Player Mail:

  • introducing the new Player Mail system
  • mailboxes placed in houses or rentals can be registered with a name & the mailbox will be assigned a unique 5 digit Address, which is attached to your account
  • registered mailboxes are limited to 1 per account
  • there's no limit to the number of registered mailboxes a house or rental property may have
  • mailboxes may be moved with a house, but demolishing a house requires mailboxes to be first be released
  • sending mail can be done by double clicking on your registered mailbox & searching for your recipient; from there you can compose a message with a Subject, Body & optional Attachments, and then a physical letter will be scribed & mailed to your recipient's mailbox
  • sending mail costs 100gp plus 300gp per attached item, up to 3 items per mail
  • sending mail with attached items allows you to use a Cash On Delivery option, requiring the recipient to pay for the items in order to retrieve them
  • un-claimed attachments will be automatically returned to sender after 7 days if they are not claimed; and any items that have been returned-to-sender will automatically decay after 21 days if the sender does not retrieve them
  • the registry has the the following Privacy settings:
    • Public: Visible address on mailbox & public registry. Others can send mail
    • Unlisted: Address hidden on mailbox & public registry. Others can send mail if they know your address, senders have to type in your exact address in order to mail you. You can view your unique address from the Mailbox Menu
    • Private: Address hidden on mailbox & public registry. Others CANNOT send you mail, but you can still send mail
  • players are able to block senders at any time from the Registry list or when reading a letter sent from someone, this ensures that the sender cannot send you any mail at all; Note: blocks do not persist when un-registering your address

Player Vendor Buy Orders:

  • introducing Vendor Buy Orders for player vendors
  • these can be purchased from Banker vendors
  • How to use: Place this on your vendor and mark it as Not For Sale to begin using it. From there, you can target an item that you wish to buy from other players, and then players can sell you items by double clicking the Buy Order, up to a limit of your choosing. Funds will be used from your vendor's balance

Jousting Skill, Betting & Leaderboard:

  • Added Jousting as a Secondary Skill which will have a chance to gain with each round & players' skill will influence the outcome of the round
  • You can now enter a Bet Amount when choosing a Jousting partner (the initiator will choose)
  • Bets will be settled automatically at the end of the round where losers pay the winner if they still have the gold available; rounds will be unable to start unless both parties have the gold to bet with
  • added 10% House Cut (fee) for using Betting
  • improved betting to charge players before the round starts to guarantee that the winnings are paid for; if for any reason the game is interrupted the wagers will be refunded to both players automatically
  • fixed issue with some jousting actions being performed twice causing multiple messages to appear and other unexpected behavior
  • fixed issue with time limit expiry not ending the game and ejecting players as intended
  • added progress bar to display the time limit
  • prevented equipping items to slots that are occupied by a temporary object (jousting spear & helmet) [we may expand on 'Jousting Gear' later]
  • prevented casting spells whilst jousting
  • prevented using Stuck option whilst jousting
  • Jousting Leaderboard added to keep count of wins & losses and total bets won/lost
  • Note: There are 2 jousting arenas and the leaderboard placed at Vesper Crossroads

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