Original Snowball Notes: https://shardsofbritannia.com/news/snowball-fights

Snowball fight updates:

  • Snowball fights now spawn Elves, that can throw snowballs, when there are less than 6 player participants
  • Players can be knocked out by the NPCs that will count against their Death stats
  • Players can knock out the NPCs in the snowball fight to gain kills
  • The amount of elves to spawn will be determined by the amount of players less than 6 (for example: if there's 2 players then 4 elves will spawn, if there's 4 players then 2 elves will spawn, if there's 10 players then no elves will spawn)
  • Snowball Fights still require at least 2 players to complete; games will be interrupted if there are not enough participants at any point during the game, with no winner declared
  • Giant Rolling Snowballs will now provide a chance to create a Snowball in players' backpack when running them over
  • Health Regen has been turned off for mobiles inside the Snowball Fight Arena (healing via Temporary Health Potions is the only allowed source for healing)
  • Spirit Speak has been disabled inside of the Snowball Fight Arena
  • Added overhead combat speech for Misses & Dodges when throwing snowballs for better clarity to nearby observers
  • Improved giant rolling snowball Smash animation timing
  • REMINDER: Don't forget to use the Snowball Cannons when you know your target is half-life! This will be sure to take them out and home-in on targets in the projected path (aim carefully)

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