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  • Agressive rats should now ignore mobile collision/shove mechanics, if there are other small critters that do not ignore please send bug reports
    - An issue with group messages sometimes referring to payers as "nil" has been resolved
    - Group members should no longer trigger "... has logged in/out" alerts when switching regions
    - Equipment circle buttons will now appear on player vendor paperdolls to allow owners to more easily manage the vendor's worn equipment
    - An issue that sometimes causes vendors/pet brokers to be ejected from the house plot immediately when being hired should be resolved
    - For privacy reasons, whispers are now restricted to friends only, meaning that you will need to have a player on your friends list in order to /tell them or whisper them
    - Known Issue: Some secured objects on plots may not show the "Security" option in the right-click menu, we are investigating. As a workaround, we've added a "Manage Object Security" option to the plot menu to allow you to target a secured object and change it's security level.
    - Known Issue: Some house blueprints are not displaying their dimensions in their tooltips. As a workaround, it will now display the dimensions required in a system message when trying to place a house and it does not fit.
    - To aid with house placements, you can now target the mailbox directly when trying to place a house to attempt placing directly on the center of the plot.

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