The Bounty Hunter NPC & PVP Leaderboard have moved slightly SW into the small Guard Shack by West Britain Bank. The Cleaning Up Britannia vendor has taken up shelter inside the bank. The Rock Collector vendor has pitched a tent behind the Guard shack & the Fisherman has launched a boat in the moat!

Whispers amidst the waves: In tribute to the late, great Jimmy Buffet, a melodious pirate now sails the deep seas. Honor his legacy and set out on a quest!

For those cherishing every note: An NPC, Jimmy the Pirate, celebrates Buffet's spirit. He waits in the vast oceans, bearing a special gift for those who find him, one per account. As you embark on this homage, kindly give him ample space to journey; Jimmy changes his course every few hours, honoring the free spirit of his namesake.

Rumors swirl: a salty pirate sings in deep waters. Seek the melody!

This is a reminder that the August Bazaar will be ending Sept 15th, any remaining vendors will have their goods packed up that day. We are already planning the Autumn Bazaar to begin at the start of October, see you there!

We are excited to introduce the new Faction Coin System. This system allows members of opposing factions to engage in PVP combat and earn Faction Coins. Before you jump into the action, please familiarize yourself with the rules governing this system:

  1. Eligibility for Earning Faction Coins:

    • You can only earn Faction Coins by defeating members of opposing factions in combat (Coins will not be received while participating in Pillar events).
    • If you kill the same player within a 30-minute period, you will not receive additional coins.
  2. Bonus Coins in Towns:

    • Engaging in combat with a faction member within a town will grant you double the amount of Faction Coins.

Exploitation Warning: Any attempt to exploit or abuse the system to gain coins unfairly will not be tolerated. Exploitative actions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizing fake battles to farm coins.
  • Using alternate accounts or collaborating with opposing faction members to gain an unfair advantage.

Consequences for Exploitation: Players found exploiting the Faction Coin System will face severe consequences, which may include:

  • Temporary jailing of your character.
  • Permanent banning of your account.

Using Faction Coins:

  • Faction Coins can be exchanged for rare and unique in-game items.
  • Participate in faction-based lotteries, where you can use your Faction Coins to enter for a chance to win valuable prizes, including rare items.

If you encounter an issue in the game or something appears off or incorrect, please make sure to let the developers know by submitting a Bug Report or Suggestion from in-game using the /bug or /suggestion commands

Submitting feedback in-game ensures that the team sees it and also provides some helpful information automatically to the team to help identify and troubleshoot issues

If you run into an emergency and need help, we have a few ways to get into touch with us outlined here:

Please do not direct message staff, we do not accept DMs and will not respond to them

The server will be restarting briefly at the top of the hour to deploy some updates, roughly 20 minutes from the time of this post. Patch notes will be posted soon

The server is back online now with the most recent patches applied:

The server is back online. Thanks for your patience.

At 9am UTC on September 5th, Shards of Britannia will remain offline for up to 3 hours while some critical maintenance tasks are performed. Please keep an eye on #news in Discord in order to be notified on when the game is available again.

Thank you for your patience.

This is a reminder of the project's Vacation Hold policy for player houses. If you are in any position where you cannot get to the game for an extended time, whether it be military deployment, natural disasters, or something else please contact us, and we can consider your request to put your house into a Vacation Hold to prevent it from decaying in the normal timeframe.

Cleaning Up Britannia vendors have been spawned around most of the Banks for spending your CUB points. Thanks for keeping Britannia clean!

The August Bazaar end-date is being extended from September 1st to September 15th. There's still plenty of vendor spots available, and they can be rented until September 1st.

The following Bazaar will be Autumn related as we enter into October, our favorite time of year!

Shards of Britannia is no longer accepting Steam Account transfer requests.

If you are new or returning to the game, please create a new account following the instructions on our website:

If you already submitted a transfer, we are still working on processing the requests, but it may take some more time, so please continue to be patient and we will reach out to you via email when necessary. Batches of transfers are usually completed once a month due to the time it takes to complete them.

Please Note: If you recently returned to SOB and submitted a Steam transfer request, it may not be required. If you did not play on SOB prior to June 2021 then you will have no prior progress to transfer over, and thus you should continue playing on your new account(s)

Prepare for an epic update in our world of adventure! The PK Balance Pass is almost here, introducing a whole new level of intensity to player-killing and justice in the realm. Guards will now stop at nothing to pursue murderers, relentlessly hunting them down with a chase & kill behaviour. Murderers, beware! Escaping their clutches won't be easy, but there's now a slim chance for survival.

Townsfolk NPCs in Guarded areas are no longer passive bystanders either. They will now react to murderers, raising the alarm and calling for help. The heat is on, and justice will be served!

