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4th Sep 2021 patchnote

Critizens of Britannia, be warned! An increased Orc presence has been observed in our lands. These savage creatures know no limit to their ferocity and evil. But fear ye not! Your Brave and Courageous leaders are maintaining the guard around the clock, keeping the Orc scourge out of our city walls and your children safe from their barbarism.

[The Orc Guild has now been fully enabled. Players wishing to join the Orc Guild must seek out and contact a member of the guild]

11th May 2021 patchnote

Patch notes for Test Center are being kept track of here:

13th Apr 2021 archive patchnote

  • Fixed stackables not stacking when dropping objects onto containers directly
    - Added prevention for dropping objects to healthbars, this is not intended
    - Added prevention for mounting pets you cannot control over 30 difficulty
    - Removed ability to use Stack Contents on containers within player vendors
    - Fixed some stationed guards not responding to combat
    - Added prevention for using Forensic Eval against invalid corpses, or corpses that are part of the world
    - Added Vendor Glue so vendors will stop wandering for short duration while players interact with them

4th Apr 2021 archive patchnote

The Vorpal Easter Bunny that spawns when opening an easter egg nest was not intended to be tameable and they have been updated to reflect that, and any existing tames removed. Subsequently, if you had tamed and stored one on a pet broker, the pet broker should now be updated as well. Sorry for the confusion! We'll try to be more careful about things like this in the future. grimacing

20th Mar 2021 archive patchnote

An issue was resolved with using the Restock Reagents option with town vendors, if they are sold out of one or more of the items, causing players to be charged without receiving items. Please let us know if you encounter any other issues with the vendors.

1st Jan 2021 archive patchnote

  • An issue with torches not behaving consistently has been resolved; torches have all been moved over to a new Torch slot, and a button for it added to the paperdoll
    - Attempting to purchase items from player vendors will no longer only consume gold from the bank if the purchase is over 3000gp, instead all purchases will now check bank for gold or checks
    - Speech prompts, like when setting prices with player vendors, will now automatically activate chat so you can begin typing without needing to press enter first
    - An issue with players not being able to call Guards on players that have become hidden has been resolved
    - Stealing chance bonus added for thieves with 100 Stealing, a spreadsheet with chance calculation added at
    - An issue causing pack animals to become overfilled in some cases has been resolved
    - An issue has been resolved that was allowing players to mount while hidden and continue moving while mounted & hidden
    - An issue with fishing nets having duplicate tooltips should be resolved
    - An issue with bankers spamming "Guards!" multiple times in a row when a criminal interacts with them has been resolved
    - An issue with disguised name not appearing, instead showing the character's real name in several cases has be resolved
    - The chef/cook vendors should now buy items that they sell, including apples
    - An issue with getting stuck inside of campfires when using Camping skill has been resolved

28th Dec 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue with some players getting stuck inside of the ice fishing huts has been resolved
    - An issue has been solved with adding a large amount of potions to a keg resulting in improper amount of empty bottles being returned
    - Empty bottles have been moved out of potion recipes and instead will consume an empty bottle only upon successful crafting of a potion; this is to help solve edge cases of empty bottles not being refunded sometimes during crafting
    - An issue with mana being overly consumed when using quick-travel spells has been resolved
    - An issue with being unable to cut fish into fillets has been resolved
    - An issue with the pet broker window not re-opening after setting a price has been resolved
    - An issue with some objects not being unequipped on death has been resolved
    - An issue with some effects not ending and cleaning up properly if logging out and back in after the duration has expired has been resolved, most notably Incognito
    - An issue that would sometimes cause mobs to spawn or leash to locations on house plots has been resolved

25th Dec 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue with the winter hair dye not working for female characters has been resolved

24th Dec 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue has been resolved sometimes causing Fishing related actions to report "You are already Fishing"

19th Dec 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue with fishing nets not working when using one from a stack has been resolved
    - An issue with the Macro Creator overriding floating hotbar icons has been resolved
    - The Blacksmith model houses have been retired due to a bug which only affects newly placed houses. If you already have a blacksmith model house and it still works fine then you may keep it. They are no longer utilized or supported by LOA so the blueprints have been removed from architects, but they can be sold back to the vendors for a full refund.

