PK Balance Pass

  • Guards will now attack murderers on-sight, regardless of if they have recently committed a crime or not, with a chase & kill behavior rather than instant-kill, allowing a chance for the murderer to escape (instant killing from Guards still only applies to crimes recently committed)
  • Townsfolk NPCs in Guarded areas will now react to murderers, regardless of if they have recently committed a crime or not, and cry for help (Guards will only actually react to crimes recently committed in this case though)
  • the Repent option will be disabled after August 15th
  • increased murder count time from 24hr to 72hr
  • increased time limit for players to report a murder from 24hr to 72hr
  • increased current-dungeon lockout for murderers post-death from 15m to 2hr (matches all-dungeon lockout time)
  • increased current-region Hostile Actions prevention for murderers post-death from 15m to 2hr (matches region-lockout time)
  • murder counts will now be tracked across your accounts, and for each 10 kills you have across all accounts linked to you, your post-death murder restrictions will have an additional 1hr added
  • consolidated short & long murder counts & all existing long counts will be converted to a single 'murder counts' value
  • cost to resurrect for murderers is determined by: all counts are worth 100gp per, plus any counts over 5 are worth 450gp per
  • removed Upon resurrection, if a player's short term murder counts are more than 5 they will be reduced to 5. causing the cost to resurrect for murderers to no longer decrease immediately after resurrecting, the price will remain the same based on the level of murder counts
  • added preventions for entering Britain Trading Post (West Britain Bank roof-top) for all murderers or criminals
  • player corpses will no longer turn to skeleton when the player resurrects within the same region, providing for the full corpse-to-bones duration to occur before the corpse head can no longer be cut off
  • aggressive beings will now give priority to murderer & criminal players; this will be mostly noticeable for beings that are not already in-combat

Murderer Bounties & Leaderboard

  • added a PVP Leaderboard that shows Bounties, Vigilante Kills & Murders
  • innocent players that attack a murderer before they die, that are from a different IP/Machine, will qualify to turn in the head of a murderer; the corpse & head will list the names of all players that qualify to turn it in, if any
  • added Bounty Hunter vendor to turn murderer heads into for gold award, currently 100% of resurrection fee (subject to change)

Tracking - Hunting Mode

  • added 'Hostile Players' & 'Innocent Players' target types to Tracking
  • added new Hunting Mode option to Tracking
  • to use, open the Tracking menu, tick 'Activate Hunting Mode' and then fill in the radio button next to a Target Type (example: Hostile Players); you will begin automatically trying to acquire a target periodically and will begin tracking the first & closest target that is found
  • Hunting Mode can be deactivated in the Tracking menu
  • Hunting Mode requires at least 30.0 Tracking skill points to use


  • Miners with at least 1 skill point higher than the required skill level to harvest metals above Iron will have a slightly higher chance to harvest them when finding veins

Dungeon Mining

  • will provide 15% higher chance to find metal veins above Iron & 15% higher chance to successfully harvest metals above Iron
  • will provide a chance at finding Rich Veins, normally can only be found by using a Prospector's Tool, these veins yield at least double the resources of a normal vein
  • will have a chance to spawn Ore Elementals while mining

Mining Caves

  • mining outside of a dungeon will provide a chance at uncovering Mining Cave entrances
  • only the player that uncovers the cave can enter it (including pets)
  • there is a 5 minute time limit to enter the cave, but after you enter you have 20 minutes to clear it out
  • you can leave a cave at any time by right clicking oneself and choosing "Leave Mining Cave" but each cave will either have a Ladder to climb out from or a Cave-style exit to walk through
  • should you die, or leave early for any reason, any objects, corpses, and pets will all be teleported to the cave entrance where you started to be recovered
  • caves provide the same Dungeon Mining bonuses as detailed above & can also spawn Ore Elementals


  • will add a 'Vigilante' NPC to go after Reds/Criminals, similar to the Assassin

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