But that's not all. The repent option for murderers will soon be disabled, and the time for reporting a murder has been extended to 72 hours, giving players a better chance to report foul play. Additionally, the lockout time for murderers in dungeons and hostile regions has been increased to 2 hours, making the stakes even higher.

Oh, and don't think you can get away with multiple accounts to escape the consequences. Murder counts will now be tracked across all your linked accounts. Accumulate enough kills, and you'll face even harsher restrictions upon resurrection.

Speaking of which, the cost of resurrecting for murderers has been revamped. Prepare to pay a hefty price based on your murder count. It's time to face the consequences of your actions!

As if that's not enough excitement, the Murderer Bounties & Leader board are making their grand entrance! A brand-new PVP Leader board will showcase Bounties, Vigilante Kills & Murders. Do you have what it takes to rise to the top?

For those brave souls hunting down criminals, we introduce the Hunting Mode in Tracking. Now you can target Hostile Players or Innocent Players, becoming a force of justice. Activate the Hunting Mode, and the chase begins! But beware, you'll need at least 30.0 Tracking skill points to join the hunt.

Gear up, fellow adventurers! The PK Balance Pass and Murderer Bounties will bring exhilarating challenges and rewards like never before. Are you ready to embrace the thrill of the hunt? Stay tuned for the patch notes soon!

The August Bazaar is kicking off in East Britain! Stop by the East Britain Park pavilion just North/NW of the Bank and rent your vendor spot today. The vendors will be available through August and expire on September 1st. Happy trading!

The server is coming back online with the most recent patch notes applied

Dear Shards of Britannia Community,

We come before you today to unveil significant updates to our rules and guidelines. These changes have been carefully considered, taking into account valuable feedback from our dedicated players, as well as extensive internal discussions. Our goal is to create a clear and enriching experience in Shards of Britannia, fostering a fair and enjoyable environment for all.

Multiboxing, PvP & IP Restrictions, Spy-Camming:

One area that required attention was the rules surrounding multiboxing, PvP, and IP restrictions. We have listened to your concerns and have implemented specific updates to address the ambiguities that existed in the past.

Firstly, it is important to note that using multiple accounts simultaneously, or multiboxing, is now strictly disallowed for PvP combat or other PvP actions, including stealing. To ensure a balanced and fair PvP environment, players who intend to initiate PvP, whether for server events or Player Killing, are not allowed to have more than one character logged in at any given time. This change aims to create a level playing field and promote fair competition.

Again, if you intend to initiate in PvP and want to avoid any accusations of rule violations, please ensure that all other characters/accounts are logged out during such engagements. For players requiring exceptions due to multiple players within the same household, please refer to the 'Account Ownership Limit' section for further assistance.

It is crucial to note that defending yourself from hostile player actions, including those that turn a player criminal (either grey or red), is not subject to the same multiboxing PvP restrictions. Your right to defend yourself against attackers remains intact.

Reporting Rule Violations:

We deeply value the integrity of our community and our commitment to fair gameplay. With this in mind, we encourage all players to promptly report any rule violations they witness. To streamline the reporting process and ensure effectiveness, we have established some guidelines for you to follow:

  • Video evidence is highly encouraged and provides the strongest foundation for reporting rule violations. Whenever possible, please provide video footage to support your claims.
  • While screenshots are considered, additional evidence may be required to take appropriate action against a player and their account(s). We appreciate your understanding as we work diligently to ensure a fair resolution.
  • To facilitate accurate assessment and investigation, please provide exact timestamps of the violation, including the date and time when the incident occurred. This information is vital in our pursuit of a fair and just environment for all players.
  • Accusing another player of violating the rules is taken seriously, and all reports are treated with the utmost seriousness and are thoroughly investigated.
  • We must stress that accusing other players of rules violations when none occurred is considered toxic behavior and will not be tolerated. Our community thrives on respect, trust, and collaboration, and we appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a positive atmosphere.

We sincerely believe that these rules updates mark a significant step forward for Shards of Britannia. By clarifying the guidelines and reducing the gray areas that may have been exploited or caused confusion in the past, we strive to enhance your gaming experience. These changes will also facilitate smoother rules translation for our diverse player base, considering various languages.

As always, we remain committed to delivering a rich and immersive world for your enjoyment. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping these updates, and we appreciate your ongoing support as we continue to refine and improve Shards of Britannia. Together, let us forge a path of fairness, camaraderie, and unforgettable adventures.

The Shards of Britannia Team

This is a reminder that the Moonglow Bazaar is ending tonight after the daily restart at 9 am UTC. If you have a vendor rented after the deadline passes, the vendor's gold, equipment & backpack contents will be packed up into your account vault for later retrieval. We will continue to do more Bazaar events going forward. Thanks to everyone for participating, see you at the next Bazaar!

The login server is now restored