We're aware there are currently issues accessing some parts of faction bases. This will be resolved as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We're aware of an issue with meditation being prevented due to "Regenerative forces cannot penetrate your armor" in some cases possibly due to torches. We're investigating and hope to have it resolved shortly.

There is currently a bug causing faction cloaks to not display correctly on female characters. We're working on a solution and will update as soon as we can.

There is currently an issue with harvesting Kindling. This will be fixed on the next server restart. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Update: The following issue has been resolved and Factions are now ignored while dueling in the Duel Pits/Arena

~~Dueling at the Arenas is currently unsupported for Faction players meaning that players may be subject to Faction punishments when competing in a duel. We will work to improve this but please use caution until then when using Faction characters to duel. ~~

We're currently investigating an issue causing some features such as groups and guild chat not to work properly. We'll update once we've resolved it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

There's currently a known issue with the House Moving Crate not being visible after you click to retrieve it. We'll have this resolved shortly so you can begin inspecting its contents!

Update: This has been resolved, please retrieve the crate once more and it should be visible now.

There's currently an issue with in-game reports not being sent out, we're working on a fix as quickly as possible, thanks for your patience!

Update: This has been resolved, if you are still seeing "there was a problem" when trying to submit a bug report, it should work again after logging out and back in or a restart.

The weekly Lottery system is temporarily disabled while we work to improve it. Recently there has been a trending issue with the server crashing immediately after someone buys tickets, we will work to resolve this issue and bring it back online. Thanks for your patience!

We're aware of an issue sometimes preventing some actions for a few seconds after quick traveling or switching regions including entering dungeons. We're working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

We're investigating the following issues and will try to improve or resolve them as soon as possible:

  • an issue causing Boss Encounters to reset for no apparent reason (many have reported that it is due to another character(s) coming within range and then leaving again, this is not confirmed)
  • an issue preventing house walls from becoming transparent while inside of the house
  • an issue with line of sight for teleporting and Fishing and other areas where LOS is required; this is currently happening in various places around the world at places with fences like farms and graveyards and docks and potentially other places.

We've received multiple reports of players digging up treasure chests to find they have only gold in them or less items than intended. The fix for this issue has been completed and will be deployed soon, but you may want to avoid digging up treasure chests until then. Thanks for your patience

Pitchforks were removed from magical equipment drops with the recent inscription patch, and we're aware that players are having issues with disenchanting some preexisting pitchforks. We don't intend to fix this due to pitchforks no longer dropping with magical properties, and apologize for the confusion. Please dispose of or smelt any pitchforks that you cannot disenchant if you no longer want them.

If you had crafted any pieces of equipment (armor, weapons, clothing) anytime between today's restart 9 am UTC until about 11:25 AM UTC, these items are unfortunately bugged and cannot be accepted by a Bulk Order Deed even though they match.

Apologies for the issue! This is related to an issue that has been resolved, newly crafted items will work as expected.

  • We're aware of and investigating issues with some items like rugs that cannot be added to matching Small Bulk Orders

  • We're aware that the Cloth stack is missing an icon so when you see Cloth in the inventory list, like in your backpack, it may show the icon of another object. This does not affect the ability to use the Cloth, however. This is currently out of hands to resolve, and there are many other items missing icons as well, one day we hope to have the ability to fix that in the client.

We've received reports of some pets not casting spells that you would expect them to. What we've found is that when pets spawn they are currently only receiving spells within their ability to cast them. For example, if a nightmare spawns with really low Magery it will only receive the spells that it can cast, forever, and will never be able to cast higher-level spells even if it gains enough Magery to. We're looking into improving this and don't need any further bug reports for this issue. Thank you!

If you relocated your house during the first few hours of the land rush this past weekend then you may have noticed that the Friends, Co-owners, and Ban List was not retained. This issue was already fixed but is not retroactive, sorry!

Another issue was identified in which after moving a house the sign may show the owner's name incorrectly while the name inside the menu shows correctly, especially if you relocated the house with a different character. This does not affect ownership and is just a display error, so nothing to be alarmed about but we will work to correct this as well.

In some cases, items that were locked down in a container (not secure) in your house, the items may have inadvertently moved out of the container and put into the center of the house. If this happened to you, sorry! Right now we don't have a workaround or an easy way to move these items back to a container in one swift movement, so you will need to release and move them individually for now. Apologies if this happened to you, and appreciate your patience.

UPDATE: If you have a large amount of items that ended up at the center of your house and would like assistance, please send a Help Request from in-game and we will be able to quickly move items for you.

Some have reported that you cannot bless the Reindeer Mask with a Clothing Bless Deed: Head Slot, this is because the Reindeer Mask fits in the Mask slot and not the Head slot. Sorry for the confusion.

Occasionally a visual client bug occurs when using Organize Backpack option where it organizes the items but they continue to appear in the old position inside your backpack. If that happens to you, you can simply pick up the bags to refresh the items and show them in their correct position.