The Snowball Fight event has had several improvements and will be going live again with the following ruleset:

  • Snowball Fights require at least 2 and no more than 30 players, and the game is Free For All
  • The match will last 30 minutes or until someone gets 30 kills, whichever comes first
  • Players will automatically receive 1 Snowball when joining and you can find more on the ground
  • Snowballs have a 90% chance to hit your target & they will do 50% damage
  • There's a chance to find Ice Bombs on the ground as well. Ice Bombs can be thrown like a grenade to freeze nearby players for a few seconds
  • The Snow Cannon produces Homing Snowballs that will take out players with ease, but it currently does not count towards the shooter's kills (WIP)
  • Check the chests for a chance to heal if the match allows for it
  • You can use the command /snowballfight during the match to check your stats, or /leavesnowballfight to leave the match and forfeit
  • Tied matches are settled with a Sudden Death match where all of the tied players will be put into a final match until the last person standing becomes the winner
  • The winner of the match will receive a trophy

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