We have identified the data loss issue and expect to restore service shortly. Unfortunately, in order to address the issue, we need to perform a rollback. This is necessary in order to ensure data integrity moving forward, as ideally we want to maintain our 'no wipe' stance at all costs. We have considered all other options available to us at this time.

A quick timeline on both the downtime and the rollback are as follows:

-- An issue with data integrity was identified at approx. 10:30pm UTC/5:30pm EST
-- LoU was taken offline to further investigate
-- In order to address the issue, we have rolled back to approx 10:00am UTC/5:00am EST

We appreciate this is a significant loss of progress. Unfortunately these things can occur when a game is under heavy development such as we are. Investigations into the issue are still ongoing in order to track down and eliminate this type of issue moving forward.

We will also be considering options for compensation for the rollback and will advise on those once we have had an opportunity to discuss fully. Thank you once again for your patience.

Due to a potential data loss situation, the server is being taken offline. There is no ETA for restoration of services at this time. Thank you for your patience.

Next Friday, Nov 8th, at a time to be determined, we will be applying a patch that will prevent players from moving/rotating locked down objects outside the bounds of their plot. At that time, an autofix will be applied detecting any pre-existing objects that are out of the plot bounds and moving them back inside the plot to a valid position. Please note that this may not neatly move objects and you may end up with breaks in fence lines if that occurs. Please take this time to analyze any decorations you may have extending past your plot bounds/lines and please move them back so that they are not overlapping.

Additionally, with the changes to lockdown location validation, we will also be adding the Ban List and Auto-Eject for plots. This will now properly track targets banned from a plot and prevent them from re-entering. A new tab to manage the bans has also been added to the plot menu. When a target is ejected from a plot, they are put near the mailbox, which is why it is important that we no longer have interconnected plots and over-extended decorations.

After the defeat of Mr. Vorhees, The Mad Scientist has vowed to destroy all! They await in Wyvern's rest (once every few hours). Good luck

Halloween coffins now spawn near Juka Isle and Scorched Print Halloween spawns. Inside you will find increased Candy corn drop chances, rare monsters and the chance for a rare Halloween item.

As part of LoU's Halloween events Danyc the Candy Goblin has arrived in Nujel'm. Check out areas around Gazer Isle, The Dunes, Scorched Print and Wyvern's Rest to acquired his much needed Halloween Candy! Danyc has various Halloween items to trade, but will only be in town until 1 Nov. Stay tuned for more Halloween announcements on Discord.

We are actively looking to bring several Discord moderators on board to help the rest of the team with the Discord server. If you think you'd fit that bill, please drop in an application via:


We look forward to hearing from you!

The House Design contest for the Britannia map has officially kicked off! If your design is successful, it could be immortalised in Legends of Ultima for everyone to use.

See #submissions-house-design-contest for details. Good luck!

Since we are about to enter a new month, and with seeing the news of even more extreme weather and natural disasters happening around the globe every week, I wanted to remind everyone of our Vacation Hold policy.

If you are in any position where you cannot get to the game for an extended time, whether it be military deployment, natural disasters, or something else please reach out to us, and we can consider your request to put your house into a Vacation Hold to prevent it from decaying in the normal timeframe.

Hi all,

Just a friendly reminder to please link your discord account to your in-game account when you /page. It really helps our Counselors and GM staff get in touch with you faster and get things to a resolution as quickly as possible.