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21st Jun 2024 towncrier

  • Get your faction toons ready to battle it out in a best-of-three pillar event in one month's time! There will be prizes for all members of the winning faction and for the player with the most overall kills. Prizes will be announced soon! Check events in our official Discord!

21st Jun 2024 patchnote

  • Get your faction toons ready to battle it out in a best-of-three pillar event in one month's time! There will be prizes for all members of the winning faction and for the player with the most overall kills. Prizes will be announced soon! Check events in our official Discord!

26th May 2024 patchnote

Re: PK Balance

As we continue to refine the dynamics of player interactions, particularly concerning player-versus-player interactions (PvP), we are excited to share the updates of our latest balancing patch. These changes are crafted with the aim of enhancing fairness and enjoyment for all participants, especially focusing on the impacts of non-consensual PvP encounters.

Patch Notes:

  • Hearthstone Cooldown (Lord's Boon): The cooldown for using the Hearthstone, known as Lord's Boon, has been increased from 1 hour to 2 hours. This adjustment is designed to carefully balance the powerful ability to escape danger, encouraging more strategic planning and usage.

  • Notoriety Confirmation: We have removed the forced confirmation pop-up for PKs attempting to attack players who have recently died. This change aims to reduce unnecessary gameplay interruptions.

  • Murder Count Decay: The time required for murder counts to decay has been significantly reduced from 72 hours to 24 hours. This change will help players return to neutral status more quickly, fostering a more dynamic and flexible approach to player interactions.

  • Murderer Restrictions:

    • Dungeon Lockout: The lockout period for murderers from accessing dungeons has been halved from 2 hours to 1 hour. This reduction allows players to reintegrate into neutral activities more swiftly, maintaining engagement and reducing downtime.
    • Hostile Action Prevention: The time restriction on performing hostile actions has been decreased from 2 hours to 1 hour. This change aims to balance punitive measures with the ongoing rhythm of gameplay, allowing for a quicker return to normal activities.
    • Murderer Death Punishment: We are now preventing murder restrictions for murderers who die outside of PvP combat, specifically if they have not been recently involved in combat with another player. This adjustment ensures penalties are more contextually appropriate and fair.

These updates reflect our commitment to balancing the thrill and challenges of PK with the fairness and enjoyment expected by all players. We appreciate your ongoing feedback, which is invaluable in guiding these adjustments. Please continue to share your thoughts on these changes.

We look forward to your continued engagement and feedback as these updates go live.

6th May 2024 patchnote

House Refresh Improvements

  • when you login to the game, if you own any houses, the houses will immediately be sent a refresh signal and your character will receive a confirmation message to let you know it's been refreshed
  • house refresh confirmation messages will now show the house's name, location, region and the time it was refreshed, to make it easier to keep track of house refresh times in cases where you might be away for a while
  • improved refreshing house through interacting with items in the house like lockdowns, containers, doors, and the house sign; previously there was a cooldown between these interactions to prevent spamming "the house has been refreshed" to players, instead now it will perform the refresh and only avoid the system message spam
  • reminder: if you need to be away from the game for longer than 3-4 weeks, please contact us for Vacation Hold on your houses, where we can hold them for up to 90 days of leave

Vendor Deeds:

  • added gender selection when using vendor deeds
  • added confirmation prompt when attempting to place vendor to educate users about Vendor Fees

In-game Map:

  • the in-game map now defaults to Draggable for QOL

29th Mar 2024 announcement

UPDATE 4/4/24: The Easter Event hath been extended from Apr 8th to Apr 15th

(Reminder) Annual Pigment & Enamels (Donation Dyetubs): Ivory - Available from March 25th to April 9th

The Easter Egg hunt has commenced! Easter Egg Nests will be scattered throughout the overworld for you to find. Double click the eggs to try opening them for fun surprises and goodies! Monsters also have a chance to spawn as Easter Paragon which can also drop Easter carrots and goodies.

Collect Fabled Carrots to spend at the Easter Vendor who can be found on the Britain Bank Roof. They will also buy some of the items you may get from the eggs in exchange for more Fabled Carrots.

The Carrot & Egg Hunt will be live until April 15th & the Easter vendor will be available until April 30th

Happy Easter!

15th Mar 2024 patchnote

A hotfix has been deployed to resolve an issue with Covetous being treated as a No Mounts Allowed area by mistake; this was only intended for the Event Dungeons, which is a copy of Covetous currently.

