House Refresh Improvements

  • when you login to the game, if you own any houses, the houses will immediately be sent a refresh signal and your character will receive a confirmation message to let you know it's been refreshed
  • house refresh confirmation messages will now show the house's name, location, region and the time it was refreshed, to make it easier to keep track of house refresh times in cases where you might be away for a while
  • improved refreshing house through interacting with items in the house like lockdowns, containers, doors, and the house sign; previously there was a cooldown between these interactions to prevent spamming "the house has been refreshed" to players, instead now it will perform the refresh and only avoid the system message spam
  • reminder: if you need to be away from the game for longer than 3-4 weeks, please contact us for Vacation Hold on your houses, where we can hold them for up to 90 days of leave

Vendor Deeds:

  • added gender selection when using vendor deeds
  • added confirmation prompt when attempting to place vendor to educate users about Vendor Fees

In-game Map:

  • the in-game map now defaults to Draggable for QOL

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