It's time! Phase 1 of the new player experience includes:

- Reopening the sewers, with a sewer token system and a sewer vendor with suitable items for young players
- Sewers will be accessible by young players only
- All young players will receive a 'guidebook' in their initial player loot that guides them towards our discord, wiki and the sewers as a starting dungeon
- Young players are now safe from other players, they can't be attacked with weapons, spells or pets
- Young players can still have beneficial spells cast on them by other players
- Young players cannot heal other players unless they are also young. This includes both magery and bandages
- We now have a mechanic to limit young player access to events as required
- Note that if you attempt to attack a young player, while you won't be able to land any damage, you WILL be flagged criminal. Naughty you!

Phase 2 is still to come. It will include the promised quest system, once we are able to move to the latest CS build after steam release. It will also include a dedicated tutorial area where young players will start. More on that soon!

- On an unrelated note, we are now serving custom assets (like Covetous and the other dungeons) on a global CDN. What this means for you is downloads of new files as they are updated should be much faster.

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