Happy Thanksgiving, we are thankful for you all!

Update: Nov 25th @ 5:45AM UTC:

  • We're working on a Thanksgiving style boss encounter that will require teamwork and a Turkey Cannon to complete, we'll try to have it launched by the next daily restart on Nov 25th
  • Note: Please make sure to use the Quest Log to keep track of your progress on the Thanksgiving Quest -- this can be opened on the Menu Bar or by pressing L (by default), this is how you will keep track of what exactly you need to do for the quest

Update: Nov 24th @ 5AM UTC:

  • We've added a brand new Thanksgiving Quest, where you can help save the Thanksgiving Feast for the townspeople!
  • Autumna Leafwhisper, the Thanksgiving Organizer, will be stationed on top of Empath Abbey bank in Yew to recruit your help until Mon at 9am UTC
  • This quest can be completed once per character and offers a chance at some unique handouts, including:
    • Not-a-Turkey Mount (Chicken Ethereal Mount)
    • Autumn Vines House Add-on (3 varieties)
    • Pilgrim Hat (+2 other hats)
    • Festive Food & Alcohol

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing some time with us 🦃

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