 seconds before disintegrating unless killed.
    • The spell searches for valid corpses within a 15-unit radius of the target location.
    • The spell filters out corpses that have already been raised by another necromancer.
    • Each animated dead creature will now shield the caster from one hit (if they are alive and the caster gets hit) and then be dispelled, providing both offensive and defensive support.

    -- A necromancer surrounded by enemies can use Animate Dead to summon an army of skeletons or reanimated creatures from the nearby battlefield. These temporary allies can distract and weaken opponents, shield the caster from harm, and follow the caster's commands, giving the caster a strategic advantage.

  • Mitigate Poison:

    • This spell will now cure poison, and cure has been removed from Noxious Decay.


  • Updates:
    • The amount of Grave Dust that can be dug up has been increased.
    • While digging you have a chance to cast Cocoon spell on yourself at no cost (This should apply to non-Undead too), this gives you a one-hit protection and a stat bless on break.
    • Caged Souls have been added to the loot table, these are cages that hold 10 souls and can be sold/traded to undead players or claimed by undead players.

Please report any bug that you might encounter using the /bug command in game.

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