Unwavering Stance, Unyielding Might

  • Attention all valiant tanks of Britannia! Prepare to fortify your defenses and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. We're thrilled to announce Phase 2 of the Tank Build overhaul, packed with incredible improvements that will revolutionize your tanking experience.
  • Prepare to ascend to new heights of tanking prowess as we unveil the latest enhancements to empower your playstyle. Experience the thrill of unyielding protection with the newly unending Unwavering Stance ability, ensuring that no foe can escape your attention. Say farewell to sluggish movements and taunts as the penalties have been reduced, enabling you to assert your dominance on the battlefield.

Camping: A Group Endeavor!

  • Gather your comrades around the campfire, for we have exciting news to share. Camping has undergone a remarkable improvement, providing benefits not just to the campfire creator but to all nearby group members as well. Basic campfires now extend their bonuses to every member of the group, forging stronger bonds of camaraderie. And for those who seek the utmost security, secured campfires will grant additional bonuses when shared among group members.

Join the Vanguard of Tank Builds Today! With these incredible enhancements, the Tank Build in Shards of Britannia has reached new heights. Embrace the power of Runic Shields, utilize Unwavering Stance, and lead your group to victory. As tanks, you are the embodiment of resilience and strength, ensuring the survival of your allies in the face of overwhelming odds.

Remember, these changes are just the beginning! We are committed to continually improving your gaming experience in Shards of Britannia. Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates as we expand the boundaries of adventure and deliver thrilling content. Sharpen your blades, rally your companions, and let the legends of your tanking prowess resound throughout Britannia!

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