29th Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • Agressive rats should now ignore mobile collision/shove mechanics, if there are other small critters that do not ignore please send bug reports
    - An issue with group messages sometimes referring to payers as "nil" has been resolved
    - Group members should no longer trigger "... has logged in/out" alerts when switching regions
    - Equipment circle buttons will now appear on player vendor paperdolls to allow owners to more easily manage the vendor's worn equipment
    - An issue that sometimes causes vendors/pet brokers to be ejected from the house plot immediately when being hired should be resolved
    - For privacy reasons, whispers are now restricted to friends only, meaning that you will need to have a player on your friends list in order to /tell them or whisper them
    - Known Issue: Some secured objects on plots may not show the "Security" option in the right-click menu, we are investigating. As a workaround, we've added a "Manage Object Security" option to the plot menu to allow you to target a secured object and change it's security level.
    - Known Issue: Some house blueprints are not displaying their dimensions in their tooltips. As a workaround, it will now display the dimensions required in a system message when trying to place a house and it does not fit.
    - To aid with house placements, you can now target the mailbox directly when trying to place a house to attempt placing directly on the center of the plot.

27th Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue causing players to be unable to purchase pets from pet brokers has been resolved

24th Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue causing some vendor interactions not to work, most notably with the stablemasters, has been resolved

15th Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue that sometimes causes mobs to decay while fighting them should be resolved
    - An issue with Peacemaking not playing music sounds when succeeding has been resolved
    - You are no longer able to initiate a transfer for a pet that the target would unable to control
    - Player vendor interact window will now close properly when clicking "Goodbye" or "I change my mind" when deciding not to buy something
    - A skinning knife/blade is now required to cut heads off of corpses
    - Ghost players should no longer be able to shove or be shoved
    - Small creatures like rats, turkeys, etc should no longer trigger shove mechanics

9th Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue has been resolved with casting spells and then pressing escape to clear the target cursor not properly clearing the spell-loaded flag

6th Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • The missing messages for bard abilities has been added by popular demand

6th Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • Another issue with Discordance not working sometimes has been resolved
    - An issue that sometimes causes another player's name to be used for Maker's Mark while crafting items should be resolved. If you encounter this further please let us know.
    - An issue with the price tooltip not being applied to items newly added to player vendor has been resolved -- you can remove/re-add the item or just do "Change Price" to correct any items that don't have a price tooltip showing.

5th Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • Characters will now have a "Player Settings" right-click option to access the character's settings
    - A new option has been added to the Settings window, Other tab, "Show Target Previews" which will be disabled by default, when enabled will show object preview when unpacking deeds on a house plot
    - As a workaround for the known issue "Item Stuck To Cursor After Unpacking House Deeds," we've made the preview disabled by default, but if you wish to still use it you can re-enable it in the settings as described above

4th Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue with mob AI causing mobs to sometimes freeze indefinitely after spawning should now be resolved

3rd Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue with Discordance being prevented from applying to some mobs erroneously has been resolved
    - Bard effect break range has been increased moderately to extend the distance allowed from mobs before the effects will break
    - An issue with monsters attacking the bard after being provoked should be completely resolved now, once monsters have been provoked they should no longer attack the bard at all, unless the effect breaks, let us know if this continues to be an issue
    - Patch Note Correction: The prior patch notes state that Provo/Peace will fall off if the bard dies, that was a typo and monsters should remain peaced/provo'd even if the bard dies, as long as they stay within range.
    - Clarification: Discordance does not have range check or hiding check, it only falls off after the timer ends.

3rd Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue has been solved preventing the Carpentry window Tools option from working.

