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Jousting (work in progress):

  • Jousting arenas have been added South of the Vesper Graveyard at what we're calling Vesper Crossroads
  • in the near future we will add a leaderboard and betting mechanics
  • the outcome of the game is purely random at this time, we may add onto the system such as factoring the character's equipment or mount
  • to use:
    • double click the 'Jousting' sign at one of the three arenas
    • no equipment is needed, except for a mount (any kind of mount will do)
    • target your opponent to request a jousting session
    • after both parties agree they will be teleported into the designated arena and after a few seconds they will be able to move, at this time both parties should run towards each other
    • once both parties reach one other the characters will automatically swing and attempt to hit their opponent, sometimes knocking them off their mount

Note: If you encounter any issues please report them using the in-game /bug command; if you get stuck for any reason please use the /stuck command or quick-travel. We will keep working on it as time permits! :)

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