Horse and Cart

  • A new farmer found near the cotton fields in Skara Brae will trade a Percheron mount for 10 magic valorite cotton. This rare cotton plant sometimes spawns in regular cotton fields, but when harvested, it becomes extremely volatile and heavy. You will need to use a horse and cart to take the cotton to Wizard Luke before it decays after 60 minutes.

Valorite cotton is a rare and mystical plant that grows in cotton fields all over Britannia. The cotton harvested from these plants is imbued with the essence of valorite, a precious magical mineral known for its strength and magical conductivity. Valorite cotton is said to have originated from the tears of a valorous dragon that sacrificed itself to protect the land. Fields of valorite cotton are therefore considered sacred, and harvesting the cotton is seen as both an honor and a responsibility.

Though many magical uses for valorite cotton exist, most are shrouded in mystery and remain to be rediscovered by modern wizards and scholars. The full potential of this extraordinary material is still waiting to be unlocked.

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