We're aware that players installing the game for the first time may encounter an issue with "Disconnected from Login Server" when trying to log in for the first time, or where clicking Login does nothing. We know it's not ideal to have issues when you try out a video game for the first time, and we're sorry if you have any issues! We're working as quickly as we can within our abilities to improve the situation, thanks for your patience. In the meantime, the current troubleshooting steps are as follows:

  • immediately after installing the game, restart the computer
  • make sure the username/password is correct in the Shards of Britannia Launcher settings
  • if you still have an issue logging in after a restart, make sure to leave the Shards of Britannia Launcher open after launching the game & try again; if it still has an issue, try to completely close out the SOB Launcher (from taskbar & system tray)
  • worst case: close the game & launcher again & try to log or try again later if the issue persists

Note: If it doesn't say "SoB v1.4.1.0" in the bottom right of the game window when it's loaded, that tells us that the SOB Launcher isn't connected to that game client, so it will need to be closed and re-opened with the Launcher again to try to get it connected

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