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20th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

Imps and demons have been added north of the "Destroyed Town". They have replaced the previous event spawns that were still there.

20th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

19th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • GM Alchemists can now craft New Potent Potions (100 Alchemy Required).
    - Fresh Ingredients can only be found by Harvesting Rare Plants via Gardening or through Player Economy.
    - Potent Potions require 4 Fresh Ingredients and 2 Moss in order to craft and GM skill.
    - Depending upon the Potent Potion Type, value range is increased, or duration is increased, or charges are increased.
    - Potent Deadly Poison now provides 20 charges, instead of 12 of Deadly Poison, but has the same Poison Level.
    - Potent Nightsight now provide 1 Hour of clear sight at night, and is more powerful than the spell.
    - Potent Invisibility now provides 5 minutes of invisibility.
    - More Fun Potions are coming to Alchemy, as more Fresh Ingredients exist than are currently being used.

18th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • New Green Thumbs Perks Added (100 Gardening Skill Required).
    - Plant Harvesting (1-30), Soil Harvest (1-30), Seed Salvage (1-20), Fresh Ingredients (1-20).
    - Bug fixed where Gardeners were unable to proc Harvest, Salvage, and Fresh Ingredients simultaneously.
    - Alchemy Potions Using Fresh Ingredients Coming Soon.

18th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

- Hiding in a house that you are at least friended to will provide a 100% chance to hide
- You can now unpack furniture on top of other furniture (chests on top of tables for example)
- Fixed an issue with containers going into negative weight sometimes
- Fixed an issue where the system thinks a player has a house when they don't caused by placing a house right before the server goes down/rolls back right after placing

Detect Hidden/Reveal:
- Detect Hidden skill and Reveal spell has been rewritten and now perform identicial to UO mechanics in terms of chance to reveal + range that users can reveal
- Wiki pages have been updated: &

Guilds & Guild Wars:
- Guild system has been updated incorporating the latest Guild Wars addition from the base game
- Guilds can now declare war against other guilds
- A red flag icon will appear next to pet and player names in opposing guilds
- You cannot perform benefical actions against enemies of a warred guild
- A transparent red flag will appear at the location of an enemies corpse when they die that is only visible to opponents of the corpse owner's guild
- Notoriety is exempt between warred guilds
- The Guild Wars system keeps track of Kills/Deaths for each side
- Guild menu's Last Online date for members will now be updated properly
- Wiki pages have not yet been updated, will work on this soon

- Guilds now require a guildstone to be created and interacted with, with a limit of one guildstone per guild, per plot
- Pre-existing guilds that do not have a guildstone will be allowed to use the guild menu without a guildstone until the end of June; furthermore, the guildmaster can say "i wish to place a guildstone" to create a guildstone for free on a plot that they control
- You can also say "i wish to place a guildstone" to move the guildstone; the Guildstone also has a Destroy option in case you want to move it to another plot.
- You can say "i resign from my guild" to resign without needing to touch the guildstone

17th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Reagent quantities at all mage and alchemist vendors increased from 250 to 500
    - Reagent quantities at the mage broker in Moonglow increased from 500 to 1000
    - Mining broker in Magincia disappeared, but has now returned

17th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Made Potions compatible with all Gardening produce, so Gardeners can fully fund Alchemists.
    - Reduced the cost of Nightshade for making high-end Poison potions.

16th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Killing a blue-named human NPC, specifically vendors in towns, will now deal murder counts
    - Shadow Robes color has been corrected from bright white to charcoal (this will be dyeable with the upcoming dyes and dyetubs patch)
    - There is a known issue with the Wood Cottage House's collision blocking the doorway, at this time there is no known workaround. For now they have been removed from the architect until the issue is resolved.
    - Players will no longer become unhidden during on-load events such as logging in or switching regions
    - Combat Log is now persistent through log-out and region-switch
    - Combat Log had an added 5px of width to try and solve issue with text getting cut off at the end (please submit screenshots of any remaining issues with text getting cut off)
    - Combat Log order has been reversed so that newest entries are on the top and you no longer have to scroll down periodically

16th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Added Leather Bound Book at 80 skill, which allows Players to create, rename, and author long well-written books.
    - Updated the Practice Books to be Mondain Book Volumes, describing the world in which you live.

