With the re-opening of Ruin adventurers will be faced with new and unique challenges to overcome. While the majority of the changes effect level 2 of the dungeon an update to dungeon chests (server wide) has been made. (Dungeon chest loot will be available on re-spawn)

- Dungeon chests levels 1-5 loot tables have been updated.
- Dungeon chests and dungeon coffins now have chances for new rare items.
- New item: Cursed runebook.
- New lock picking tool has been added: Skeleton key. This item will allow anyone, regardless of skill-level, to open(one time use) a locked chest/coffin/door.
- New locked doors have been added to Ruin. These doors are very difficult to lock pick.
- New dungeon coffin system implemented. With these new coffins lucky players will find new loot inside.. Or unlucky players may find monsters, traps or nothing at all. You will find locked and un-locked versions of these coffins in Ruin.
- Additional passageways between level 1 and level 2 have been added.
- New tamable creature: Shadow Wyrm.
- New world spawn rares added to Ruin.

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