23rd Feb 2024 patchnote

Balancing & Improvements

This patch has been deployed to the live server, see most recent changes at the bottom of this post

Young Player Status changes:

  • increased account-time-played-as-young threshold from 40hr to 72hr
  • increased per-character skill total threshold from 350 to 600
  • removed ending Young status when accomplishing 80 skill-points in any skill
  • unchanged: killing monsters of a high rating still has a chance to cause Young to end, with warnings occurring prior

Rotating Dungeons:

  • introducing a Weekly Protected Dungeon that will be randomly selected each week on Sundays at 9am UTC
  • criminal actions are prevented in the weekly dungeon (thieves can still Steal objects from the dungeon's structures though)
  • weekly dungeons have a 50% reduction in loot
  • boss/sequential spawns temporarily suspended in the weekly dungeon
  • the Daily Dungeon feature will remain active, and Daily Dungeon should never conflict with the Weekly Protected Dungeon, allowing players to choose between: more danger for more rewards (Daily Dungeon), normal danger for normal rewards (All Other Dungeons), or less danger for less rewards (Weekly Dungeon)

Lord's Boon (Hearthstone)

  • introducing Lord's Boon, a hearthstone that is blessed & soulbound to their owner
  • usable by innocent players, not in a faction, with positive karma (above 0)
  • can be obtained by completing a quest which will involve killing monsters at the Graveyard and possibly other tasks; see Lord Seymour in Castle Britannia (West Britain)
  • can be used to teleport to a town they have bound to, uninterrupted (except death), with a 1 hour cooldown
  • use this inside of a town's inn to bind your spirit to that location for use with this hearthstone

PVP Balancing & Improvements:

  • added temporary PVP Protection to innocent players as they Resurrect, allowing 5 minutes of invulnerability from other players (not monsters), and will be interrupted if engaging in combat, or looting a corpse that is not their own or their pet's; this protection will only apply to innocent players with NO murder counts
  • added an upper-limit for post-death murderer restrictions, now capped at 72hr, previously unlimited
  • increased aggro or threat generation against murderer or criminal characters by NPCs/monsters
  • added a warning to PKs if they go to attack a player that has (a) died recently, (b) been murdered in the past 24 hours, (c) if the murderer has killed any player in the last 24 hours
  • prevented murderers from using item insurance & prevented from equipping insured items, items will automatically be unequipped on login if they are insured
  • prevented being able to give murder counts to members of the same faction, similar to being in a guild or group
  • prevented AOE spells from damaging innocent players inside houses without line of sight (Earthquake, Chain Lightning, Meteor Swarm)
  • added craftable Camouflage potion for innocent players to use to prevent being tracked by players for a duration; this will be interrupted if becoming criminal; can be crafted by Alchemists
  • added "call for help" speech command for players to be able to warn other players in the vicinity of a nearby murderer
  • prevented the "Loot All" option on player corpses, except for the owner
  • changed Hireling NPCs to be able to be used in PVP only against PKs by Innocent players, but they cannot be hired by PKs
  • balanced skills/stats for Hireling NPCs to be tougher in PVE, in return their damage has been reduced in PVP in order to keep them balanced; they also now have a periodic self-bandage ability (subject to change)
  • reduced Tracking range for player & pet targets by 20%
  • fixed Tracking hunting mode to avoid party/friends

Reputation Improvements (preparation for upcoming additions to reputation):

  • we've aligned the ways in which one can gain & lose reputation from the Ultima codex
  • you can now gain Fame by: killing murderer characters you are not associated with, completing a Season challenge, completing a Quest objective, completing an Escort Quest
  • you can now gain Karma by: healing, curing or resurrecting players
  • prevented Fame/Karma losses from actions against players or pets you associate with (own, group, guild, faction)
  • you can now lose Fame when logging in if your character has been logged out for an extended period of time (7 days or more); this will only cause a small amount of Fame loss and is NOT scaled by the amount of time you were logged out

Updates for Feb 22nd, re-deployment of this patch:

New changes:

  • Added "Dungeons Status" context menu to self to be able to check the Daily & Weekly dungeons at any time
  • Players will now be able loot player and pet corpses that are half-decayed to better align with expected UO mechanics; note: player corpses turn to bones at the half-way point
  • Increased player & pet corpse decay time by 10m, now it will take 40 minutes to decay in total, or 20 minutes to half-decay
  • Improved Hireling Mercenary commanding
  • Completing the Lord Boon quest will now put the Hearthstone in your backpack rather than your bank
  • Removed chance for characters with Hiding to not reveal when looting corpses that are not their own/their pet to align better with expected UO mechanics and for balancing


