• A bug that caused loot from Tentacle plants to decay when logging in and out has been fixed.

  • The delivery cart quest is now limited to one character per account every 48 hours. You will also need to have a horse and cart with you to start the quest.

  • A red version of Oliver the farmer, who gives out the Horse and Cart quest, is now in Buccs. There is also a vendor named Solom who sells stolen treasure in exchange for shrunken stolen delivery keys.

  • Murderers who steal delivery keys from the delivery quest can take them to the NPC Golom in Shame level 4 to have them shrunk. Golom will only help murderers if they have 20 or more murder counts.

  • All the treasure that can be found in the new cart system can now show you how long it has until it decays. Right-click on the object and select Check Decay.

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