World Chat


We're working on deploying World Chat back to the game! Previously world chat was disabled due to occasional server crashes caused by the feature, so we've worked on improvements to stability and performance and resolved the root causes of any crashes.

Please make sure you're up-to date with the Communication Rules to avoid putting your world-chat privileges at risk. Thanks for playing fair!

We hope that the comeback of World Chat helps players communicate better and create more positive interactions for new players and veterans alike. Enjoy!

To talk in world chat:

  • use the /c command (short for chat), ex: /c hello world
  • click the "Say" button at the bottom left of the chat box in-game and switch it to "World Chat" (note: if this option doesn't appear, make sure World Chat is toggled ON in settings and then you may need to log back in to update your chat)

Toggle World Chat, Ignore & Report options:

  • a new option when right-clicking yourself "Chat Options" takes you to the updated Character Settings -> Chat & Whisper page with the following options:
    • Toggle World Chat: this allows you to enable/disable world-chat visibility for your character
    • Block/Report Users: this brings up a list of recent messages you've seen (local, whisper & chat) and allows you to Block said user or Report their speech if it violates the rules
    • Unblock Users: this brings up a list of users you've blocked allowing you to un-block Note: Ignoring a player will block their local speech, whispers to you, world chat messages, and any other chat messages from them

Two Way Channel: a two-way Discord channel has been added here where players who are not currently logged into the game can join in on the discussion

Note: Some or all features may not work correctly during the initial rollout, please check back again soon if something doesn't work right

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