  • Fixed murderers not being able to equip any items
  • Fixed PVP prevention happening when trying to perform beneficial acts
  • Fixed issue with not being able to complete the Lord Boon quest in some cases
  • Fixed issue with adding to a stack of items not registering the new amount with the Quest tracker
  • Fixed issue with Undead Crystals not stacking, not retroactive
  • Fixed issue with Hearthstone not being bound on creation, retroactive fix for pre-existing items included
  • Fixed issue with Weekly Dungeon spawns not being refreshed properly
  • Fixed issue with un-hired hireling mercenaries attacking pets
  • Fixed an issue with Karma becoming locked again after unlocking it, when gaining Karma but the total Karma remains below 0
  • Fixed being able to drop backpack-bound items outside of the backpack
  • Fixed issue with monsters being able to see over walls in dungeons in some cases

6th Feb 2024 patchnote

Chuckles the jester has hidden special riddles in all the towns of Britannia! Double-click on inanimate objects to try to find them for riddle tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase items from the jester at Britain Castle. This event is ongoing, and new riddles will continue to be added until further notice.

23rd Jan 2024 patchnote

  • You can now attempt to destroy the Spider Queen's torture cages by double-clicking on them when you are trapped.

  • An issue with the protection scrolls for the Spider Queen's torture cage that was preventing players from reapplying them has been fixed.

1st Jan 2024 patchnote

We've identified and resolved an issue with Fishing where the chance to reel a General Loot item was successful but the dice-roll to select an item was unsuccessful, causing the fisher not to reel anything in. This should also improve conditions for special Fishing events like Icefishing, Britain Moat, and Holiday Fishing. We've deployed a hotfix for this, so if you are currently Fishing, prior to this note, please log out and back in to receive the update. Thanks for your patience while we investigated and resolved this, and happy fishing!

13th Dec 2023 announcement

See Also:

The Snowball Fight event is about to start again for the season:

  • Snowball Fights are a PVP event that requires no skill and no items, all characters welcome!
  • The event will run every 2 hours, avoiding overlapping with Faction Pillar events & server restarts; Players can also manually start the fight by using the Giant Snowball teleporter at Windemere bank and talking to the Snowball Fight Coordinator (requires at least 4 players from different households to be in the lobby)
  • Before the event starts, portals will be created at each bank that leads to the Snowball Fight Arena waiting area
  • Online characters will be sent a notification that the event is about to start with an option to Teleport To Event; this can be disabled in the Notifications Settings (fixed previous issues with pop-up appearing even when ignored)
  • What's not allowed in the arena: Bandages, Potions, Pets (please bank your resources first, dismount & leave your pets in the waiting area or stables)
  • After a 15 minute waiting period the game will begin and an Entrance Portal will be created for a minute at the entrance to the arena, please enter this portal immediately!
  • After entering the arena there will be a 1 minute cooldown where you will remain hidden while other players load, after which you will become un-hidden and ready to start throwing!
  • Snowball Fights require at least 2 players and no more than 20 players, and the game is Free For All
  • The match will last 20 minutes or until someone gets 20 kills, whichever comes first
  • The objective is to Pick-up & Use snowballs and Throw them at other players
  • Players will automatically receive 1 Snowball when joining and you can find more on the ground
  • Snowballs have a 90% chance to hit your target & they will do 50% damage
  • You can Dodge snowballs by breaking line-of-sight or going out of range from the thrower
  • You will also need to dodge periodic Giant Rolling Snowballs; these will flatten you if they run you over, freezing you in place for a moment, these will dissolve once they reach the water
  • There's a chance to find Ice Bombs on the ground. Ice Bombs can be thrown like a grenade to freeze nearby players for a few seconds
  • The Snow Cannon can be used, with a snowball in your backpack as ammo, to shoot Homing Snowballs that will follow the first player that comes within range and performs a normal Snowball Hit on them, giving credit to the shooter if they die
  • Temporary heal potions can be found in the hidden Chests around the arena that may offer you a lifeline to stay in the game longer
  • Tied matches are settled with a Sudden Death match where all of the tied players will be put into a final match until the last person standing becomes the winner
  • All participants will receive a trophy etched with their game stats
  • During the Xmas Season (dates TBD), participants will also receive Candy Canes that can be traded for Xmas Gifts
  • You can use the command /snowballfight during the match to check your stats, or /leavesnowballfight to leave the match and forfeit

27th Nov 2023 patchnote

Patch notes for the PvP changes and bug fixes implemented:

  • Season's refresh adjustment.
  • Hearthlight Torch buff persistence while zoning.
  • Bug fix: Tents crafted correctly in groups.
  • Bug fix: weapon equipped while holding a spell.
  • Ranged weapons require weapon delay to fire after equip.
  • Bug Fix: Faction death occasionally resulting in MurderCount.

