Rumors swirl: a salty pirate sings in deep waters. Seek the melody!

Hint: If you are impacted by weather in-game, you can use Night Sight to counter it.

Vesper Crossroads has been refreshed & new Jousting grounds have been added. Try jousting today! You can travel there directly now via the Ferrymasters.

The Bounty Hunter & PVP Leaderboard have been spotted on the south side of the West Britain Bank

The August Bazaar has started in East Britain Pavilion! Use the Well at the West Britain Bank to travel there. Vendors available through Sept 1st. Happy trading!

West Britain Bank rooftop is now a protected space with no combat and no skillgains allowed. Happy trading and bank-sitting!

Have an issue with the game? Make sure to report your feedback using the /bug command so the development team receives it. Feedback sent other ways may not be received!

If you still play the game from Steam, we need to hear from you. Please see the news article and fill out the mentioned form:

Are you looking for Donation Vendors? They have set up shop inside the Yew Bank, Empath Abbey.

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You can now fish up exciting new rares in the moat right next to Britain Bank!