Further to our previous announcement, we have found the root cause for the data loss issue and implemented a hotfix. We expect to restore service shortly after this announcement.

Unfortunately, in order to address the issue, we need to perform a rollback. This is necessary in order to ensure data integrity moving forward, as ideally we want to maintain our 'no wipe' stance at all costs. We have considered all other options available to us at this time.

A quick timeline on both the downtime and the rollback are as follows:

-- An issue with data integrity was identified at approx. 10:30pm UTC/5:30pm EST -- LoU was taken offline to further investigate -- In order to address the issue, we have rolled back to approx 10:00am UTC/5:00am EST

We appreciate this is a significant loss of progress. Unfortunately these things can occur when a game is under heavy development such as we are. Investigations into the issue are still ongoing in order to track down and eliminate this type of issue moving forward.

We have enabled a skill gain increase on the server as a method of compensation. This will remain active until we determine that it is no longer necessary. Thank you once again for your patience.

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