Work in Progress / Experimental Changes:

  • Faction Events Team buff: This feature is still in development and requires further refinement. More information on this in soon.

Please keep sharing your thoughts, and thanks for being part of Shards of Britannia!

27th Nov 2023 announcement

This is just a reminder that the Thanksgiving activities are coming to an end after the daily restart. Mr Gobbles will go back to his nest and Autumna Leafwhisperer thanks you for helping save the feast! Thanks for participating, we hope you've had fun! We look forward to expanding on the features we've experimented with in future events.

27th Nov 2023 announcement

Dear Adventurers,

We've got some important updates regarding PvP changes and bug fixes. Your patience and feedback have been crucial, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to enhance your Shards of Britannia experience.

Here's what's coming:

  • More adjustments to address Season's refresh issues. Thank you for your continued patience.
  • Hearthlight Torch buff persistence when changing zones. Tents can be crafted correctly in groups.
  • Faction Events will buff teams with fewer players, aiming to balance the damage received.
  • Fix the bug allowing weapons to be equipped while holding a spell.
  • Ranged weapons will require the full weapon-draw delay to fire after equipping.
  • Fix murder counts occasionally given to opposing members of faction teams.

Please note that Faction Event adjustments are an experiment and will be fine-tuned based on your feedback. Your voices matter, and your troubles are being addressed. Thanks for being part of Shards of Britannia!

20th Nov 2023 patchnote

Camping Update (Tanking Phase 2.5):

  • GM camping skill creates campsites a little faster.
  • New buff 'Rested', replaced the previous camping tent buff, maintains the same level of stat bonus, but persists when zoning if camping skill is over 75.
  • Introducing new craftable 'Hearthlight Torch': Grants campsite regeneration effects for the wielder while on the move. Requires minimum 80.0 Camping skill.

Tactics Update:

  • New ability: 'Shield Bash' stuns enemies for 6 seconds (3 seconds in PvP), costs 15 stamina, generates small amount of threat. Higher intelligence improves resist to stun. Cooldown 20 seconds.

This update is just the beginning! Expect more updates soon! Your feedback is being heard. Faction event issues and critical bug fixes are in the pipeline.

See you in-game, Shroud

16th Nov 2023 announcement

UPDATE: The outage has been resolved and the Shards of Britannia server should be available again shortly

There's an unexpected outage with the Legends of Aria services preventing players from logging into the game right now. We've alerted those involved and hope the issue is resolved quickly, thanks for your patience!

13th Nov 2023 patchnote

  • Faction coin vendors have now been introduced at each faction base, offering a variety of items. This is just the beginning of what's to come. Players are encouraged to explore these new additions and stay tuned for a range of exciting goodies planned for the future. Enjoy your adventures!

  • Loot in faction event dungeon chests has been increased.

  • Spawn rates in the faction dungeon have been increased.

24th Oct 2023 patchnote

We've addressed the issue with Town Fishing loot not functioning during Holiday events. Multiple attempts were made earlier in the season, but the latest fix should resolve it.

1st Oct 2023 announcement

The Halloween activities are being deployed across Britannia and will be available throughout the month of October!

There will be a Halloween handout for logging in closer to the holiday & staff-run events as time permits.

Pumpkins & Halloween Gravesites will be randomly scattered across the over-world. Smash the pumpkins and kill the monsters for a chance to get a reward or candy that can be spent at the Halloween Vendors

We will continue to add on to the Halloween options throughout the month, stay tuned for future updates.

  • Cleaning Up Britannia - Holiday:

    • You will soon be able to trade your Cleaning Up Britannia points for Halloween candy
  • Halloween Vendors:

    • Candy Hoarder Vendor: collect candy by smashing pumpkins and killing Halloween mobs to buy Halloween goodies
      • last year's candy can be traded for fresh candy
    • Witch Vendor: collect Blood Candles from smashing pumpkins and killing Halloween mobs to trade for Invasion Spawn activator
    • The vendors will be available soon
  • Halloween Paragons:

    • chance for compatible monsters to spawn as a Halloween Paragon that will have a chance to drop a reward or candy that can be spent at the Candy Vendor
    • Paragons have the highest chance to spawn in the Daily Dungeon, the second-highest chance to spawn in other dungeons, and the third-highest chance to spawn in over-world zones
    • Paragons that spawn in the Daily Dungeon will have a higher chance to drop special items
  • Gravediggers will enjoy chances to obtain more goodies & a chance to spawn the Headless Horseman (even more goodies?)

