a Legends of Aria community server

Community Driven

Developed by a passionate team of volunteers, inspired by the legendary Ultima Online. Our project, fueled by player support, aims to recreate the magic of classic gaming.

Frequent Updates & Events

Experience fresh content with frequent updates. Seasonal events, new quests, and continuous improvements keep the world of Britannia evolving and exciting.

Immersive World

Step into the legendary realm of Britannia, a world rich in history. Experience a modern twist on classic adventure, where nostalgia and innovation intertwine at every corner.

Customizable Characters

Tailor your character with a wide range of skills and attributes. Whether a brave warrior, a cunning rogue, a masterful mage, or an animal tamer, your character's journey is uniquely yours.

Dynamic Player Economy

Engage in a player-driven economy. Craft, trade, and barter with fellow adventurers. Your entrepreneurial skills can shape the economic landscape of Britannia.

PvP and PvE Battles

Test your mettle in thrilling player vs. player and player vs. environment battles. Join in epic confrontations, strategic guild wars, and cooperative dungeon raids.

Player Housing

Build and customize your own home in Britannia. From a humble abode to a grand fortress, your residence can be a sanctuary, a social hub, or a strategic asset.

High Seas Adventure

Set sail on Britannia's vast oceans on a sailboat or battleship. Navigate treacherous waters, engage in upcoming naval warfare, and partake in sea activities. Adventure awaits on the high seas!

Recent News

Temporary Reverting Patch: Balancing & Improvements

Due to pending bugs with the patch from yesterday we are going to be reverting the patch while we work on resolving the remaining bugs and hope to have it re-deployed by the next Daily Restart. We appreciate your patience while we work through the rough patches.

Lord's Boon Quest

The Lord's Boon Quest giver has been temporarily disabled while we work on issues surrounding players not being able to complete the quest or completing it but not receiving the item. Thanks for your patience, sorry for the interruption

Balancing & Improvements

Balancing & Improvements This patch is now LIVE Young Player Status changes: increased account-time-played-as-young threshold from 40hr to 72hr increased per-character skill total threshold from 350 to 600 removed ending Young status when accomplishing 80 skill-points in any skill unc...

Scheduled Downtime - Feb 19th/20th

UPDATE: The patch has been deployed and the server is now back online, thanks for your patience! Check out the changes in the link below Downtime has been scheduled today for approximately 30 minutes starting at or around 1AM Feb 20th UTC to deploy the following updates: https://shardsofbritanni...

Reminder: Submitting Feedback & Getting Help

If you encounter an issue in the game or something appears off or incorrect, please make sure to let the developers know by submitting a Bug Report or Suggestion from in-game using the /bug or /suggestion commands Submitting feedback in-game ensures that the team sees it and also provides some hel...

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