Holiday Decorations:

  • It's Christmas in July! You can now place your Holiday-only decorations at ANY TIME! No more waiting until November/December to decorate festively. Merry Xmas!

Monsters/aggressive beings:

  • monsters & aggressive beings will now give priority to murderers/criminals in terms of aggro; this will be mostly noticeable for creatures not currently being attacked

Bestiary update:

  • added Bestiary tracking for kills completed via Provocation

Cleaning Up Britannia:

  • to start, we are adding a 'Holiday' Cleaning Up Britannia event, and we may add a 'General' cleanup event in the future for non-holiday items
  • can trash or throw-out prior-years holiday items in the 'Holiday' Cleaning up Britannia trash bin in exchange for Points to be spent at the Cleaning Up Britannia vendor
  • only items 6 months or older will be accepted
  • items that were transferred from Celador to Britannia are worth 4 points each & any Holiday items (6 months or older) are worth 2 points each & some items may have a higher value
  • any qualifying stackable items, like prior years' holiday currency, are worth a fraction of a point per item
  • future holidays will give players options to convert a part of their CUB points to the current year's holiday currency or they can be spent immediately for items on the CUB vendor, see below
  • currently planned for sale on the vendor:
    • portable CUB trash bag for 1 point
    • 25k gold check for 25 points
    • Name Change Deed for 50 points
    • Pet Bonding Deed for 100 points
    • Clothing Bless Deeds (slotted) for 200 points
    • Ethereal Horse Statue (500 charges) for 250 points
    • Universal CBD for 450 points

Note: the vendor(s) will NOT be available immediately, we will instead do a soft-launch where you can turn items in and then in the near future [2-4 weeks] we will add the vendor, allowing some time to collect feedback & time for the team to review/revise/add missing inclusions, etc.

Notice: These details are subject to change

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