  • Fishers will enjoy a small chance to find candy as they fish & we will work to add some Fishing related Halloween encounters soon

15th Sep 2023 patchnote

We've added safeguards to prevent innocent players from evading a PK and then committing suicide in order to give the offender Murder Counts even if they did not actually kill the victim. Please note: you immediately qualify to receive murder counts if you do ANY damage to an innocent player, however should they escape and intentionally die, the likelihood of the murderer being able to receive Murder Counts for that death are much lower or negated completely. If you are an innocent player and you intentionally evade a PK but then are still able to and proceed with giving them a murder count, this is now considered inappropriate and abuse of mechanics. Please don't abuse the game mechanics, it may result in punishment!

12th Sep 2023 announcement

We are excited to introduce the new Faction Coin System. This system allows members of opposing factions to engage in PVP combat and earn Faction Coins. Before you jump into the action, please familiarize yourself with the rules governing this system:

  1. Eligibility for Earning Faction Coins:

    • You can only earn Faction Coins by defeating members of opposing factions in combat (Coins will not be received while participating in Pillar events).
    • If you kill the same player within a 30-minute period, you will not receive additional coins.
  2. Bonus Coins in Towns:

    • Engaging in combat with a faction member within a town will grant you double the amount of Faction Coins.

Exploitation Warning: Any attempt to exploit or abuse the system to gain coins unfairly will not be tolerated. Exploitative actions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizing fake battles to farm coins.
  • Using alternate accounts or collaborating with opposing faction members to gain an unfair advantage.

Consequences for Exploitation: Players found exploiting the Faction Coin System will face severe consequences, which may include:

  • Temporary jailing of your character.
  • Permanent banning of your account.

Using Faction Coins:

  • Faction Coins can be exchanged for rare and unique in-game items.
  • Participate in faction-based lotteries, where you can use your Faction Coins to enter for a chance to win valuable prizes, including rare items.

7th Sep 2023 patchnote

Player Mail:

  • introducing the new Player Mail system
  • mailboxes placed in houses or rentals can be registered with a name & the mailbox will be assigned a unique 5 digit Address, which is attached to your account
  • registered mailboxes are limited to 1 per account
  • there's no limit to the number of registered mailboxes a house or rental property may have
  • mailboxes may be moved with a house, but demolishing a house requires mailboxes to be first be released
  • sending mail can be done by double clicking on your registered mailbox & searching for your recipient; from there you can compose a message with a Subject, Body & optional Attachments, and then a physical letter will be scribed & mailed to your recipient's mailbox
  • sending mail costs 100gp plus 300gp per attached item, up to 3 items per mail
  • sending mail with attached items allows you to use a Cash On Delivery option, requiring the recipient to pay for the items in order to retrieve them
  • un-claimed attachments will be automatically returned to sender after 7 days if they are not claimed; and any items that have been returned-to-sender will automatically decay after 21 days if the sender does not retrieve them
  • the registry has the the following Privacy settings:
    • Public: Visible address on mailbox & public registry. Others can send mail
    • Unlisted: Address hidden on mailbox & public registry. Others can send mail if they know your address, senders have to type in your exact address in order to mail you. You can view your unique address from the Mailbox Menu
    • Private: Address hidden on mailbox & public registry. Others CANNOT send you mail, but you can still send mail
  • players are able to block senders at any time from the Registry list or when reading a letter sent from someone, this ensures that the sender cannot send you any mail at all; Note: blocks do not persist when un-registering your address

Player Vendor Buy Orders:

  • introducing Vendor Buy Orders for player vendors
  • these can be purchased from Banker vendors
  • How to use: Place this on your vendor and mark it as Not For Sale to begin using it. From there, you can target an item that you wish to buy from other players, and then players can sell you items by double clicking the Buy Order, up to a limit of your choosing. Funds will be used from your vendor's balance

Jousting Skill, Betting & Leaderboard:

