Due to some server lag issues that we experienced during the original PVP Tournament preliminary rounds (which have since been resolved!), we're going to start from scratch and get another fresh bracket going.

Signup closes Saturday, 10/2/21. We will then get preliminary rounds under way, and as we approach the final four, schedule the main event finals, which will still include a battle royale!

Copypasta of event details/rules ahead: This event will be split into two parts, as follows:

1v1 Mounted Combat Tournament - Mounted players will face each other solo in rounds. Early rounds will involve the players coordinating with one another and meeting in world to duke it out. Results can be reported in the #pvp-event channel (access will be granted upon event signup). Despite being out in the open world, this will still be a 1v1 battle- please respect these rules or face disqualification. Players in the past have used free recording software to record their early stage duels to eliminate any potential problems, these also make great content videos for our game.

On the date of the finals, the final 4 will meet at the Colosseum and duke it out 1v1 until a winner is declared.

After the champion is declared, the field will be cleared and a free-for-all Royal Rumble shall occur. All contestants and any willing audience members will be placed in the arena, and only one will leave alive, no rules, last one standing wins.

Rules: -Only one player per human being may enter the competition -Player crafted gear ONLY. No magical (vanquishing, etc) gear allowed. Exceptional gear is allowed. -Looting strongly discouraged but not illegal (between contestants) -Only one mount per player, no ethereal mounts allowed -Tamers participating may bring only one pet in addition to their mount. -All items are able to be used. -Audience members may not assist contestants in any way or commit criminal acts against other audience members.

Prizes: -Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the 1v1; and one trophy for the Royal Rumble winner

To sign up for the 1v1 tournament, go to https://event-signup.uo4.life/ sign in with your discord account in the top right, and complete the signup form. If you only wish to participate in the Royal Rumble, simply show up to the event!

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