15th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Yardstick now craftable by tinkers - this is a useable object that allows a player to measure between two specific points. (Housing QOL improvement)
    - Archery bonus now changed to be in line with melee skills. If your archer has GM fletching, they will have a damage bonus as per lumberjacking/mining

13th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • New Skill: Tracking
    - To use: Open skill window (Press K) browse to Tracking and press the Tracking button
    - Details:
    - New Command: /skillgaindebug - shows a chat message when you gain and do not gain

12th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Gardening Dowsing Rod allows a 40% chance to fill Gardening Well to 1000, or snap/destroy the Dowsing Rod.
    - Dowsing Rod available at Fletcher under Tools, for 5 Boards each.
    - Link =

11th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Magic Reflection now has a 30 Second Cooldown on reapplying the spell, and re-casting after Cooldown works too.
    - Reflect is a good Counter Spell in Mage PVP, but it is not intended to have no Cooldown at all.

10th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Harvesting from Plants remains an Initial Roll of (1-5) for Players with 0 Gardening, with no Scaled Maximum Bonus.
    - Players with Gardening get a Scaled Maximum Bonus on their rolls, which increases their RNG max value.
    - Scaled Maximum Bonus is a separate RNG roll using (1-GardeningSkill/10), which is added to the Initial Roll.
    - Meaning Players at 99.9 Gardening can harvest +15 Potentially, rounded up.
    - Players with 100 Gardening get the Green Thumb Perk, which is an additional Flat Bonus on top of their Scaled Maximum Bonus, which equals their Scaled Maximum Bonus.
    - Meaning Green Thumbs can Harvest +25 potentially.

9th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

The availability of Nightmares, Firesteeds, Brood mothers and a few other tameables have been adjusted/decreased. You will find that some of these creatures have also found a new home.

Additionally, small balance tweaks have been made to dungeons across the land.

9th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Issue with dungeon doors not opening has been resolved
    - Issue with hotbar icons/UI elements not saving or not appearing after a region-switch has been resolved

9th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • The server is now upgraded to the server to the latest build requiring Client version 0.8.8.x -- please make sure you have the latest client from the to connect to LOU
    - Fixed loading screen images not showing, previously showed a blank black screen
    - Fixed /opendoor or /od command to work with house doors too
    - Fixed fire steed stats from being 10/10/10 and no skills (not retroactive)
    - Fixed Snooping command and targeting container inside inventory saying "can't see" or "too far"
    - Fixed error with Stealing loot tables sometimes causing town containers to break and never receive loot

8th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Fixed issue with Magic Reflect breaking melee combat in some cases
    - Fixed issue with Stealing not grabbing some from a large stack of items/extremely heavy stack
    - The Dread Horse's strength and hit points have been corrected from 100ish HP to 500ish HP as intended
    - The Fire Steed has had it's hitpoints and melee slightly reduced but slightly increased intelligence and magic skills to be more in-line with a caster and to differentiate itself from the Dread War Horse that it was previously identical to

6th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • An issue with Poison Field not applying Poison to targets properly has been resolved
    - An issue with Stealing not moving the stolen item to the thief upon successful theft has been resolved

5th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Runebooks can no longer be opened on player vendors or pack animals
    - Snooping now has a 1 second cooldown before being able to use the skill again
    - An issue has been resolved with items on player vendors not being able to be interacted with
    - Trapped pouches should now reveal snoopers + adds playing the explosion effect on the snooper
    - The Thief Guildmaster should no longer call the Guards on fellow thieves
    - Snooping nearby noticing system message has been optimized to prevent lots of spam
    - Issue resolved preventing thieves from being able to steal blindly from selecting containers directly/right click steal
    - Stealing is now blocked with items from secure trade window recursively
    - Fixed an issue with opening containers from inside of a trade window doing a snooping check when it shouldn't
    - All containers recursively within a secure trade window will now automatically close any open windows to both traders when trade ends
    - Added UO-style auto-open container to trading-partner when we open a container from the window

5th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Added Fishing Bag with Stack All Fishing option.

5th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Players can now see their Seeds and Soil Counts within the Gardening UI.
    - We recommend using a dedicated Pouch as Toggled Gardening Bag, and do Stack All Gardening.
    - If you decide to use your base backpack, this will work too, but Garden Bag has Stack All Gardening QOL.
    - Link =

4th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Faction Tower in Upper Plains should now be on a correct 2 hour respawn. The buff should now display the 25% bonus properly, pending restart for the buff display.

    - New Faction Stones in towns!!

    First test stone is in Moonglow close to the inn.

    If two players of the same faction, and only of that single faction, stand in a circle of roughly a bow's range for 3 minutes the stone will trigger. The faction that triggered it must then keep at least 2 players inside the circle for 10 minutes, regardless of how many other faction are present, unlike for the trigger part where only 2+ of a single faction need to hold for 3 minutes.
    After the 10 minutes the winning faction players in a large radius (4x bow range) around the stone will get a 14% glory buff for 2 hours. This does not stack with the buff from the towers.