  • Added Jousting as a Secondary Skill which will have a chance to gain with each round & players' skill will influence the outcome of the round
  • You can now enter a Bet Amount when choosing a Jousting partner (the initiator will choose)
  • Bets will be settled automatically at the end of the round where losers pay the winner if they still have the gold available; rounds will be unable to start unless both parties have the gold to bet with
  • added 10% House Cut (fee) for using Betting
  • improved betting to charge players before the round starts to guarantee that the winnings are paid for; if for any reason the game is interrupted the wagers will be refunded to both players automatically
  • fixed issue with some jousting actions being performed twice causing multiple messages to appear and other unexpected behavior
  • fixed issue with time limit expiry not ending the game and ejecting players as intended
  • added progress bar to display the time limit
  • prevented equipping items to slots that are occupied by a temporary object (jousting spear & helmet) [we may expand on 'Jousting Gear' later]
  • prevented casting spells whilst jousting
  • prevented using Stuck option whilst jousting
  • Jousting Leaderboard added to keep count of wins & losses and total bets won/lost
  • Note: There are 2 jousting arenas and the leaderboard placed at Vesper Crossroads

30th Aug 2023 announcement

This is a reminder of the project's Vacation Hold policy for player houses. If you are in any position where you cannot get to the game for an extended time, whether it be military deployment, natural disasters, or something else please contact us, and we can consider your request to put your house into a Vacation Hold to prevent it from decaying in the normal timeframe.

16th Aug 2023 patchnote

Some or all undead pets may have skills that exceed the normal skill-cap of 700.0 due to those pets gaining Spirit Speak and Forensic Eval which will prevent players from training their pets beyond a certain limit once they reach the cap. To work around this issue, we've updated the Skill Cap for Undead pets to 900 to account for the additional 2 skills being trained on them. Note: This may be subject to change in the future.

5th Aug 2023 patchnote

PK Balance Pass

  • Guards will now attack murderers on-sight, regardless of if they have recently committed a crime or not, with a chase & kill behavior rather than instant-kill, allowing a chance for the murderer to escape (instant killing from Guards still only applies to crimes recently committed)
  • Townsfolk NPCs in Guarded areas will now react to murderers, regardless of if they have recently committed a crime or not, and cry for help (Guards will only actually react to crimes recently committed in this case though)
  • the Repent option will be disabled after August 15th
  • increased murder count time from 24hr to 72hr
  • increased time limit for players to report a murder from 24hr to 72hr
  • increased current-dungeon lockout for murderers post-death from 15m to 2hr (matches all-dungeon lockout time)
  • increased current-region Hostile Actions prevention for murderers post-death from 15m to 2hr (matches region-lockout time)
  • murder counts will now be tracked across your accounts, and for each 10 kills you have across all accounts linked to you, your post-death murder restrictions will have an additional 1hr added
  • consolidated short & long murder counts & all existing long counts will be converted to a single 'murder counts' value
  • cost to resurrect for murderers is determined by: all counts are worth 100gp per, plus any counts over 5 are worth 450gp per
  • removed Upon resurrection, if a player's short term murder counts are more than 5 they will be reduced to 5. causing the cost to resurrect for murderers to no longer decrease immediately after resurrecting, the price will remain the same based on the level of murder counts
  • added preventions for entering Britain Trading Post (West Britain Bank roof-top) for all murderers or criminals
  • player corpses will no longer turn to skeleton when the player resurrects within the same region, providing for the full corpse-to-bones duration to occur before the corpse head can no longer be cut off
  • aggressive beings will now give priority to murderer & criminal players; this will be mostly noticeable for beings that are not already in-combat

Murderer Bounties & Leaderboard

  • added a PVP Leaderboard that shows Bounties, Vigilante Kills & Murders
  • innocent players that attack a murderer before they die, that are from a different IP/Machine, will qualify to turn in the head of a murderer; the corpse & head will list the names of all players that qualify to turn it in, if any
  • added Bounty Hunter vendor to turn murderer heads into for gold award, currently 100% of resurrection fee (subject to change)

Tracking - Hunting Mode

  • added 'Hostile Players' & 'Innocent Players' target types to Tracking
  • added new Hunting Mode option to Tracking
  • to use, open the Tracking menu, tick 'Activate Hunting Mode' and then fill in the radio button next to a Target Type (example: Hostile Players); you will begin automatically trying to acquire a target periodically and will begin tracking the first & closest target that is found
  • Hunting Mode can be deactivated in the Tracking menu
  • Hunting Mode requires at least 30.0 Tracking skill points to use


  • Miners with at least 1 skill point higher than the required skill level to harvest metals above Iron will have a slightly higher chance to harvest them when finding veins

Dungeon Mining

  • will provide 15% higher chance to find metal veins above Iron & 15% higher chance to successfully harvest metals above Iron
  • will provide a chance at finding Rich Veins, normally can only be found by using a Prospector's Tool, these veins yield at least double the resources of a normal vein
  • will have a chance to spawn Ore Elementals while mining

