Note: Battleships & Cannon Warfare features will not be immediately available as we work on completing them

World Changes:

  • Extended and connected waterways in all subregions, adding boating access across the world, with the exception of regions that are still under development
    • Removed the need for Server Boundary walls placed around Britain & Minoc sea
    • Three harbors/waterways share boundaries with neighboring regions, now designated as mixed-subregions. Barriers with two gateways have been placed at their entrances, allowing you to choose which region to sail into. Keep in mind: you can only exit a boat to land within your current region; you'll receive an error message if you attempt an invalid exit
  • Added world-wrapping when driving a boat into the world boundary, ensuring a seamless world (e.g., driving west of Yew brings you east of Moonglow)
  • Conducted a comprehensive audit of the entire world to address gaps in water regions
  • Introduced new subregion to cover the southern water expanse called "South Sea"
    • Established a South Sea Market protected docks area
    • Boats will be automatically moved nearby if they are parked at the South Sea Market for too long
  • Bucc's Den smaller Arena island has been re-combined with the larger Bucc's Den island, and the Arena has been moved to the Arena Hub in Green Acres; this smaller island will now be accessible by boat and may be used for housing or more in the near future


  • Numerous performance optimizations
  • Improved AI for monsters in/around water
  • Fixed lag caused by water monsters attacking players on boats
  • Introduced storage and weight limits based on ship type
  • Added a "Retrieve Boat" option accessible from the Shipwright
  • Added a Compass HUD and boat-facing direction to the Boat Controls window
  • Introduced Interactive Boat Teleporters, which can be activated by saying "cross" or double-clicking them while aboard a boat
  • Characters will now be faced in the direction the boat is traveling when the boat moves, helping with visualizing the current direction on the mini-map
  • Eliminated character freeze during boat movement
  • Introduced new commands:
    • navigate: Initiates navigation toward a set waypoint
    • set waypoint: Allows the skipper to auto-navigate toward a specified destination when using the command "set waypoint [coordinates]"
    • move towards: Enables targeting a position for the boat to move toward

In preparation for the upcoming Battleships & Cannon Warfare:

  • Crafting workbenches are now containers. To update your existing workbenches, simply re-deed and re-place them. Materials can now be crafted from inside the workbench or directly from your backpack

Fishing & SOS:

  • SOS destinations now exclusively exist in Deep Water locations; prepare your boat

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