    To recap:

    1- 2+ of a faction and ONLY that faction in stone range for 3+ minutes = Stone Triggered, system wide message to call other factions.

    2- 2+ of the faction that triggered the stone in stone range for 10+ minutes = Stone Claimed

    3- Buff given and faction vendor spawned for 2 hours

    NOTE: for now the faction leader spawns in it's place. We will add vendors that sell faction gear for twice the favor compared to crafting them and will add new means of gaining favor.

    Please leave us feedback on the new Faction Stone mechanic so we can add new ones to most towns.

4th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Added a simple Vendors List option to plot mailboxes (via right click menu)
    - Added /reloadui command to hopefully alleviate issues where player healthbar(s) and hotbar(s) disappears
    - The 3 new instruments can be equipped and all bard actions can be used while having it equipped
    - Backpack of player vendors will now be updated when renaming them
    - An issue should be resolved causing players to receive multiple backpacks

4th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • Issue with fame going over the max allowed causing the Dread title to not display when it should
    - Begging record now gets cleared on town vendors periodically allowing beggars to attempt begging them again
    - Escorts now have Dungeons on their Destinations list! They will pay 2x as much for taking them into a Dungeon

4th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • The Farmer/Chef vendors now purchase Fresh Ingredients for good prices, at 8gp each.

4th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

Bards and Carpenters Rejoice: New Instruments
- 3 new instruments have been added to Carpentry: Bamboo Flute, Lute, and Drum
- They all require 45 Musicianship to craft along with Carpentry
- They have progressively increasing durability, in order from Lowest to Highest: Flute (regular), Drum, Lute, Bamboo Flute
- The regular flute recipe and durability remains untouched

Crafting Potions Directly Into Keg
- Potion Kegs can now be toggle as a Crafting Keg
- When you have at least 1 empty bottle and 1 crafting keg in your backpack while crafting potions, the system will try to automatically drop the potion into the keg (note: it is not smart enough to handle multiple kegs/types of potions yet)

4th Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • An issue with fishing Sea Creatures to shore has been resolved; you should now be able to use the Fishing ability and target a sea creature that is spawned in the water and bring it to shore
    - An issue has been resolved with locked down paragon chests or other containers sometimes not receiving the Security options
    - Issue resolved with house trash can not being able to be removed
    - The Farmer/Chef vendor has been fixed and now buys all produce, both wild and from gardens
    - The paperdoll will now show incognito name
    - Paperdoll now hides Guild/Faction/Merchant Guild info on right panel when inspecting someone else + Adds "No Reputation" when we don't have a fame/karma title yet
    - An issue with Tudor Door Pointed deeds not working has been resolved
    - An issue with Paragon chests and Tinkering/Lockpicking boxes getting stuck as Locked after locking it down and releasing it from a plot has been resolved
    - An issue with being able to split some off of a stack of objects on someone else's pack animal has been resolved

3rd Jun 2019 archive patchnote

  • You no longer need to remove an enchantment on a skill before applying a new one.
    - Enchantments can now be upgraded at any rank directly.

    This means you only need to get lucky once at rank 1, then you can work on that enchantment to bring it up to rank 4.

3rd Jun 2019 archive patchnote

Snooping, Stealing, Disarm, Hotbars QOL Mega Update
- New Skills: Snooping and Stealing ( &
- New Combat Ability: Disarm, replaces Meditation on the Q hotbar icon (
- New Vendor: Thief Guildmaster, to join the Thieves Guild, also sells Disguise Kits
- Pre-existing decorative containers in towns will now spawn loot allowing thieves to train their stealing and get a little loot in the process

Hotbars QOL Additions
- The left-side hotbar is now draggable
- Hotbars and their icons can now be locked to prevent accidental dragging
- A new Lock button has been added to the bottom-center of the MiniMap to quickly toggle hotbar options
- The Player Settings (minimap gear-icon or /settings command) now has options to toggle Locking of all of the hotbars AND their icons

Various Fixes
- Player names have been removed from backpacks, they will simply be called "a backpack" now
- Pet titles showing "Name's Pet" will now be updated periodically when the owner's name changes
- Players' current target will be cleared automatically when dying and resurrecting
- Players will now be taken out of warmode automatically when dying and resurrecting
- An issue has been resolved with Guards attacking gray and red players on sight even though they have not committed a crime recently -- now they will only kill you if you recently committed a crime or are witnessed committing a crime, and either NPCs or player calls the Guards
- An issue has been resolved with Guards attacking and killing nearby gray and red players that were not their original target
- Fixed Magic Untrap spell to work with lower level traps on containers
- Fixed range on Telekinesis breaking traps to avoid damage
- Fixed an issue with being unable to equip an item from the hotbar when the item is nested in containers in the backpack