Mining Caves

  • mining outside of a dungeon will provide a chance at uncovering Mining Cave entrances
  • only the player that uncovers the cave can enter it (including pets)
  • there is a 5 minute time limit to enter the cave, but after you enter you have 20 minutes to clear it out
  • you can leave a cave at any time by right clicking oneself and choosing "Leave Mining Cave" but each cave will either have a Ladder to climb out from or a Cave-style exit to walk through
  • should you die, or leave early for any reason, any objects, corpses, and pets will all be teleported to the cave entrance where you started to be recovered
  • caves provide the same Dungeon Mining bonuses as detailed above & can also spawn Ore Elementals


  • will add a 'Vigilante' NPC to go after Reds/Criminals, similar to the Assassin

28th Jul 2023 patchnote

Holiday Decorations:

  • It's Christmas in July! You can now place your Holiday-only decorations at ANY TIME! No more waiting until November/December to decorate festively. Merry Xmas!

Monsters/aggressive beings:

  • monsters & aggressive beings will now give priority to murderers/criminals in terms of aggro; this will be mostly noticeable for creatures not currently being attacked

Bestiary update:

  • added Bestiary tracking for kills completed via Provocation

Cleaning Up Britannia:

  • to start, we are adding a 'Holiday' Cleaning Up Britannia event, and we may add a 'General' cleanup event in the future for non-holiday items
  • can trash or throw-out prior-years holiday items in the 'Holiday' Cleaning up Britannia trash bin in exchange for Points to be spent at the Cleaning Up Britannia vendor
  • only items 6 months or older will be accepted
  • items that were transferred from Celador to Britannia are worth 4 points each & any Holiday items (6 months or older) are worth 2 points each & some items may have a higher value
  • any qualifying stackable items, like prior years' holiday currency, are worth a fraction of a point per item
  • future holidays will give players options to convert a part of their CUB points to the current year's holiday currency or they can be spent immediately for items on the CUB vendor, see below
  • currently planned for sale on the vendor:
    • portable CUB trash bag for 1 point
    • 25k gold check for 25 points
    • Name Change Deed for 50 points
    • Pet Bonding Deed for 100 points
    • Clothing Bless Deeds (slotted) for 200 points
    • Ethereal Horse Statue (500 charges) for 250 points
    • Universal CBD for 450 points

Note: the vendor(s) will NOT be available immediately, we will instead do a soft-launch where you can turn items in and then in the near future [2-4 weeks] we will add the vendor, allowing some time to collect feedback & time for the team to review/revise/add missing inclusions, etc.

Notice: These details are subject to change

19th Jul 2023 event

We wish a Happy Birthday to GM Shroud on this July 19th 2023. Thank you for your dedication to the project and we hope you have a Happy Birthday!

19th Jul 2023 event

Everyone who logs into their account between 9 AM on July 20th and 9 AM on July 21st will receive a special Anniversary Cake with a randomly flavored frosting. This celebration marks the 2nd Anniversary of the Launch of Britannia. Although the project initially began in October 2017, we are specifically commemorating the launch of the Britannia ruleset and map, which took place around July 20th, 2021. We appreciate your contribution to Britannian history and look forward to many more successful years ahead! Please note that all times mentioned are in the UTC timezone.

17th Jul 2023 patchnote

State of the Test Center:

  • currently ONLINE & available for everyone to connect to it at
  • only Minoc & Shame regions are online
  • /editequip command enabled for quickly modifying equipment items
  • added testing vendors to Minoc Bank
  • added crafting benches to Minoc Bank

NOTICE: These changes are currently only available on the Test Center for testing purposes & are subject to change at any time

Dungeon Mining:

  • can now mine inside of dungeons for a 10% (now 25%) higher chance to receive metals above Iron
  • 🆕mining in Dungeons provides a 10% bonus to the chance of finding a Rich Vein which yields more metal than usual

Item Insurance:

  • right click a qualifying item in your backpack to Insure it (no stackables, no containers, no blessed/cursed)
  • cost based on item factors starting at as low as 150gp and as high as 30k+ for some items, depending on the item's properties
  • gold is consumed immediately, one-time
  • upon death the item stays with you
  • if you die to a player, they get 50% of the insurance fee in gold coins added to their backpack
  • optional Auto-Renew (this can be toggled in character settings): upon resurrecting you are charged for all of the insured items in your backpack again, unless you cannot afford it all, then any remaining items become uninsured
  • 🆕players are limited initially to 3 insured items per characters with the option to upgrade to a max of 8 slots currently (subject to change)
  • 🆕upgrading the insured items limit for your characer will cost 20k to start, doubling with each upgrade
  • 🆕players are prevented from moving insured items outside of their backpack/paperdoll

