The following upcoming changes are available for testing on our Test Center server:

Jousting Skill, Betting & Leaderboard:

  • Added Jousting as a Secondary Skill which will have a chance to gain with each round & players' skill will influence the outcome of the round
  • You can now enter a Bet Amount when choosing a Jousting partner (the initiator will choose)
  • Bets will be settled automatically at the end of the round where losers pay the winner if they still have the gold available; rounds will be unable to start unless both parties have the gold to bet with
  • Leaderboard added to keep count of wins & losses and total bets won/lost
  • Note: There are 2 jousting arenas and the leaderboard placed at Vesper Crossroads, shown on the universal moongate as (Housing: Minoc/Jousting)

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