Next Friday, Nov 8th, at a time to be determined, we will be applying a patch that will prevent players from moving/rotating locked down objects outside the bounds of their plot. At that time, an autofix will be applied detecting any pre-existing objects that are out of the plot bounds and moving them back inside the plot to a valid position. Please note that this may not neatly move objects and you may end up with breaks in fence lines if that occurs. Please take this time to analyze any decorations you may have extending past your plot bounds/lines and please move them back so that they are not overlapping.

Additionally, with the changes to lockdown location validation, we will also be adding the Ban List and Auto-Eject for plots. This will now properly track targets banned from a plot and prevent them from re-entering. A new tab to manage the bans has also been added to the plot menu. When a target is ejected from a plot, they are put near the mailbox, which is why it is important that we no longer have interconnected plots and over-extended decorations.

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