Cleaning Up Britannia - Holiday Items:

  • can trash or throw-out prior-years holiday items in the Cleaning up Britannia trash bin in exchange for Points to be spent at the Cleaning Up Britannia vendor
  • only items 6 months or older will be accepted
  • items that were transferred from Celador to Britannia are worth 4 points each & any Holiday items (6 months or older) are worth 2 points each & some items may have a higher value
  • any qualifying stackable items, like prior years' holiday currency, are worth a fraction of a point per item
  • future holidays will give players options to convert a part of their CUB points to the current year's holiday currency or they can be spent immediately for items on the CUB vendor, see below
  • currently for sale on the vendor:
    • portable CUB trash bag for 1 point
    • 25k gold check for 25 points
    • Name Change Deed for 50 points
    • Pet Bonding Deed for 100 points
    • Clothing Bless Deeds (slotted) for 200 points
    • Ethereal Horse Statue (500 charges) for 250 points
    • Universal CBD for 450 points
  • 🆕we will also be adding a generic Cleaning Up Britannia trash system to offer points in exchange for other non-Holiday related items like common treasures

NOTICE: These changes are currently only available on the Test Center for testing purposes & are subject to change at any time

Please keep an eye on #test-patch-notes for the most up-to-date info

17th Jul 2023 announcement

Dear Shards of Britannia Community,

We come before you today to unveil significant updates to our rules and guidelines. These changes have been carefully considered, taking into account valuable feedback from our dedicated players, as well as extensive internal discussions. Our goal is to create a clear and enriching experience in Shards of Britannia, fostering a fair and enjoyable environment for all.

Multiboxing, PvP & IP Restrictions, Spy-Camming:

One area that required attention was the rules surrounding multiboxing, PvP, and IP restrictions. We have listened to your concerns and have implemented specific updates to address the ambiguities that existed in the past.

Firstly, it is important to note that using multiple accounts simultaneously, or multiboxing, is now strictly disallowed for PvP combat or other PvP actions, including stealing. To ensure a balanced and fair PvP environment, players who intend to initiate PvP, whether for server events or Player Killing, are not allowed to have more than one character logged in at any given time. This change aims to create a level playing field and promote fair competition.

Again, if you intend to initiate in PvP and want to avoid any accusations of rule violations, please ensure that all other characters/accounts are logged out during such engagements. For players requiring exceptions due to multiple players within the same household, please refer to the 'Account Ownership Limit' section for further assistance.

It is crucial to note that defending yourself from hostile player actions, including those that turn a player criminal (either grey or red), is not subject to the same multiboxing PvP restrictions. Your right to defend yourself against attackers remains intact.

Reporting Rule Violations:

We deeply value the integrity of our community and our commitment to fair gameplay. With this in mind, we encourage all players to promptly report any rule violations they witness. To streamline the reporting process and ensure effectiveness, we have established some guidelines for you to follow:

  • Video evidence is highly encouraged and provides the strongest foundation for reporting rule violations. Whenever possible, please provide video footage to support your claims.
  • While screenshots are considered, additional evidence may be required to take appropriate action against a player and their account(s). We appreciate your understanding as we work diligently to ensure a fair resolution.
  • To facilitate accurate assessment and investigation, please provide exact timestamps of the violation, including the date and time when the incident occurred. This information is vital in our pursuit of a fair and just environment for all players.
  • Accusing another player of violating the rules is taken seriously, and all reports are treated with the utmost seriousness and are thoroughly investigated.
  • We must stress that accusing other players of rules violations when none occurred is considered toxic behavior and will not be tolerated. Our community thrives on respect, trust, and collaboration, and we appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a positive atmosphere.

We sincerely believe that these rules updates mark a significant step forward for Shards of Britannia. By clarifying the guidelines and reducing the gray areas that may have been exploited or caused confusion in the past, we strive to enhance your gaming experience. These changes will also facilitate smoother rules translation for our diverse player base, considering various languages.

As always, we remain committed to delivering a rich and immersive world for your enjoyment. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping these updates, and we appreciate your ongoing support as we continue to refine and improve Shards of Britannia. Together, let us forge a path of fairness, camaraderie, and unforgettable adventures.

The Shards of Britannia Team