• Rare Royal Magic Sceptres with fireworks are now live in-game! Visit the Jester in Britain Castle to try out the fireworks! There are four different types: Lilac, Blue, Red, and Rainbow. Each one can be bought and/or found in different ways in the game, e.g., treasure chests, riddle tokens, fishing, and defeating bosses.

  • Recharge crystals for these sceptres can also be found within the world. We have also added a personal jester vanity pet to the Jester vendor in Britain Castle, which can be bought with riddle tokens.

  • Chuckles the Jester has hidden special riddles in all the towns of Britannia! Double-click on inanimate objects to try to find them for riddle tokens.

  • New rare loot has been added to dungeon and deep water fishing.

This is a reminder of the upcoming annual dye sale of Azurite Dyetubs available from February 11th to February 26th as scheduled and written about earlier: https://shardsofbritannia.com/news/annual-pigment-enamels-donation-dyetubs

Thanks for supporting the project!

Our lottery official is now back at Britain Bank, ready to sell lottery tickets! Collect 10 raffle tokens from paragons throughout Britannia to purchase a ticket. The 1st prize will be a surprise one-of-a-kind mount, while the 2nd and 3rd prizes will remain a mystery.

Chuckles the jester has hidden special riddles in all the towns of Britannia! Double-click on inanimate objects to try to find them for riddle tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase items from the jester at Britain Castle. This event is ongoing, and new riddles will continue to be added until further notice.

  • The chance to catch dungeon fishing rares has been slightly increased.

  • You now have a chance to fish up a killer king crab while dungeon fishing, which can be killed for rare loot.

  • New items can now be bought from Billy Bob, the pig farmer.

  • The spider queen has undergone its final tweaks and is now fully operational! Gather your friends to try and take down this monster for fantastic treasures!

  • We have slightly increased the chance for some of the fishing loot in the moat and added some new items.
  • You can now attempt to destroy the Spider Queen's torture cages by double-clicking on them when you are trapped.

  • An issue with the protection scrolls for the Spider Queen's torture cage that was preventing players from reapplying them has been fixed.

  • The health and damage of the Summoner's dark guardians and strange gazers have been slightly reduced. This adjustment is part of our ongoing game balancing efforts.

  • A new mount has been added as a 5-year veteran reward.

  • Congratulations to the winners of the Christmas lottery! 1st: Lord God, 2nd: Loro Wenn, and 3rd: Sharky. We will be in contact soon with your prizes!
  • Some items that can be stolen in dungeons have been fixed. Previously, players were unable to see these items in order to steal them.

The Map page has been updated to reflect the new world boundaries for boating: https://map.shardsofbritannia.com/

Edit: The map has been updated once more to add Yellow lines along the shared waterways/harbors in Yew/Skara, Britain/Cove, and Minoc/Wind. The following labels have also been added: Incomplete Area (off-limits), Castle Britannia, Yew Jails, Snowball Fight Arena

We've deployed the following fixes:

  • fixed an issue with lag occurring, that is perceivable to all other players in the region, when players log-in or transfer regions
  • fixed an issue with Mining Caves not being mineable
  • Selection issues with the 4-year veteran ethereal spider mount have been fixed. You will need to re-log into the game.
  • New Corrupted Dragons have now been added inside dungeon Destard
  • For a limited time, you can now buy 5 noble coins from the vendor in Shame for 15 Dungeon Tokens

We've deployed the long-awaited sound and music tweaks, where we will utilize more of the wonderful tracks that Beekel composed for us, in addition to replacing many sound effects. Turn your volume up!

There'll be more to come in this area, however we hope you enjoy what we are able to provide today. Please note that as part of the patch, it was necessary to update two of our largest asset files, britanniamain and loudungeons - these will download on your next connection attempt. For anyone with slower connections, we apologise in advance!

  • The animations for the 4-year veteran ethereal spider mount have been fixed.

  • New items have been added to the moat fishing loot, and drop rates have been slightly increased.

The Item Fixer NPCs have a new option to fix Vanity Pet Cages that don't work when double-clicking them

New items added to the fishing SOS loot!

Castle Britannia, in West Britain, despite being unfinished, is now accessible to visitors!

We've identified and resolved an issue with Fishing where the chance to reel a General Loot item was successful but the dice-roll to select an item was unsuccessful, causing the fisher not to reel anything in. This should also improve conditions for special Fishing events like Icefishing, Britain Moat, and Holiday Fishing. We've deployed a hotfix for this, so if you are currently Fishing, prior to this note, please log out and back in to receive the update. Thanks for your patience while we investigated and resolved this, and happy fishing!