3rd Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • Player vendors will now keep track of the most recent 30 items sold on the vendor, allowing you to view when/what/how much items sold for; to view recent sales choose Interact --> Collect Gold
    - You can now set a filled contained as Not For Sale (price 0), after which you will be prompted to select the price to be set to each item individually inside the container, allowing for mass-price setting
    - When choosing "Change Price" on containers marked as Not For Sale, you will now be able to select a price to change the price of all items inside the container

3rd Nov 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue with "Freeze Title" not working in the Titles window, which was causing titles to change frequently while gaining skills, has been resolved

3rd Nov 2020 archive patchnote

Bard abilities have had an optimization pass:
- An issue causing monsters that have been provoked to continue attacking the bard instead has been resolved, mostly
- You can now Provoke beings against players or pets although it may be a criminal action
- You can now directly pacify players and pets with Peacemaking although it may be a criminal action
- Pacifying a player will simply remove them from war-mode state; pacified pets will be treated similarly to monsters causing them to freeze for a short time
- You can now perform an Area Peacemaking by activating the skill and targeting yourself to pacify to all nearby enemies (skips targets that would cause a criminal action)
- Peacemaking and Provocation effects will now break on mobs if the bard dies, goes out of range or becomes hidden (see next line) or unavailable
- Bards with 75 points or more of Hiding will be able to hide without breaking the effects
- Monsters that have been influenced by a bard's song will be more inclined to aggro against the bard when the effect(s) break
- Equippable instruments will no longer default to Equip when double-clicking it in some cases
- Equippable instruments now act as a weapon using Wrestling skill
- Instruments context option "Play" replaced with "Use" to play the instrument to practice Musicianship skill
- Bard/instrument cooldowns will now appear as an icon at the top to help indicate when you can play another song

Mobile collision/shoving:
- Walking directly over/through a mob will cause a moment of movement slowness for 'shoving' them out of the way
- Mobs that have been shoved will play an animation to indicate that they have been shoved, but otherwise are unaffected
- When walking through an invisible player/pet will alert you to shoving "something invisible"
- Icon appears at top after you shove someone to indicate movement slowness

31st Oct 2020 archive patchnote

  • Player vendors have been converted over to a new Speech Prompt to set prices for items being added to sale from chat versus a window
    - As requested, we will be working soon to add mass price-setting for items in a container
    - An issue with skeletal mounts decaying after taming them has been resolved
    - An earlier attempt was made to fix this but did not get applied correctly, the hotfix is now live and freshly spawned mounts will be have the fix

29th Oct 2020 archive patchnote

  • Books will now have the words "a book titled: " added to the front of their name when being renamed, and any existing books, that have been renamed, have also have their names changed
    - An issue with the war-torn warg ethereal not mounting when using it has been resolved; stuck ethereal statues will become unstuck when successfully using the statue following the update
    - An issue with summons not decaying automatically after being summoned has been resolved

25th Oct 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue that would cause items to sometimes get stuck to the cursor due to picking up/dropping items rapidly has been resolved

20th Oct 2020 archive patchnote

  • An issue with not being able to mill some items has been resolved

19th Oct 2020 archive patchnote

  • Nightsight has been optimized and should provide the brightest daylight while using it, and it should persist through logouts and region transfers
    - Nightsight will now end and prevent stormy weather while under the effect
    - Nightsight duration has been reduced from 60+ minutes to 20 minutes max
    - Note: Dungeons are still not equipped with Suns and thus Nightsight still does not help inside Dungeons

19th Oct 2020 archive patchnote

  • Scissors auto-salvaging contents of a container will now skip cutting cloth to bandages
    - Wooden club and black staff can now be salvaged for wood
    - Target closest enemy command (/targ enemy) will now avoid selecting same group/guild players and their pets
    - An issue with Runebooks sometimes causing runes to be duplicated has been resolved
    - An issue with town vendors guard-whacking themselves has been resolved
    - An issue with Magic Lock state not being removed from containers that have been unlocked/picked has been resolved, pre-existing containers will have this cleared the next time it is unlocked/picked
    - An issue with players not being able to defend against pets in PVP without triggering criminal action has been resolved
    - An issue with Recall sometimes fizzling repeatedly after cancelling a scroll-cast has been resolved